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Letters to the Editor Monday, July 5


Cosby, O.J. should celebrate together

Well I see Bill Cosby got out of prison on June 30.
Perhaps he should get a hold of O.J. Simpson and they can go out for dinner and drinks.
Jeffrey Murtagh

GOP puts American democracy at stake

I’m glad The Daily Gazette prints letters to the editor representing a wide range of political views.
It gives readers the opportunity to see the absurd claims and conspiracy theories put forth by the radical right.
All too often the writer makes nebulous statements such as “…everyone knows…” or “…history proves…” or “…it’s in the record…” without ever backing what they say with facts.
All too often their source of information is Fox News or some other radical right outlet.
Unfortunately, if they are not willing to listen to facts as presented by mainstream news outlets or to agree with courtroom decisions or to accept the results of scientific studies, then they will ignorantly blather on.
Failure to recognize the seriousness of the Jan. 6 insurrection, to determine its causes and who was involved, is an example of their blind stupidity.
The GOP spent millions unsuccessfully trying to blame Hillary for Benghazi but voted down a similar investigation of Jan. 6.
GOP opposition to anything the Democrats propose does not represent doing what’s best for our country.
It clearly represents their overwhelming desire to regain power.
Voter suppression laws in GOP controlled states do not strengthen democracy.
They encourage a dictatorship, an autocratic form of government.
We must all recognize that actions have consequences, that what we do today affects what happens tomorrow.
As the Bible says, be wary of false prophets. Our democracy is at stake.
Charles Rielly


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Me. Rielly you said “ They encourage a dictatorship, an autocratic form of government” You must be talking about the Democrats because they are the only ones that want to end the filibuster giving them ultimate power in Congress and the Senate and the executive chamber to pass any and all laws that they deem fit. You don’t have to go to Fox news to see that the three major new stations are all on the same page supporting the Democrat agenda and burying any positive story concerning the Republicans. There’s enough independent organizations out there that will tell you that 90% of all stories on the main stream media are in support of Democrats and in opposition of Republicans. Maybe you should watch fox for a week or so and then get back to us.

Joseph Vendetti


Obstructionists come in all shapes, sizes & colors, they come with both (D’s) and (R’s) in front of their names.

Both parties have wasted millions of taxpayer dollars in partisan investigations and both parties have voted along party lines to block investigations.

Anyone that believes otherwise is kidding themselves.


Joe: There are two sides to every story certainly does not mean the stories are equally balanced regarding facts, what is right or wrong, legally, morally or otherwise.

The Democratic Party certainly is not as pure as freshly driven snow. It has in the past, currently does and always will have stains of corruption and misdeeds. Politicians are human.
But…. When comparing sinister behavior of the top two political parties in America, and implying they are equally corrupt it’s analogous to comparing Al Capone to a petty thief and saying, “they’re both criminals, end of story”.

The current far right faction of the Republican Party that has seemingly taken over the GOP of old, is so pathetically corrupt it’s literally nauseating to any fair minded logical thinking individual. Period!


Come on Lou. The far lefties are every bit as disgusting, just in different ways. The far left is so pathetically morally corrupt it’s literally nauseating to any fair minded logical thinking individual. Period!

The entire government is a corrupt, over-reaching tyrannical criminal organization. Period!

William Aiken

Lou, you leave out the biggest culprit; a media that reports the news through a strictly partisan lens. Despite President Trump’s numerous accomplishments, his presidency garnered 90% negative news coverage. CNN, MSNBC and the networks parrot the Democrats’ talking points while they avoid doing any investigation into a southern border overwhelmed by Biden’s immigration policies, the origins of the Wuhan virus, or Hunter Biden’s laptop to name a few.

At least MSNBC admits their bias, which has been a successful business for them. The rest of the media claim with straight face to be down the middle news organizations. Its their dishonesty that drives the public’s distrust. The media has managed to earn a lower approval rating than Congress. Quite an achievement.


“Lou, you leave out the biggest culprit; a media that reports the news through a strictly partisan lens.” Agreed.
Beyond being partisan, when you’re talking Fox propaganda you’re talking blatant lies. Thanks for the reminder William.

This is the lazy answer we’ve had to become accustomed to from the alt-right (aka, the Republican Party) as we await them waking up to facts that their party generates very little good news. That’s not just a flip, snappy come-back, Republicans have done far more damage to this country and its Constitution, so don’t expect there to be much good news.
Have you ever heard of ‘don’t shoot the messenger’? That’s what you’re doing.


Chuck, I believe that whoever aligns with trump’s insane thinking and follow his sick agendas looses all rational reasoning, 1/6/21 most certainly proves that. Facts and truth mean nothing, all rational thinking is lost. They believe the world as they know it, or want it to be (MAGA) will be completely lost if his propagandized lies are not followed.
In their hearts they truly believe he is our savior. Sadly, nothing will change their thinking. Nothing.


With Biden’s push to aid Black farmers we see that the Democrats have moved from being the party of the people to being the party of some of the people. By defining an in group he has also defined an out group. Thus he has brought the benefit of tribalism from Africa to what has become the disunited states.


‘We’ would be anyone who can see past CNN, basically. You guys make fun of FOX, but CNN is the exact same propaganda in the other direction. So why is CNN right and FOX wrong? Huh Lou? Huh Chuck? Neither is right, or I should say correct, so you don’t have Trumpfits. They both spew lies. Believing FOX is just as stupid as believing CNN. You guys have allowed your irrational Trumphatred to cloud your judgement.

Joe, which party obstructed and continues to obstruct the will of the American people to choose their leader?
And please give an example of Democratic obstruction.


facts as presented by mainstream news outlets


Joseph Vendetti


Extremist Left or Right are Extremist – the tide at this moment has much more nuts on the right but it is only matter of time (hopefully not), but I’m a pessimist.

I do get so infuriated when I still see these lunatics at Trump rallies and now he is on the witch hunt theme again. Scary that he was a registered Democrat until 1993, now he should just be placed in an institution (criminal or mental – somewhere he can’t have media access).


Re guns and suicide, I posted a response to your comment late in the day. You may not have seen it so I’m repeating it here:
My ballpark numbers were off a bit, but I stand by the suggestion that gun availability increases both attempts and lethality of suicide. Take a look at his Harvard study:
Suicide is successful in only 10%-15% of attempts, unless one uses a gun. Then the likelihood rises to 85%. And interestingly, 90% of those that attempt suicide and fail, do not make a second attempt.

Well Mr. vendetti, get use to Trump because he will run in 2024 with Ron Desabtis as his VP and Hidin Biden won’t have a chance. I can’t wait.

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