Schenectady’s Proctors awarded $9.4 million in federal funding

 Philip Morris, CEO of Proctors Collaborative, is pictured on March 4, 2019.

 Philip Morris, CEO of Proctors Collaborative, is pictured on March 4, 2019.

SCHENECTADY – Proctors is closer to reopening thanks in part to funding from the federal Shuttered Venue Operators Grant, which recently awarded the theater $9.4 million. 

TheREP also received funding through the program and, along with $3 million donated by patrons, Proctors Collaborative is $870,000 shy of the $14 million needed to reopen. 

“Almost more importantly, it guarantees that we will not just restart but be able to do so with enough resources to prime the pump of the entire Proctors Collaborative,” said Proctors CEO Philip Morris in a letter to subscribers and donors.

The theater has been closed for the last 16 months because of the pandemic and it costs approximately $330,000 each month for minimal staffing, temperature regulation, insurance and building repairs. That includes keeping not only the Schenectady theater running but also theREP and the Universal Preservation Hall, which all fall under Proctors Collaborative.

On Friday, Proctors was notified that it will receive $9,423,671.85 from the grant, just under the $10 million Morris expected. TheREP was also awarded $709,169.86, shy of what was initially hoped for. Funding for UPH has not yet been awarded.

“While both of these are somewhat below what we expected, they are significant recovery dollars that together with what many of you have donated brings us to within $870,000 of our original goal,” Morris said.

The money will be used to rehire back staff members and recoup the cost of continuing to operate during the pandemic. The grant, which is distributed by the Small Business Administration, will be awarded in a single payment.

“It’s meant to be a recovery effort and that’s exactly what it’ll be for us because it’ll allow us to recover our ticket accounts and other kinds of accounts that weren’t meant to be just survival for a year and a half,” Morris said.

At this time, the theater’s summer schools program is up and running. Performances will start at theREP in August and Proctors is slated to welcome Broadway back this fall, with technical rehearsals starting in September. In October, “The Right Girl” will premiere there and the rescheduled “Summer – The Donna Summer Musical” show is slated for Dec. 7-12.

“It will take us some time to look like we looked in 2019, but we now know that we will get there,” Morris said.

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