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Letters to the Editor Friday, July 16


Hospital merger will bring uncertainty

Comprehensive health care is important for our entire community including for those caring for the dying. The prolonged illness and painful death of loved ones is just so difficult. My personal experience with the deaths of family members — my father, my mother, my mother-in-law and brother-in-law — is why I take the rights of the dying to end their days with as much personal autonomy, peace and dignity as possible very seriously.
There is a merger being negotiated between our community hospital, Ellis Medicine, and Trinity Health. Trinity Health is a large hospital system based in Michigan that has policies that would restrict care. If Ellis Medicine leadership fails to negotiate away from onerous restrictions imposed by Trinity Health — before the agreement is finalized — we all may be severely limited in determining the end-of-life care that our loved ones receive at Ellis in the future.
Trinity’s approach to healthcare will impact doctors’ ability to treat patients in the areas of pain management and withdrawal of care, including feeding tubes, in the final stages of life.
It’s challenging to advocate for the dignity and comfort of a loved one in the hospital. It’s downright heart-wrenching to think of the additional uncertainty Trinity Health will add to that already difficult challenge. Join the SOS rally on Sunday, July 25, to learn about what we can do to ensure ALL care at Ellis Medicine is based on science, compassion and best practices. Learn more at
Katherine Wolfram

Can road be lowered under train bridge?

I know raising the height of the train tracks on the Glenridge Road bridge is not an option.
What would it take, and is it possible to lower the road underneath the tracks?
James Calkins
Ballston Spa

GOP offers nothing but lies, resistance

Last November, Americans elected Joe Biden president and saved our country from four more years of the most destructive presidency in our country’s history.
Since then, Democrats have attempted to return governance to our country.
They have introduced bipartisan bills providing covid relief, improved gun safety laws, preserving voters rights, funding infrastructure improvement and a bipartisan commission to investigate the Jan. 6 insurrection.
Can you think of any Republican proposals? Nope.
The battle to save our democracy is far from over. The GOP has refused to back or introduce any legislation. According to the GOP, covid vaccines are a government scam.
Instead, they have continued to back the fantasy that the election was stolen. They have gone down this path because it has given them an excuse to introduce Jim Crow style election laws in 47 states and they have learned that their constituency generously donates money to those who spout these fantasy election claims.
They have adopted the grifter mentality of their cult leader.
It is impossible to reason with the GOP. They use their demand for bipartisan agreement as a stalling tactic. We must eliminate the filibuster, vote the GOP politicians who continue to promote the Big Lie out of office, fight to preserve our right to vote and make sure we never elect a president who would use the military wing of his party to attack our Capitol Police and our Capitol building. It is our only way to save our democracy.
Robert Karandy
Burnt Hills

Biden proves old opportunity adage

I remember when we were in school, our teachers used to tell us that “in America anyone can grow up and become president.“
A perfect example of anyone would be our current president, Joe Biden.
Robert Mangino



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James Calkins, they have already determined that Glenridge Rd. cannot be lowered because of the high water table. Instead of all this wasted effort and head scratching by government officials, the most cost effective and logical answer is to not allow commercial traffic on the road. It’s a residential area and they can divert commercial traffic via Freeman’s Bridge Rd. to and from Schenectady.


Robert Karandy, you’re right. The Dems are wasting time trying to play nice with the GOP who have no intention of reciprocating. Regardless of whatever the Dems can get accomplished, the GOP will try to take credit for it in their home districts. That’s their vision of bipartisanship.


Ray the state Democrats are on board with the notion that justice requires that the innocent pay for the crimes of the criminals. This assertion is backed by their behavior towards the Boy Scouts and practicing Catholics. Does this remind you how the Nazis Germans treated the Jews in the early 1930s?

-Mom regrets not getting her 13-year-old vaccinated as delta variant surges-
“I just want people to get their kids their shots. Everybody just needs to get the shot. It’s a much better route than the one we’re in.”

