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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, July 14


Use rest stop funds for bridge solution

Here’s a thought.  Why not divert a small portion of the $450 million set aside for rebuilding the Thruway service areas and use it to fund an effective solution to the bridge problem?
Service areas are a travel amenity, whereas highway safety is a necessity that should be prioritized accordingly. This issue has gone on far too long.
As has been said a number of times already: ’Taint rocket science. Git ‘er done.
Marc Duquette

Trump vaccine effort failing due to Biden

Trump had biologists, chemists and pharmaceutical companies create and then manufacture the coronavirus vaccine at a break-neck speed.
Trump laid out the distribution plan to all the states, prioritizing those that were being hardest hit.
All Biden had to do was follow through and vaccinate the citizens of the United States …and he screwed that up – royally.
Now a variant of the virus is circulating that, although easily handled by any one of the three vaccines, is rising because of Biden’s failure at getting people vaccinated.
I guess you can add this to the comments that Robert Gates made about Biden having “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”
Gerald V. Marmuscak

Trump cartoon was highly insensitive

I’m sitting here in disbelief that The Gazette would stoop so low to defile President Trump with a political cartoon on July 10 using the recent Miami building collapse. Is that the best you can do?
Use the pain and suffering of others to get your point across?
More than half of those poor souls haven’t even been found yet. Their family and friends must be purely devastated.
There’s all this talk about treating people fairly and not stepping on ideals and choices, or hurting people’s feelings by looking at them cross-eyed, and you think it’s okay to print such a disgusting cartoon?
I don’t care who you voted for in the last election. And, I dare say that the grieving relatives of the victims in the Miami condo collapse don’t care either.
The more time you spend blaming Trump and using him as an analogy well beyond the lost election, in my eyes, the less credibility you have. Give it up.
Let justice play out. Stop using innocent victims and situations to smear Trump. Enough already!
Donna Gizzi
Ballston Lake

Quote offers insight into history lessons

There were many letters in the July 10 Gazette decrying the expansion of the social studies curriculum to provide a deeper understanding of the impact of the history of America on all of us living today.
I recently came across a quote from Yoli Joseph, president of the Evanston/Skokie PTA Council, in response to a lawsuit brought against the change in the district and thought it worth sharing.
She said, “the lawsuit’s claims sound like they stem from personal discomfort with the “unpacking work” needed to combat racism.
“Their fragility, their emotional response to being asked to look at something that historically has not been asked of them, has been an uncomfortable experience,” she said. “But I know so many people in the district who are so incredibly supportive of this work.” (per June 30 Chicago Tribune)
While Ms. Joseph grew up in the district and has a fourth grader in school there, her insights into human dynamics are meaningful for us in New York as well.
Melinda Perrin


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Michael Eisenberg

Gerald V. Marmuscak – What planet do you live on? it’s the Republicans who are completely irresponsible because they actively discourage people from getting vaccinated. They cheered at the recent CPAC convention about resisting vaccinations.

But let’s put our differences aside. Let’s do all we can – together – to get everybody vaccinated.

Biden refuses to send door-to-door “white coats” (not brown shirts like described by a politician) with their medical bag full of COVID vaccine to try to talk people into getting a shot. Because he believes that it is “a person’s choice” whether or not to vaccinate. I have a sibling who hates Trump and loves Biden but refuses to get the COVID shot for what she describes as “personal reasons”. Biden can’t force her to get a shot no matter how much he and I plead with her to get one. So there is your answer.


Gerald V. Marmuscak–Wow…45 gets credit for initiating Warp Speed, but the vaccine was already coming down the pike. Then he did little to nothing for the logistics of distributing the vaccine, which Biden was planning while he was “hiding in his basement.” 45 had NO plan for anything–just empty rhetoric from the carnival barker. Once he lost the election, he became obsessed with being reinstated–nothing else. Why did he and Melania secretly get the vaccine? Why didn’t he promote “his” great achievement of Warp Speed? If 45 did such a spectacular thing, then why won’t his cult take it? Can’t have it both ways.
Have you been under a rock with faux entertainment, newsmax and other pro-trump outlets confusing and politicizing the vaccine…promoting ANTI-vaccination, yet you blame Biden? Biden used the full force of the Federal Gov’t (which 45 refused to do) and achieved 67% out of 70%, despite all the purposeful division of the far right. Biden knows and cares how to GOVERN, unlike the former guy who continues to stoke division, lies and violence causing further erosion of our democratic republic.
Biden had this ready in January, even before taking office:


Gerald V. Marmuscak–Add to that CPAC participants actually cheering that Biden (America) didn’t reach the goal of vaccinations…sick. If that isn’t Anti-American, Unpatriotic, then I don’t know what is…”yay…America failed!”

Gerald’s letter serves as proof as to how delusional Republicans are and how terrible and weak Donald Trump was at politics. One the one hand you have Donald Trump praising his vaccine development at CPAC, and on the other hand you have his supporters cheering speakers at that same conference who discouraged taking it. It’s a highly effective vaccine that could save more lives, but Donald Trump and his entire family took it in secret because he knows so many of his supporters are QAnon quacks that think the vaccine will track them, or magnetize them, or turn them gay.

Michael Eisenberg

No. And no one is being forced. How about encouraging others? For them and for all of us. It’s the patriotic thing to do.

William Aiken

Freedom of choice is one of the tenants that makes America great. Groupthink should resisted when it comes to what drugs are put into your system. Your body. Your choice.

