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Letters to the Editor Thursday, July 1


Labor policies are a threat to recovery

In March and April 2019, the Social Security Administration sent letters to hundreds of thousands of business owners, notifying them that the names of some employees did not match the Social Security numbers on their tax forms.
These “no-match letters” sowed fear and confusion in restaurants that depended on immigrant employees. They put restaurant owners in a dilemma: do they fire the undocumented employees and go out of business or retain them and break the law?
The pandemic solved their dilemma by requiring them to close. What happened to the significant number of undocumented workers?
Sadly, these workers were not entitled to unemployment insurance and not included in the published unemployed statistics. Importantly, they are not in the current pool of available workers.
Restaurants are gradually reopening and bidding against each other to hire from the significantly depleted pool of workers.
My concern is that the consumption services are already hiring-away employees from elder care and assisted living communities, nursing homes, hospitals, childcare and schools, to the point that some are having to curtail services.
Unless we find a way to allow undocumented workers to work legally, some restaurants will not reopen, and personal services will be severely curtailed in a matter of months.
Who’s going to take care of your parents, your grandparents?
I am 92; who’s going to take care of me?
Frank King

Parents need to discipline their kids

I was a little disturbed to read the article (“Justices rule for student in ‘cursing cheerleader’ case”) in the Daily Gazette on June 24.
The Supreme Court ruled in the case of a high school freshman who was suspended from the junior varsity cheerleading squad for a vulgar post on social media.
It seems to me to be indicative of where this country is that a 14-year-old girl who throws F-bombs on social media is NOT disciplined by her parents for her language and lack of restraint.
They could have used the episode as a moment to teach self-discipline and that you don’t always get your own way. But instead they supported her to the extent that the case went all the way to the Supreme Court, an incredible waste of everyone’s time and money.
It used to be that parents supported the schools and expected a certain amount of self-discipline and civility from their children. No more. It’s no wonder the schools are in the shape they are.
Phyllis M. Decker


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How do you know that the cheerleader wasn’t disciplined by her parents? What would a couple f-bombs on social media warrant for punishment anyway, maybe a night or two without TV? At issue was whether a student’s 1st amendment right to free speech is protected outside of school, in this new world of social media. She was REMOVED from the cheerleading team for her words, so the punishment was rather harsh. She didn’t threaten or bully anyone. She didn’t disrupt school while it was in session. It was clearly an overreach by the school district, supported by parents that think like you, who believe young children shouldn’t be allowed to make harmless mistakes, and should be punished as fully as possible for their actions. She did apologize to school officials but they upheld her suspension anyway. As a parent, I too would have fought this injustice as far as I needed to take it.

Mr. King The people that will take care of your parents etc. are legal American citizens. There’s more than enough jobs for the American citizens in this country that we don’t need to bring in millions more illegal aliens to take those jobs. Where is the incentive to come to this country legally if we allow those that are here illegally to reap the benefits as if they are American citizens?


Headline of an article I read today says it all:

“Help wanted signs indicate lack of decent job offers, not people unwilling to work.”

Mr Restifo you are wrong as usual. The high rate of unemployment is due to one reason only and that’s Biden incentivizing people to stay home. When I started in my industry I started at the very bottom and after years of long hours and hard work I moved into the upper levels and then when I gained all of that knowledge and experience I started a company to help that industry increase profits. I’ve done extremely well and it’s because if hard work and ambition, nothing else. Young people now days want to start at the top, they are unwilling to work toward the future. You talk about how well you did with your company, I’m pretty sure you did the same as I, you worked your butt off learning from your mistakes to grow your business and be successful.

Joseph Vendetti


Paying anywhere between $28.50 to $40.50 for laborers & operators, $700 tax free per diem per week. Health & dental with high deductible (was much better before affordable care), need to pass drug & alcohol screen.

$1 raise after 6 months.

Been putting ads in every publication and job board from NY to TX.


I’m talking about the relatively low skill, low wage paying jobs that “illegal aliens” from Mars are willing to fill.

Instead of restaurant owners advertising $7.75 per hour plus tips, try $15 per hour plus tips and see what happens.

Many private health care facilities pay between 10 and $12 an hour for their workers that are changing diapers for adults and wiping their butts.

National minimum wage should be raised to $15.00 across the board immediately, then go up from there.

That equates to TWO adults in one household grossing $1,200 . After taxes you’re talking $850.00/$900.00
Still poverty as far as I’m concerned.

Joseph Vendetti

Don’t disagree that those and all wages should be higher just saying I can’t fill opportunities at $72,800 per yr plus benefits not including $35000 in tax free per diem

Eric Trump applied for H-2A visas for his Virginia winery so he can pay foreign labor $10.72 per hour to pick grapes at harvest. Why would he do this if there are more than enough citizens in this country to do this work? If you don’t agree with the visa program, then you must agree that they should raise the wages to attract workers, no? I don’t know anyone that would want to harvest fruit all day for that amount of money when they can get a minimum wage job literally anywhere else making $9.50.

Joseph Vendetti


Scumbag taking advantage of a loophole that needs to be closed. If I’m not mistaken other dirt ball politicians have used this same avenue for workers in their businesses, property that adjoins their businesses, etc.

