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Glenville to hire three police officers to fill jobs


The town of Glenville will hold a special board meeting Wednesday, where it plans to hire three new officers and promote one officer to sergeant. 

Chief Steve Janik said the hirings come as officers have notified him they intend to retire this year. 

“They weren’t unexpected,” said Janik said, who was a little surprised that a couple of the officers were leaving after just 20 years when they can max out their retirement. 

“I can understand why, it’s not the same job as 20 years ago,” he said. 

Upon approval of the board and the county Civil Service Commission, Nicholas Brino, a current Saratoga County sheriff’s deputy, will be hired as a police officer, according to town documents. He would start on June 11.

Matthew Radom and Thomas Mangino, both Glenville residents, will start preparing at the police academy after the Town Board approval.

Mark Agostino is also up for a promotion to sergeant, according to town documents. 

Supervisor Chris Koetzle said officers just starting out make just over $41,000 and then after six years they make around $82,000.  

Janik said these hires would put the department back at a staff of 24 officers. In the past, the department has had 26 officers, but he said it can operate with 24.  

He said there are talks to have a school resource officer for Burnt Hills- Ballston Lake Central School District and a swing shift officer. 

However, Janik said none of that is set in stone yet. 

He also said the new hires should keep the department set for a while. 

“The rest of the department is really young except for me,” Janik said.

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I can understand why they want to leave, who would want to risk their pension and their freedom to do a job that is not appreciated by half of the people in the community. Their job is three times as dangerous as it was 20 years ago with the police being targeted for not only shootings but lawsuits. Congratulations on your retirements

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