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Letters to the Editor Sunday, July 11


School board again betrayed the citizens

In his July 4 letter, (“Sch’dy schools must invest in new leader”) Neil Golub is right about hiring a Schenectady school superintendent: “If this new [school] board continues to use the same old process, it is likely to fail again.”
That’s what just happened. Once again, the board has hired a superintendent inappropriately, by a secretive process.
Schenectady residents had been assured by the outgoing board that the search for a new superintendent would have community input, that community opinions mattered; this proved not to be the case. Nor did the views of the two new board members, Jamaica Miles and Erica Brockmyer, who stressed the school board’s need to work together with the community to recruit a new superintendent. This past school year left Schenectady students reeling. Most of them never saw the inside of a classroom.
Too many Schenectady school superintendents of recent memory proved to be poor choices, reflecting the secretive process by which the school board had recruited them. As a result, Schenectady’s students suffered.
The previous board never explained why it didn’t hire an outside professional search firm to find the best candidates for the Schenectady superintendency. Don’t our children deserve the best possible person to lead them out of the nightmare of the 2020-2021 school year?
Superintendent-designate Anibal Soler Jr. may or may not be the best person for the job: Schenectady parents and taxpayers had no opportunity to assess his record and compare it with any other candidates’. Once again, the Schenectady community has been betrayed by its school board.
Mary Lou Russo

GOP’s conservative leaders best Dems’

In his May 17 letter (“Stefanik one sign of rot within the GOP,”) Dennis J. Quinn wrote that today’s Republican Party is an inexorably dying, Trump-worshipping party that has abandoned its conservative principles.
He referred to Rep. Elise Stefanik as an opportunist. These claims merit a response.
Trump’s character and personality remain problematic to many people, including some Republicans, and his stature within the party may fade within a year or so due chiefly to legal troubles.
If this occurs, there exists a diverse and highly capable group of individuals capable of leading the party including DeSantis, Haley, Rubio and Tim Scott.
With or without Trump, the GOP will remain the more conservative major party advocating for lower levels of taxation and spending, secure borders, energy independence, support for law enforcement, charter schools and a pro-life stance.
By contrast, the leftists who dominate today’s Democratic Party advocate for amnesty for illegals and open borders, Medicare for all, canceling of all student debt, packing the Supreme Court, runaway levels of federal spending and abortion on demand. The party of FDR, Truman, JFK and Stratton, of which I was a former member, is now the party of Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib and DeBlasio.
Presidents Carter, Clinton and perhaps even Obama would be considered too moderate to be relevant in the party today.
Rep. Stefanik may indeed be an opportunist, but political opportunism is as old as the republic itself.
One’s opinion of her likely depends on your political affiliation.
Stephen A. Bedzis

Doctors should not charge no-show fees

Doctors make enough money with their practice. Charging a patient a no-show fee is outrageous.
Most people don’t miss appointments for no good reason. They usually forget their appointments. Older people are probably the ones who miss their appointments. Those are the people that can’t afford to pay a fee for a missed appointment.
As people get older, their memories are not as good as they were when they were younger. I was told once that doctors lose money on that missed appointment.
My reply to that was most people can’t afford a charge for something like that. We need to contact our state representatives and tell them that they need to introduce a bill to keep doctors from charging a no-show fee.
Bruce Smith


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Stephen A. Bedzis How right you are, people don’t like Trump because of his brash talk and that’s fine, not everyone likes everyone. I will say one thing though he has done more for America and America first than any president since Lincoln as far as I’m concerned. I have yet to get an answer from the Democrats that post on this page about why they believe illegal immigration and flooding our country is a good idea, especially when we are just getting over a pandemic. They will never give you a straight answer they try to flip the script and tell you that you’re racist and that you have no compassion but I don’t see any of them taking in or sponsoring an illegal immigrant. I wonder why not.


People don’t like trump because he’s a lying self serving White supremacist ignorant fool. His “brash talk” is like a cheap carnival side show meant to get the fools to buy his elixir.

I agree he’s done “more for America.” More to divide us as a nation, more to alienate us from our allies and more to expose the the evil side of humanity.


a) Doctors and hospitals are for-profit businesses.
b) Who are you to decide doctors ‘make enough money’?
c) It is not OK to waste a medical professionals time because you ‘forgot’.
I don’t know about yours, but my doctors send reminder emails and phone calls.
Being a Doctor is extremely difficult, stressful and expensive. I suggest you try it and then tell me about how
the doctor ‘makes too much money’.

“…today’s Republican Party is an inexorably dying, Trump-worshipping party that has abandoned its conservative principles.”
Yes, and any reasonable political observer would likely agree with that statement. The numbers don’t lie that many tens of thousands (more than maybe you care to accept) have already left the party. That’s only known about a fraction of the party because many states can’t provide those figures. But tens of thousands leaving has been verified.
“Trump-worshipping” is not far from the literal truth as we see most of the evangelical community placing him above their sacred Christian beliefs. Just as an example, how else do you explain no accepting he committed adultery against his pregnant wife? Seems that kind of behavior is suddenly OK with the “religious”? How do you explain the acceptance of a golden idol of him appearing at the 2021 CPAC?
Lastly, Donald Trump is, and will be proven to be, a traitor for inciting violence AGAINST our government. Any child can see that, and anyone who tries to explain away that and continue to support him should be likewise considered traitorous.
Everything else you people have to snipe about should be seen through that filter because that represents the ultimate crime against our country.

We live in a representative democracy, and that extends to the school board as well. Our votes at the ballot box put members on the board that will (hopefully) put the interests of the parents and constituents that elected them first. A closed search for the new superintendent allows for the search for the best candidate without alerting their current school that they’re looking for work elsewhere (see the debacle in Albany with Chief Hawkins and the City of Akron as to the downsides of this sort of search), while putting our trust in the members we elected to choose the best candidate for our community and children. Allowing the public access to every candidate, resume, and job history, only serves to confuse and slow the selection process. I trust that the board members I voted for that selected the new superintendent, did so in good faith, with the best interests of the community’s children and parents in mind. I wish him much success.

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