Lower then whale poo is the term.


Zachery, Unfortunately many low wage employers can not resist the temptation of illegals becoming in there employ. Especially if the employer “looks” the other way while they employ them, knowing they can’t object to hours, pay, benefits etc as they are not documented. Think you said you lived in Texas, would think it is a rampant problem there much like NYC, LA, and other big cities and states. Here it is the agricultural industry that employs many with no questions asked.

Louis, Article on just that in Forbes

I guess we’ll have to wait for tRump’s brave keyboard warriors to get their thoughts from the alt-right talking heads before we hear how victimized he’s been today.
And I’m betting the phrase “witch hunt” will be their key point.

Joseph Vendetti


Guy making $941,000 hides $200,000 in bonuses per year so they aren’t taxed!!! So greedy its sickening – pay the $70,000 in taxes enjoy tHe $130k on top of $941,000. He and whole lot deserve prison!!! Above the law elitists


Apparently you don’t understand how ACA works:
ACA is for folks who are not offered health insurance thru their employer.

ACA also offers insurance for folks who have pre-existing conditions like, high blood pressure, diabetes, pregnancy, etc

Premiums for ACA, ind or family, are based on your medical needs and your income.

ACA has zero to do with any companies health insurance premiums. Premiums are determined by usage of the companies health plans. Actuaries look at the usage of the plan (paying dr, hosp, rx bills etc) to determine the rate the company pays to health insur companies. If you have many claims you pay much insur! Your company determines your health insurance benefits and your company determines the premium they want you to pay towards that cost.

The healthier you are the cheaper your health insur cost are.

Joseph Vendetti


Maybe I wasn’t clear. Pre ACA my company offered full health and dental to all of our employees (management & craft labor) – we paid the whole monte. We had great plans with low co-pays (no deductible at all). At the time our corporate yearly premiums to cover 225 employees was roughly $3.15 million – employees around the US had their choice of a premium BCBS or United Health Care plan (again just small co pays at specialists, primary, hospital, etc – no deductibles). Avg cost $14,000 per family plan 2008.

Then came the ACA – because of the shift between Medicaid to ACA and the American tax payers, private businesses were now covering many many more people. So Insurance companies to try and spread that cost over the 125 million or so individuals that paid their own health insurance reduced coverage, raised premiums and made plans high deductible. Now we pay an average of $25,000 per year per employee family plan but they have a $12,000 family deductible (in network). So in reality that plan is $37,000 for working families or businesses to pay.

Does that sound “affordable”? It certainly wouldn’t be affordable if the individuals had to pay the premiums & deductibles.

So all the ACA did was shift costs onto businesses and working people to pay costs the government once would have covered under Medicaid or under the bad debt and charity pool.

Mr. Vendetti the same happened to my company but you can’t tell these liberal democrats anything, they believe in government by the government for the government.


Sorry Joseph,
My job for over 38 years in sales at BCBS was to sit down with heads of companies, union etc to help them design the health insur benefits plus the cost to the company and the premium their employees would pay.

ACA had zero to do with that.

Joseph Vendetti


Respect that you worked for BCBS but after 2014 I saw our premiums skyrocket. A Forbes study has correlated a 24% -48% increase in the adoption of the ACA.

Please read this study

Regardless of whether you want to believe ACA has caused this or some other major insurance/medical event that occurred between 2013 & 2014 – my company, my workers and I are all paying much more for less coverage then the passage of ACA.


Joseph, insurance rates, including health insur are based on usage. That is what an health actuary looks at. If you cause accidents with your car, your rates go up. I’m trying to keep it simple as most folks do not understand.
I wish we could talk person to person.


Here are some facts you may not know:

When ACA went into eff on 1/1/2010, ZERO republican governed states did an ACA state exchange or expanded Medicaid. Pres Obama set up 2-3 high deductible, high premium plans for the couple of states he thought might do this, sadly all of the republican gov states screwed their folks, too put it bluntly.


I’ve seen the Forbes report before. If you notice there is no reference to the republican governed states that forced their constituents into higher cost plans.

Joseph Vendetti

I’m confused – I live in NY that has been governed by Andrew Cuomo, David Paterson, Elliott Spitzer since 2006 (last 15 years) and my premiums skyrocketed?

So when we sat down year in and year out with United Health Care, BCBS, health rep – they never asked age, gender, etc of our workforce? What their previous medical history was?
Frankly most of the workers are younger males, younger females that work in the field. From questions I remember it was # of employees in management (office), number in field, % of women to men.

I fully understand actuarial life insurance rates based on age and male/female death rate, etc – but for health insurance- how can one predict sprained ankles, appendix surgery? Falling off a ladder at home?


Insur companies do not have to ask age gender etc, it’s on the application. Hosp/dr,X-ray, lab etc visits tell us every diagnosis, what rx everyone takes and why is in our claims history.


Premiums contributions paid by the subscriber and your company pay your claims. If the cost of paying those claims increases, so does your contribution. Basically, a healthier workforce, meaning less payout in claims = cheaper premiums.


Sadly we are an obese nation, taking lots of rx and too many folks do zero exercise or try and eat healthier. THOSE are the things that will help your lower insurance rates.

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