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Letters to the Editor Thursday, July 8


Greater variety of businesses needed

Wow! Another bank/credit union in our area. I can count at least eight within a mile radius of the town center in Glenville.
Why don’t we see more of a variety of places to spend our money?
I wonder how long some of these types of banks/credit unions can survive?
Paul St. Onge

Conservative talk is getting more absurd

I was listening to the Clay Travis (lame) and Buck Sexton (lamer) show last week.
One of the dynamic duo actually stated that the Jan. 6 insurrection was not an insurrection because the insur­rectionists did not have F-15s and nuclear weapons.
Conservatives have constructed their own absurd Bizzaro World re­ality. Since I revel in the absurd, I am greatly entertained.
I am especially grateful to the QAnon queen, Marjorie Taylor Greene. She’s no Marge Simpson. Marge Simpson has a brain.
No, no, Trumpites, I know what you’re thinking. I am a registered member of the Silly Party, and I voted for Sponge Bob Square Pants in 2016 and 2020.
Paul Sator

Trump no follower of his own rhetoric

In his July 2 letter (“Trump looked out for the ‘forgotten man’,”) Fred McGillicuddy stated he was forced to buy Obamacare but could not afford the $1,200 monthly premium on his $12,000 annual income and paid a fine for noncompliance.
He hailed Donald Trump for eliminating such fines. This begs the question of why he did not apply for either a subsidy or Medicaid. Something is wrong with this picture.
He also referenced Trump’s inaugural address comment promising “the forgotten man will never be forgotten again,” and extolled changes in the tax laws enacted under Trump that provided him with a $0 tax bill for the first time in his life.
Well, other changes in those same tax laws primarily enriched the wealthiest Americans, not most of us, and contributed to a 48% rise in the national debt.
Trump certainly didn’t forget the rich, but he appears not to have given any thought to who will bear the burden of paying off all that new debt.
Trump’s inaugural address also proclaimed: “For many decades, we’ve enriched foreign industry at the expense of American industry.” He ought to know.
American products make up exactly 15.3% of Trump-branded merchandise. The rest is made in 12 foreign countries, including China.
Finally, Trump’s inaugural address also included these lines: “Open your heart to patriotism” and “We all bleed the same red blood of patriots.” As one who served in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War, the last person I want to hear anything about “patriotism” from is a draft dodger.
Paul Deierlein

Manchin should switch to the GOP

I really can’t figure out why West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat, who has more things in common with the Republicans, doesn’t pull a Strom Thurmond and switch parties.
That would give the Republicans a 51-49 majority in the Senate and Chuck Schumer – who does little for upstate New York – would go from majority leader to minority leader.
George Brougham



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William Marincic

I see the anti-Trump letters continue to pour in. I can understand you not having anything positive to say about Biden since there is nothing positive to say about him. If you listen to Biden speak just five years ago and listen to him speak today you would know without a doubt that he has some cognitive issues going on. Watch him when he gives a speech how he forgets what he is saying and his five and 10 second pauses. He has notes to remind him of everything, the question is who is really running this country because it’s certainly not Biden.


You believe President Biden has cognitive problems but are tired of anti-Trump letters to the editor. I’ll give you evidence that Trump has cognitive problems. I won’t ask you to look it up yourself. He advised considering the efficacy of injecting bleach into your body as a way to fight covid19 infection. After all, it does a good job disinfecting surfaces. Then, there is the infamous use of the still unexplained non-word, “cofeve”.


Bill, why do you regularly show your ignorance about Biden’s successes in his first 150 days in office? To make it easier for you, here is a list of topics you can research on your own as well as some specifics on the first topic, domestic policy. He doesn’t seem to have any cognitive problems while you appear to suffer from comprehensive issues, a typical republican disorder.

Domestic Policy
Climate Change
Human Rights
National Security
Foreign Policy

Domestic Policy
Biden has the narrowest pay gap between women and men in the White House of any president.

The Biden administration released rules that protect patients from unexpected medical bills.

Biden signed the American Rescue Plan (aka COVID-19 Stimulus) providing $1.9 trillion of relief to the American economy.

Biden signed an executive order to make the Department of Justice work on reducing the use of “ghost guns”.

Biden signed an executive order expanding access to legal representation for the poor.

Biden (and Vice President Kamala Harris) released their 2021 tax returns, after Trump refused to release his for his entire four-year term.