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — We’ve been talking about how the Delta variant is more transmissible and how it’s hitting the unvaccinated harder. Now, it’s happening to some of our youngest here in Arkansas.
Angela Morris’ daughter, Caia Morris Cooper, is fighting for her life at Arkansas Children’s Hospital.
She said the hardest part about watching her child suffer is that the entire thing was preventable.
“It’s very hard to see her in this situation. It’s very hard not knowing if she’s really going to come home anymore or not,” Morris said. “It’s heartbreaking. I wish I would’ve made better choices for her.”
She has spent the last 12 days inside Arkansas Children’s Hospital watching her 13-year-old breathe with the help of a ventilator.
Morris said it started with only flu-like symptoms.
“I really thought that since she stayed home a lot and when I went out, I always wore my mask. I really thought that she was going to be protected,” she said.
Morris said that she decided against vaccinations for both herself and Caia due to misinformation .
“I just had a false sense of security that it was just like the flu and it wasn’t that serious. Obviously it is that serious and it was that serious. Now, I can see,” she said.


The very folks who need to know about the Delta Variant, the seriousness of what happened 1/6/21, voter restrictions , what’s taught in schools and on and on usually only watch or read RW sources if any at all.
Then they make a confession like Ms Morris. They see none of the nightly news, newspapers some social media that only report the news. Have to feel sorry for her daughter that her mother had not sought out truthful information.
But hey our Florida governor (Ivy league educated and military veteran that he is) is raising campaign money off ant-vac hats, tee shirts and cups, making fun of Dr Fauchi. Haven’t seen the flags yet, have to go boating this weekend to watch for them.

I have (had) two octogenarian aunts down there, FL. I say “had” because one’s escaped back up here. Both have been scared outta their wits (but fully vaxxed) by what’s happening there. Here’s one for you:
US Covid Response Coordinator: One in Five New Infections Occurring in Florida
By Aidan McLaughlinJul 16th, 2021, 1:20 pm

White House COVID-19 coordinator Jeff Zients said Friday that one in five new infections in the United States are in Florida alone. Speaking during a White House briefing, Zients noted the U.S. has “come a long way in our fight against this virus” thanks to the vaccination of more than 160 million Americans.
Now, Zients said, Covid-19 is a virus that “threatens predominantly unvaccinated people.” He warned of an increase in cases in the coming weeks, “concentrated in communities with lower vaccination rates”, as the Delta variant spreads through the United States.
Zients said the cases are acutely concentrated in several states with low vaccination rates. “Just four states accounted for more than 40% of all cases in the past week, with one in five of all cases occurring in Florida alone,” he said.

I feel badly for the daughter, but have no sympathy for Ms. Morris. She thought “…it was just like the flu and wasn’t that serious”. That’s only possible if she lived under a rock – 600,000+ dead in the US and 4M+ worldwide – common knowledge. She knowingly ignored the seriousness of the virus.

–‘He thought the vaccine was poison’- Woman pushes vaccines after brother’s death–

Adler and her four brothers grew up in Kenner. Just over a month ago, they had to say goodbye to one of those brothers, Alan Scott Lanoix.
Lanoix moved his family to Katy, TX after (hurricane) Katrina and was working at a manufacturing firm. Adler said the last time she spoke with him was in May. He called to tell her happy birthday. He also told her he was exposed to COVID-19 at work.
“I kept telling him ‘you’ll have immunity now and everything will be okay.’ He told me that no matter what happens with his life, he was happy with his life and loved his family,” Adler said.
Lanoix tested positive and spent 17 days in the hospital with several on a ventilator. His wife and sons all tested positive too. They survived, but Lanoix died June 9 at 54 years old.
“They did a video chat and let me at least say goodbye to him,” Adler said.
Adler said she too was hesitant to get the COVID-19 vaccine but ultimately decided to get the shot in March.
“I was scared to get it myself, but you have to worry about what the consequences are,” she said.
Her brother did not make the same choice.
“He thought the vaccine was poison and he was afraid of getting it and there’s a lot of people that have that same feeling,” Adler said.
Now, she focuses on her fond memories and her brother’s wonderful life.
“He was a great person and I urge anybody if they are on the fence about getting the vaccine, do it in my brother’s memory,” she said.

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