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Letters to the Editor Monday, July 12


Hold meetings at public’s convenience

A proposed earlier starting time of 5:30 p.m. for city council meetings (Gazette June 22 article “Council eyes return to in-person meetings”) that allow public participation is a terrible idea.
Meetings should be held at the convenience of the public and not elected officials.
This idea has come up in the past and thankfully past city councils have quickly dismissed it.
I’m pleased to read at least Ms. Porterfield has the common sense to oppose this early start idea.
Speaking as a person who attended meetings for almost 20 years before serving on the city council for two terms, please put this idea away for good.
I didn’t attend meetings just to speak as suggested by one council member who is in favor of this change, but to see my local government in action, and there was no way I could get there by 5:30 when I worked my day job.
If only one person is denied the opportunity to speak out because of this 90-minute proposed change, it would be a knife in the heart of open government.
Please city council, you’ve had it fairly easy for the past 15 months, do your job and put this selfish idea away for good.
There will be five open seats for city council this November, so please ask candidates seeking those seats what their views are on meeting starting times when the public is allowed to participate.
This should be a deciding factor when it comes time to vote for people who are elected to represent us and not themselves.
Vince Riggi

State needs real deterrents to crime

Here we go again.
It sounds like the honest, taxpaying, non-criminal people are going to get hit with more gun control.
Cuomo and other Democrat big mouths are talking about gun control. When Killer Cuomo uses words like emergency, it’s a reminder of how they passed the “Safe Act” in the middle of the night.
Of course Cuomo knows about killing; he racked up an impressive score in our nursing homes.
Why is he not in jail?
Certainly a lot of gun/gang violence is happening in the cities. And guess what, a good bet is not one of the offenders can legally purchase or possess a firearm, especially a handgun.
They do nothing to stop this. And in fact, they go the other way by passing useless junk laws like “catch and release’’ and not coming down hard on criminal youth by changing what they define as adult.
This liberal/progressive idiocy has to stop.
We need real deterrents like no parole and serving heavy time. Bring back a good, fast-working death penalty for gun crimes would make the streets safer.
Leave the cops alone and let them do their jobs. Also why does the media and wacky politicians always use the term “gun violence?” Wake up. It’s violence, period. In that case, a gun is a tool misused by criminals.
As for me, my guns have not hurt anyone or robbed anyone. At age 76, having owned a gun since I was 10, I guess that disproves it’s all the gun’s fault.
David G. DeMarco



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Mr. DeMarco get ready for the left to tell you how wrong you are. They will tell you that it is the guns fault, and the gun manufacturers fault, and the fault of states that have open gun laws. They will never put the blame where the blame is due, people like AOC and the squad in Congress telling you to defund the police, this ridiculous bail reform laws that put criminals back on the street over and over again, they never see that is the problem they see legal gun ownership as the problem, Democrats are all about power nothing but power and controlling us that’s all they live for is the control.

I’m guessing you remain challenged by Connect-the-Dots problems.

This is nothing but a word salad of talking points, and the American people are growing fed up with the deflection that the problem is mental health, or whatever other smokescreen you cough up continually.
A firearm is a remarkably efficient way to “end” a problem quickly, regardless the intention or passion behind its use. You need to face up to that and help make firearms less accessible.


The US averaged about 19,455 coronavirus cases over the last seven days, a 47% increase over the previous week. According to a CNN medical analyst, a third of those are coming from five hot spots: Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri and Nevada. In these states, ICUs are packed and ventilators are sometimes hard to come by — a chilling echo of the darkest pandemic months. Experts say vaccine hesitancy is one reason for these regional spikes.

Thank you republicans for keeping the pandemic going.


And a special thank you to the Liars Club (aka CPAC) for bringing together the conservatives who spent the weekend lying and misinforming each other in a frenzy for Trump. Most noticeable was not one of them put forth a positive issue to campaign on. It was just hours on end of grievances and fantasy on social issues like Critical Race Theory being mandated in schools (which it’s not).

