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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, July 6


Media should speak for moderates, too

Fox News gets a large amount of attention from left wingers.
On the other hand, I don’t notice NPR, CNN, or Mother Jones getting much attention from the right.
By focusing so much on this one right-wing source, it would appear they’re acknowledging there’s less of them.
The mainstream media tends to lean Democrat.
Just like with the government, those who don’t consider themselves liberal or conservative (the huge number of Americans who tend to decide elections) are not represented much in the media.
Would it change anything if they did have influence?
I can’t speak for other moderates who don’t consider themselves liberal or conservative, but here are some questions I could see a mainstream media which doesn’t lean Democrat that could be asked:
Given that Blacks suffered greatly from policies Joe Biden helped create, why would the intelligent Barack Obama pick him as vice president? Why do anti-war candidates like Tulsi Gabbard and Howard Dean never become vice president?
Why does peak oil get so much more attention than other resources that are also depleting?
Given the claim that organic produces higher yields in developing countries, food is wasted giving it to farm animals, and vegan food is cheap, why should we believe a mostly vegan and organic diet can’t feed the world?
Since Wall Street gives huge donations to both parties, maybe they should stop donating if voter suppression bothers them.
Colin Yunick

Black leaders should denounce vulgarity

The BET awards, which highlight Black achievement, awarded Cardi B a Grammy and a Video of The Year award for her Megan Thee Stallion-assisted No. 1 hit “WAP.” A celebration of deviant sexuality was also part of the evening’s festivities.
If you’re like me, who had a hard time keeping up with the cool kids, the acronym “WAP” might bestir a memory from the Dark Ages, when a similar term was used by cloddish xenophobes in regard to Italian immigrants.
No, that would be totally out of place in this gathering, where delicate sensibilities and political correctness charge the atmosphere.
If, like me, you don’t have a confidant who’s not only wise to the ways of the world, but tech-savvy to boot, to provide the lyrical content of this masterpiece.
I’m a bit tongue-tied to even attempt to gently describe the content. Hint: It’s about sex and it’s graphic. Most likely the easiest way to access this, what I would call “trash,” would be your teenagers’ smartphones. Caution: It could provide some mutual embarrassment.
Black leaders should denounce events such as the BET Awards.
They aren’t true allies in helping boost Black society’s PR problem, if one exists. I see them as a Trojan Horse.
Gordon F. Schaufelberg

Caroline Street’s issues are not new

There have been problems on Caroline Street since Caroline Street became the late night place to party in Saratoga Springs.
The commissioner of Public Safety should know this, and I am sure the assistant police chief knows this.
The problems have not started with BLM or are caused by “gangs from Albany.”
The city has been trying to solve this problem for years.
One former Public Safety commissioner tried to get the bars to close earlier. The bars fought this for months and the city backed off.
The city needs to address the problems on Caroline Street, but trying to blame outside influences will not solve the problem.
We are in the summer season, and it is discouraging that the Public Safety commissioner and the assistant police chief seem so unprepared to handle a problem that the city faces every summer.
Karen Klotz
Saratoga Springs



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William Marincic

That’s the problem with rap music, it promotes the gangster lifestyle, criminal lifestyle and it dehumanizes women. Cardi B said Trump supporters degrade her. Do you know what degrades her, her crappy music and her pornographic lyrics.


Music is a form of expression, from rap to country western, to opera. William apparently you self anointed yourself to become the apostle of what is good or bad music.

Why no mention of the lyrics of Lou Redd’s “rock “n” roll” song “Walk on the Wild Side” that was released in 1972:

“Candy came from out on the Island
In the back room she was everybody’s darling
But she never lost her head
Even when she was giving head”

What I say to you is…”🎼Doo do doo do doo do do doo…”🎼

That song is only one of many rock songs that some would consider the lyrics to be quite inappropriate. Taste is subjective, wake up man!

William Marincic

You’re going to compare Lou Reed song with Cardi B’s WAP obviously you haven’t googled the lyrics to that song

I’d like to take up a couple of your points in agreement, but you’ve proven to be a traitor to this country, and that “trumps” everything else you say. I will not cooperate with someone who still thinks the Biden administration is illegitimate.

I seem to remember that Michelle Obama promoted Cardi B on her workout playlist. That tells you all you need to know about Michelle Obama.

Hey Gordy, get off your high horse. Black society’s “PR problem” as you call it, is because the media is filled with old, out-of-touch white men like yourself who write the headlines and narratives and think that certain black leaders need to speak for all black people. Were you calling for “White leaders” to denounce Eminem’s lyrics, or Madonna’s provocatively sexual performances, et al. to help solve white people’s “PR problem”?


Matt you might try to speak to the content of the post. Before you do I suggest you look p the content of WAP. For others I suggest you do the same, this will allow you to see what Democrats find socially acceptable.


Bagram Airfield looted as US forces slip away in the night from Afghan base

An example of Biden’s military leadership.

What a foolish thing to state.
It was war hawk Republicans who got us there with no exit plan and an open wallet from the US taxpayers.


My post was about how we exited not how got in! Leaving in the middle of the night raerly passes for honorable.

We all know what your point was, to make it look like Biden was doing something dishonorable and cowardly with the military. My response was that it was the dishonorable actions taken by Bush Jr., Cheney and Rumsfeld in getting us into that (and Iraq) on information they knew to be untrue. What Biden is doing is a continuation of Trump’s effort to bring this God-forsaken mess to an end. There’s nothing nefarious, or cowardly about it.

