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Police continue to investigate motorcycle accident


SARATOGA SPRINGS – Police continue to investigate a crash involving a 37-year-old motorcyclist who was injured after he rear-ended a pickup truck and was a possible suspect in a case of breaking into cars in a downtown parking lot.

Shawn Davis was severely injured in the crash that occurred in the morning hours of June 24 at Broadway and Lake Avenue.

The accident drew significant attention on social media when a Facebook user suggested police had injured the Black suspect.

To combat that information, police posted a 21-second video clip of the accident earlier this week.

Lt. Robert Jillson, police spokesman, said police had no contact with the suspect until they found him in the road after colliding with the pickup truck.

Officers found Davis with his helmet on, and they tried to prevent him from suffering other injuries by stopping him from moving.

The investigation is ongoing; Davis is recovering at Albany Medical Center for injuries to his head.

Jillson confirmed the department posted the clip in the wake of the Facebook post that suggested Davis’ injuries weren’t conducive to a motorcycle accident and that the police needed to explain his injuries.

“It was a significant crash,” Jillson said of the high-speed collision, adding, “the comments and the perception out there that we beat this man is not true at all.”

A police supervisor had called off the pursuit, but the cyclist continued to flee, Jillson said.

After officers found him injured, they “rolled right into a caregiving role to say, ‘Hey, buddy. You’re gonna be OK, get the paramedics up here now,’” Jillson said.

An officer tried to prevent him from suffering other injuries from moving around too much, as best as possible, until the paramedics arrived, the lieutenant said.

Jillson said he was  “very angry when that narrative came up,” referring to the suggestion that Davis was beaten.

On Tuesday, Jillson said police met with three members of Davis’ family and showed them the video.

Police responded to the scene when they received a call from a witness who said he saw someone going into parked cars, including his girlfriend’s, in a parking lot near the police station.

When an officer arrived, a man matching the same clothing description was observed in the lot. He fled on a motorcycle, Jillson said.

That allegation remains under investigation, but Davis’s medical concerns are “at the forefront now.”

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