Mr. Harris if it’s not being mandated why did the president of the NEA the largest teachers union in the country come out and say they will fight to continue it and defend teachers who teach it?
That said, the National Education Association (NEA) appears to have accepted the conservative framing of CRT: namely, that it’s not merely confined to academia but is in fact also being taught in K-12 schools. And the NEA thinks this is a good thing that should be defended.

At its yearly annual meeting, conducted virtually over the past few days, the NEA adopted New Business Item 39, which essentially calls for the organization to defend the teaching of critical race theory.*

You foolish, foolish people:
Today, Dr. Michelle D Fiscus, who serves as the Medical Director of Tennessee’s Vaccine Preventable Diseases and Immunization program, has been fired from her role by Governor Lee’s administration.

This comes in the wake of public pressure from elected Republicans, who have threatened to dissolve the department because of what they perceive to be a push to encourage young Tennesseans to get vaccinated, which might be reasonably considered to be part of her job.

Last month in a government ops committee meeting things got heated when Republicans learned the Tennessee Department of Health had been allowing young Tennesseans over 14 to get the COVID-19 vaccine if they so chose even without their parents signing off on it.

Further, from The Tennessean:
Tennessee’s former top vaccine official: ‘I am afraid for my state’

“On May 6, 2021, in advance of the approval of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for 12-15 year olds and in response to multiple questions I had received regarding the rules around vaccinating minors, I reached out to Tennessee Department of Health’s general counsel to request a statement regarding Tennessee’s Mature Minor Doctrine that resulted from a Tennessee Supreme Court Ruling in Cardwell v Bechtol in 1987.”

“In response, I received a document attached to an email stating, ‘Sure—Attached is the new summary of the doctrine that has just recently been posted to the website and is blessed by the Governor’s office on the subject. This is forward facing so feel free to distribute to anyone.'”

“On May 10, 2021, I copied and pasted the language provided to me into a memo that was distributed only to providers who were administering COVID-19 vaccines. A recipient of that memo was upset that, according to Tennessee Supreme Court case law, minors ages 14-17 years are able to receive medical care in Tennessee without parental consent and posted the memo to social media. Within days, legislators were contacting TDH asking questions about the memo with some interpreting it as an attempt to undermine parental authority.”

“Let me be clear: this was an informational memo containing language approved by the TDH Office of General Counsel which was sent to medical providers by the medical director of the state’s immunization program regarding the guardrails set 34 years ago by the Tennessee Supreme Court around providing care to minors.”

“What has occurred in the time between the release of this memo and today, when I was terminated from my position as medical director of the vaccine-preventable diseases and immunization program at the Tennessee Department of Health, can only be described as bizarre.”

Here we go again where you think you’ve finally caught the Liberals, and all you’ve done is play word games.
In a strict definition of the word “defund” they are right that monies hadn’t been allocated yet. But since 100% of the Republicans voted to DENY Americans a rescue package, including for small towns and cities and their police departments, one can easily make the point that the money was made available but Republicans DENIED it.
Republicans DENIED the attempt to provide emergency assistance. That sound better to you?


To be fair this site publishes factual information, but with a right leaning slant. Notice who funds this site.
Reason Magazine is owned and published by the Reason Foundation, an American libertarian think tank founded in 1978. They are a non-profit, tax-exempt organization, supported by donations and publication sales. According to disclosures, its largest donors are the David H. Koch Charitable Foundation ($1,522,212) and the Sarah Scaife Foundation ($2,016,000). Analysis / Bias
Both these donors support right wing causes and negative stories would be about causes they reject even if they are right and appropriate causes.
I may be wrong but last check NO where was CRT being taught except at college level.

And your final point could easily be proven if they actually knew what they were talking about. It is laughable and tragic, that so many simply pick up where their echo chamber leaves off and bestows their idiocy on the public at large.


Studies that critique forms of power and oppression at the intersections of our society — imagine the horrors! Critical race theory, our new-yet-old bogeyman, is PURE EVIL!

Of course, challenging power and oppression is how our country came to be. But never mind all that.

Better to think our systems are perfectly fair and just, than questioning them when they’re not. It’s so un-American to ruffle the feathers of the status quo. LOL.

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