This post is to set the record straight since you and your little friends have a hard time with truth, yet still you feel free to blurt out whatever goes through your minds. Feeling insulted? Good. Your behavior here isn’t worthy of respect:

On 29 February 2020, the U.S. and the Taliban signed a peace agreement titled the Agreement for Bringing Peace to Afghanistan, with provisions including the withdrawal of all regular American and NATO troops from Afghanistan, a Taliban pledge to prevent al-Qaeda from operating in areas under Taliban control, and talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government. The deal was supported by Pakistan, Russia, and China, and unanimously endorsed by the UN Security Council.

The Trump administration agreed to an initial reduction of its force level from 13,000 to 8,600 by July 2020, followed by a full withdrawal by 1 May 2021 if the Taliban kept its commitments. The Biden administration subsequently announced in April 2021 that it would continue the withdrawal, with an expected completion date by 11 September 2021. The Biden administration later announced that despite the withdrawal, it would keep 650 American troops in Afghanistan to defend the U.S. embassy in Kabul as well as defending the Kabul airport alongside Turkish troops.


Leaving in the middle of the night and give looters a chance to strip the place is not what I would call respect worthy

Did it occur to you there might be a tactical reason for it? It wasn’t a total surprise and the reports I’m reading (al Jazeera. The Guardian) say the Afghanis took immediate control as planned.
But for you it’s more important to add to the disformation, rumor mongering noise machine. What a hero.

Joseph Vendetti


Elvis, The Beatles, Acid Rock, Disco, Metal, Punk, Rap – al genera have been attacked at one time or another-


Colin Yunick – Fox gets a lot of attention because they have declared war on the truth, the foundation of the honest media. Unless they are called out daily, their lying, misinformation and conspiracy theory agenda just lies there like a dead fish. If you think the honest media leans towards the Dems, it’s because we are fighting this war, too.

“Given that Blacks suffered greatly from policies Joe Biden helped create …” What specific policies are you talking about? The rest of what you said is incoherent so I’ll ignore it.

Let’s start with Bidens 1994 crime bill. Let’s start with Biden saying he did not want his kids growing up in an urban jungle in response to desegregation. Let’s start with Biden eulogizing Senator KKK Byrd at his funeral. Do you need more because there is more, lots more.


To answer your question: Unskilled Black labor has been displaced by undocumented immigrants. Notice this would have been harder to do if they referred to as immigration criminals.

“…NPR reviewed an internal GOP memo sent to top party officials to prepare Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel for her appearance on Hannity’s show that night. It set out in great specificity the intended flow of the show’s lengthy opening segment — including its guests, articles and subjects — and the primary points Hannity would make. The two jointly focused on stoking suspicions of voter fraud. (The RNC confirmed the memo’s authenticity but declined to comment on the collaboration.) ”


Let’s discuss the pandemic. Is it over? No, as long as there are republican states who cannot seem to increase the number of vaccinated citizens. The latest poll shows that 86% of Democrats have received at least one vaccine shot whereas republicans pull down the rest of the country with only 44%. Trump supporters, with the help of Fox and other conspiracy, lying and misinformation media, come up with all kinds of excuses not to get the vaccine, probably in part because Biden and the Dems promote it. The same poll found that only 6% of Democrats plan not to take the vaccine while 46% of republicans plan not to.

Conclusion: the Democrats want the pandemic to end so that we can feel free to return to normal and have a strong recovery while the republicans want the negative impact of the pandemic to continue to hurt Biden politically. Does the GOP stand for anything positive?

The content of the post was clear: black people should be ashamed that a song with vulgar lyrics was given an award and black leaders should denounce it lest it provide racists even more “reasons” to hate people of color. Again, no word on whether vulgar white artists should be held to this standard, with anointed “white leaders” providing PR cover.


Could you provide the rest of us with a list of popular Vulgar songs by White artists that are a match for WAP? In any case why do you fin d that praised vulgarity acceptable?


Do you take issue with the assertion that the song was in bad taste? If you do not then what others have said about other songs has no bearing on the assertion that the song is in bad taste. I suggest you use the internet to read the lyrics of WAP.

All of you that oppose mine or even Mr. Marincic opinion must not have googled the complete lyrics of Cardi B’s WAP. Please do then get back to me.

I was never more than lukewarm on the Clintons and the rest of the Democratic establishment. I finally, after 40 years of being unaffiliated, registered Dem so I could support the Sanders/Progressive ascendancy within the party.
But one thing Hillary said that rang true, which clearly pushed some right wing buttons, was her “deplorables” statement. Republicans know, as we all do, that the more Americans who vote, the less chance they have. The rational response, that they were once at least able to voice, would be to adjust the message to give voters a reason to support them. But instead what we’re seeing is truly deplorable.

Mike Lindell: Biden wants to inject ‘Mark of the Beast’ vaccine into as many Americans as he can before tRump is reinstated in August!!!
And you heard it in Breitbart first.

As he was driven away in his personal ambulance, he could be seen with this face pressed up against the rear window screaming, “Well I already knew that was coming,” said Lindell. “I had heard rumors of that in Spain way early on that they were going to make this big master list. And that’s why I’ve said before, it’s mark of the beast in my mind. That’s my opinion. That’s — that’s where — that’s in the Bible, that’s where it’s manifesting to. I mean when you tell people ‘you have to take this’ — I did a speech over to people in Israel, this is about a ‘couple months ago. And they were trying to do their — everybody needs to take this and I’m arguing with some higher-ups. I said, ‘If the, if you want to take it, good for you, special K, good for you. But why do you care that if it’s such a good vaccine what I do?”

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