Biden ordered the Department of Justice to produce a rule clarifying when a device marketed as a gun brace turns a pistol effectively into a short-barreled rifle

Biden told the Department of Justice to produce model “red flag” legislation for all 50 states so that they could enact such laws against gun violence.

Biden increased the minimum wage for thousands of federal contractors to $15/hr.

Stimulus payments from the American Rescue Plan were sent via direct deposit just 24 hours after the plan was signed into law.

Biden directed $2.5 billion in funding to specifically address America’s mental illness and addiction crisis.

American Rescue Plan extended a 15% increase to SNAP funding, helping children who qualify for free lunch.

The American Rescue Plan restores funding to veterans programs, including programs to assist veterans’ mental health, that had been cut under Trump.

The American Rescue Plan adds boosted funding to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), providing new options for people who need health insurance and lowering costs for people already insured.

American Rescue Plan provides money to the airline industry, preventing tens of thousands of aviation jobs who will no longer be furloughed.

Socially disadvantaged (including Black, Latino, Asian-American, and Native American) farmers will get $4 billion from the American Rescue Plan in debt relief, while another $1 billion will create a racial equity commission.

Biden will be nominating three Democrats to the USPS board of governors, which will lead to the removal of Postmaster Louis DeJoy.

Biden issued an executive order that will make American supply chains less reliant on foreign companies.

Biden revoked a Trump executive order mandating stricter work rules on people seeking welfare help.

Biden restored labor rights to workers at the Department of Defense.

Biden got rid of a Trump order that used COVID as an excuse for deregulation.

Biden undid a Trump-era mandate that said federal buildings had to be constructed in classical style.

Biden revoked a Trump order that suspended federal funds from going to purported “anarchist jurisdictions.”

Biden got rid of conservative officials stashed at the Voice of America and other broadcasting-related entities of the government.

Biden issued an executive order requiring political appointees to take an ethics pledge.

Biden signed pension relief, keeping more than 100 pension plans solvent and providing retirement benefits to millions.

William Marincic

Ray what Biden did was cancel all of Trump’s successes, the fact that you put immigration as a success is laughable. That 1.9 Trillion dollar package was a boondoggle and a Blue State bailout. He is a joke which will be proven next year during the midterms. We will see what the mandate is.

Thanks Ray. That should be enough, but unless we adopt the hero-worshipping foolishness we’ve had to suffer through over FG, Biden will be seen by them as a failed President, no matter how much money he put into peoples’ pockets and accounts.
But the alt-right has now declared democracy is dead for them, rules are for suckers and has no intention of steering away from the precipice.
Biden’s legacy should be to lead Democrats and the remaining citizens of conscience back to our Constitutional foundations (minus the racist parts).


One might want to ask what the switch to renewable energy will bring is when there is heavy cloud cover and calm winds. I suspect we will have weather related holidays.


Fred, why don’t you see what people in several Northern European countries do with heavy cloud cover? Perhaps just look at Germany where they’ve already reached a pretty high level of renewable energy usage (higher than most countries in the world probably) and it’s more cloudy there than in US by far. My guess is because they don’t have giant oil & gas companies forcing the German government to do their bidding.


Post was a comment on the consequences of a hundred percent renewable policy in a country with a national grid. Thus your reference to Germany falls short


Earlier Wednesday, Biden told reporters that he would personally send a message to Putin after being briefed on the most recent hack, which impacted hundreds of companies worldwide ahead of the July 4 holiday weekend. That is what Democrats call strong foreign policy!


It sounds a lot stronger than saying you believe Putin over our own intelligence gathering agencies as Trump did on the world stage at Helsinki. This was in regard to Russian interference in our elections. And, Fred, shouldn’t you know the content of the message before you call it a weak response?


Being a Republican I am impressed by deeds not words. I f Biden’s word were taken seriously there would be no southern border problems.


But, Fred, Trump spoke words, not only in admiration of Putin, but also of the murderous tyrannical dictator of North Korea; in fact, and I quote, I (Trump) fell in love with him (Kim Jong Un).” Are you impressed or embarassed by what Trump sad?


1> Since they can blow us off the face of the earth I find it wise to try to get along with them.