So you understand what “irony” means? Because here’s your “groupthink” in dazzling lights:
While the numbers might still seem small compared to the peak of the pandemic this past winter, coronavirus cases are increasing once again

The number of new infections Thursday was 12,809, up 15% from June 20, according to data compiled by The New York Times

Twenty-four states and the District of Columbia have seen increases over the past two weeks — 19 states are up 23% or more

Health officials say the increases are largely a combination of two factors: the spreading delta variant and low vaccination rates in some states.–covid-19-cases-on-the-rise-again-in-the-u-s-

I’ll add that we’re now learning that tonight hospitals in Springfield, MO are now full. Medical authorities are openly calling this a crisis and demanding immediate assistance from the state.
Groupthink, indeed.


Gerald V Marmuscak: All I can say is oh My God! Absolutely no sense in anyone attempting to put you’re skewed Fox parroted tirade back on the rails of reality. The fact that you wrote what you did clearly indicates you’re mind is being controlled by the alternative universe of Republican insanity and there’s nothing anyone can say or do to remedy your train wreck of skewed reality.

You should also reconsider your love and devotion to trump, inevitably he will go down in history as the brown stain on the underwear of America.

Guy Varoma

The willful ignorance from Republicans is absolutely hilarious ….They can try to rewrite the history of the pandemic and Trump’s response but it won’t work…All Trump did was give it a name “Warp Speed” …Any president could have done that ….Do they think any other president wouldn’t have taken the steps to get the vaccine out as fast and responsible as it could. Of course they would. ..oh and it’s most republicans states that are lagging on covid shots….If Trump was any kind of man he would talk to his cult members and tell them to get the shot !


Whose body is it? if it is yours then you are free to gamble with it by making a vaccine decision that you think the odds favor. If it is the state’s body to which you have been granted limited control over then the state saves you the trouble of evaluating the vaccine decision odds.


Wake up Fred.: “Who’s body is it?” It’s the body of the of the child that ends up on ventilator with a possibility of death. It’s the body of everyone who is exposed to a variant that may be more lethal than what is already out there. It’s the bodies of all the health care workers who’s exposure is so great. What about the extreme mental and physical stress these workers must endure because of the hell they’re living when taking care of and watching Covid patients die.

Look beyond your nose man, it’s about so much more than these people gambling with their own lives by refusing to get vaccinated. When they make a choice to refuse the vaccine they’re also making a choice that inevitably kills other people. I believe that to be criminal.


You could make the same argument with respect to the permitted use of alcohol and pot. The question is what rights the state makes available to the individual.

Bill Nechamen

Spurious comparison. There are laws against drinking and driving. There are laws against driving while stoned. Drinking and pot themselves do not impact anyone other than those imbibing unless you get behind the wheel or get violent (a small percentage of people who drink are prone to violence). The vast majority of people people can have a drink or two, or smoke a joint do not hurt anybody. However remaining unvaccinated and also refusing to wear masks and socially distance, means that you have a chance of being infected and infecting others. Especially if you spend time in crowded places. Thankfully as a society, drinking and driving is no longer acceptable, though it still happens but to a much lower extent than a generation ago. Remaining unvaccinated and socializing should be similarly unacceptable.


Louis, totally agree. I wish they would just mandate the vaccine and be done with it. Why do we play nice with people willing to infect and kill others? Of course, there would be exemptions for special health cases, but that’s it. Part of the irony of red states not getting their citizens vaccinated is that those republicans leaders are so pro business, but are hurting them when people don’t want to travel to their state. Like me!

Count on it.
Anyone responsible for raising a child knows they have to be vaccinated to enter school, and college.
Anyone with a pet who wants them groomed or boarded, knows the pet needs certain vaccinations.
For cryin’ out loud, it’s not like we’re reinventing the wheel. It really puts the complainers’ cries into context. The world’s constantly changing, and now we have a new vaccination we need to get. Get it and get over it!


Fred, Whose body is it anyway if a female desires to terminate a pregnancy in the first trimester? How about FORCING females with a vaginal probe and ultrasound if they request an abortion? Yeah, whose body is it anyway?! And don’t come back with some lame response about killing babies because Covid 19 kills indiscriminately.


I agree with my friends who trashed Gerald’s lame letter. But since he tried blaming Biden for what the republicans are doing to slow the vaccination rate, let’s take another shot at Trump for his poor leadership regarding the opioid death rate on his watch:

“Drug overdose deaths rose by close to 30% in the United States in 2020, hitting the highest number ever recorded, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Wednesday.
More than 93,000 people died from drug overdoses in 2020, according to provisional data released by the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics. That’s a 29.4% increase from the 72,151 deaths projected for 2019.”

Trump was too busy running for and badly losing reelection to care.

Guy Varoma

By that thinking Freddy these diseases listed below would still be running rampant around the world today…All are required to enter school in the USA….I bet you believe in leaching still

Diphtheria and Tetanus toxoid-containing vaccine and Pertussis vaccine (DTaP or Tdap)
Hepatitis B vaccine.
Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccine (MMR)
Polio vaccine.
Varicella (Chickenpox) vaccine.


I bet you believe in leaching still

Put your money where your mouth is.

All that you have stated is that I am fundamentally correct. The government defines the permissible use of your body. That is why free sex is legal commercial is not!

What is being discussed is that people are unhappy with the choices some people are making with respect to how they chose to use their body.


FG held his rally here in Sarasota on July 3rd. His accolade DeathSantis had enough respect for the families and the on going search for remains to request him to not hold rally, and he did not attend. So a cartoon depicting FG and his lack of caring about anything or anyone and you are upset?

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