EDITORIAL: Stop the stalling in Cuomo investigations

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo speaks at Rochdale Village Community Center in Queens,
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo speaks at Rochdale Village Community Center in Queens,

New Yorkers deserve to have an effective, functioning governor who can be 100% devoted to serving them.

But they can’t have that as long as the dark clouds of investigations loom over him and his administration.

Among the ongoing investigations into Gov. Andrew Cuomo are allegations of sexual harassment, Cuomo’s handling of covid patients in nursing homes, and the involvement of state staff in the publication of his book touting his leadership during the pandemic.

Yet it seems that at every turn, the process is being delayed or thwarted.

For example, this week, the state Assembly’s Judiciary Committee (led by Democrats like Cuomo) met with the independent counsel conducting the Legislature’s investigation into Cuomo and voted unanimously to begin issuing subpoenas for witness testimony.

Begin issuing subpoenas? The Assembly’s investigation began in March. Yet now they’re only now beginning to issue subpoenas, a power they had all this time?

What’s taken so long, and how long will it extend the investigation to compel these witnesses to testify?

Also this week, the Joint Commission on Public Ethics voted behind closed doors not to seek a criminal investigation into whether someone from the ethics committee leaked confidential information to Cuomo about a probe it was undertaking.

The body needed eight votes to conduct the investigation, but got only six.

Four of the panelists appointed by Cuomo voted against the criminal investigation, according to the Times Union, and a fifth abstained.

How convenient that the governor was spared yet another criminal investigation.

The state attorney general’s office and the U.S. Attorney’s Office are also looking into the governor’s activities. But so far, no news from either of them.

Earlier this week, after a Siena College poll showed 62% of New Yorkers don’t want the governor to run for re-election, Cuomo’s spokesman issued a statement saying: “New Yorkers have only heard one side of the story and haven’t yet heard the truth. When they hear the true story and the political games people are playing it will be much different.”

If that’s true, why doesn’t the governor hold a press conference and present his case? Why wait for the investigations to be completed before telling the citizens his version of “the truth?”

The reason is that the longer this whole thing drags on, the more the governor becomes separated from the sexual harassment allegations and the nursing home scandal and the book deal, and the less impact it could have on his political career.

New Yorkers deserve a resolution to these investigations.

The sooner they get it, the sooner the cloud will be lifted.

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