2>kicked our but and Biden subject Putin to strong words. Do remember that these words are associated with our midnight with drawl from Afghanistan


Trump is suing Facebook and its CEO, Twitter and its CEO, and YouTube and its parent company’s CEO after he was removed from the platforms this year. Courts have typically dismissed similar suits, and these are likely doomed from the start as well. Trump’s latest litigious effort coincides with some concerning comments tied to him and a high-profile supporter. A new book claims Trump once praised Adolf Hitler during a 2018 discussion with his White House chief of staff John Kelly; Trump has denied the comments. Meanwhile, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Trump ally, compared the White House’s vaccine push to Nazi-era “brown shirts,” weeks after apologizing for her comments comparing Capitol Hill mask rules to the Holocaust. What a pair. The GOP is in great hands.

Some are saying Q is really SpongeBob SquarePants.
No idea if it’s true, but I have some connections in some three-letter agencies, if you know what I mean…

What more needs to be known about what Democrats and citizens of conscience are up against? There is no longer real bipartisanship, thanks to the attitude we’ve seen on display here on this forum parrotted from their alt-right “influencers”. And make no mistake, history will show it was the Republican Party who facilitated the damage done to the USA.
Newly leaked video footage of a recent event hosted by the right-wing group Patriot Voices shows Republican Rep. Chip Roy of Texas openly admitting that his party wants “18 more months of chaos and the inability to get stuff done” as President Joe Biden, a bipartisan group of senators, and congressional Democrats work to pass climate and infrastructure legislation.

“Honestly, right now, for the next 18 months, our job is to do everything we can to slow all of that down to get to December of 2022,” Roy says in the clip, referring to the month after that year’s midterm elections. Republicans need to flip just a handful of seats to take back the House and Senate.

“I don’t vote for anything in the House of Representatives right now,” Roy says in response to an audience member’s question about the sweeping infrastructure and safety-net package that Democrats are planning to pass unilaterally alongside a White House-backed bipartisan deal.

In the video that emerged Tuesday, the Texas Republican dismisses the Democratic reconciliation package—which progressives hope will include at least $6 trillion in spending on climate programs, Medicare expansion, and other priorities left out of the bipartisan plan—as “liberal garbage.”


Letter to Editor in local paper this morning here,for us oldies to reminisce.

Trumpers: 21st century version of Deadheads

Back in the ’70s, the Grateful Dead rock band began touring constantly. They developed a loyal fan base of self-proclaimed “Deadheads” who repeatedly came to their concerts to see the same show and hear the same songs played over and over again.

Grateful Dead concerts became basically large parties attended by a community of like-minded folks. It was a cultural phenomenon.

I don’t mean to compare Donald Trump to Jerry Garcia, but Mr. Trump has clearly been able to develop the same sense of community in his loyal fan base.

They come repeatedly to his rallies, which resemble large block parties. They appear delighted to see the same show and cheer the same speeches over and over.

My add, and buy flags and hats, one of the only successful business FG ever had.

I was somehow mercifully spared that fate.
I posted this a while back, and it’s not my line:
‘The tRump rallies resemble a couple hundred excited toddlers watching their favorite Barney episode for the 32nd time.’

Instead of political propaganda and promoting a way of life that rejects modern science, just imagine an America in which Fox News aired the testimonial of a Springfield, Mo., COVID-19 patient, 42-year-old Russell Taylor.

“I was one of those Americans who was like, skeptical, not knowing who to trust,” he said in a video for Cox Health. “So I just kind of pulled back, that if God allows this, then it must be.” In June, he was rushed to the hospital by ambulance and placed on a ventilator, with double pneumonia. He was still hospitalized after three weeks. “Somewhere in July,” he now said, “I think it would be wise to get the whole family vaccinated, because my stance on that is … God made medicine, too.”

Joseph Vendetti


Wind & solar and water are fantastic sources of renewable energy and what makes the system even better is they toss all that clean energy into batteries & huge battery arrays that can store the energy when its cloudy or not windy or when water isn’t Flowing.

What is even better is we have a national grid system that if for some reason its extremely cloudy in say the northeast and our batteries are getting depleted we can pull excess out of an area that has it.

Coal has been on a 15 yr death spiral – natural gas is 89% more efficient and much cheaper. But once more wind, solar and water grids are built we could become all renewable by 2032-2035.


No, they do not. France does not have enough nuclear power to cover its own uses much less be an exporter to Germany. Renewables will probably never cover 100%, but it does take some load off having to generate power via coal, gas, or oil. BTW, last I checked most countries in Eastern\Northern Europe as well as Germany rely heavily on gas imports from RUSSIA which should be of greater concern since Russia can shut that off at a moments’ notice.

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