Police release name of Gloversville shooting victim

Solomon Wilson - Gloversville Police Department

Solomon Wilson - Gloversville Police Department

GLOVERSVILLE – City police believe Solomon A. Wilson shot Carmel D. Wilkerson during a fight at 40 6th Ave. Apt. 1 on July 1, according to a felony complaint filed with City Court Sunday.

Police say the bullet struck the upper left side of Wilkerson’s back and then traveled through his upper torso before lodging in his chest cavity.

Wilkerson suffered significant internal bleeding that required immediate medical attention, reads the complaint written by Det. Sgt. L. Nellis.

The complaint is the first time the shooting victim’s name has been revealed publicly. Police have yet to release the condition of the victim, even though he was shot several days ago. The first release also stated police were dispatched to Nathan Littauer Hospital at about 2:29 a.m. for a report of a man who had been shot. Nellis’ felony complaint, however, states police believe the shooting occurred at approximately 2:29 a.m.

State law requires hospitals to report to police within one hour that a patient has arrived with gunshot wounds.

Gloversville police have said there were no 911 calls regarding shots fired in the neighborhood of 40 6th Ave. Apt. 1 on July 1. Wilkerson drove himself to the emergency room after the shooting.

Wilson was arraigned in City Court Sunday before City Court Judge Tracy DiMezza on the charge of 1st-degree assault, a class B felony. Wilson was arrested on Sunday at 7:30 a.m. by the state police and an FBI task force. His arrest followed a three-day search for him after Gloversville police named him a “person of interest” in the shooting. No arrest warrant was issued at that time. The felony complaint against him does not indicate what, if any, information obtained by police between July 1 and July 4 resulted in his immediate arrest upon being found in Jamaica, Queens.

Police determined the shooting took place at 40 Sixth Ave., Apt. 1, based on an interview with Wilkerson, who was then taken to Albany Medical Center.

City and state police then went to the shooting scene and detained several people for questioning, although all of them were ultimately released without charges.

Nellis’ felony complaint does not include any police reports with narrative accounts from witnesses of the shooting incident, or information about the type of weapon used or the ammunition. The complaint also includes no update as to Wilkerson’s condition.

Nellis’ complaint states it is based upon “personal knowledge of the facts gained through firsthand observations” and other “facts and circumstances learned [by Nellis] during the course of this investigation.”

A Gloversville City Court Clerk on Tuesday said no other documents were filed with the felony complaint.

On Sunday a police news release announcing Wilson’s arrest said the investigation into the shooting “remains extremely active” in part because police have identified a second suspect. The police description of the second suspect in the shooting includes no estimated age, height or weight and does not include a complete name, but does describe his skin tone. They said the suspect is  known as “Ty” or “T,” and may be related to Wilson.





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