‘Hudson Falls’ series screening set for Strand Theatre

Jessica Hecht and Richard Kind in a scene from "Hudson Falls." (photo provided)

Jessica Hecht and Richard Kind in a scene from "Hudson Falls." (photo provided)

HUDSON FALLS – While working on his latest series last year, filmmaker Elias Plagianos just thought the name “Hudson Falls” sounded fitting.

He didn’t realize just a few hours away from where he was filming in Hudson Valley there was a village that shared the same name.

“. . . I just thought the name Hudson Falls sounded neat,” Plagianos said.

On Tuesday, he’s bringing “Hudson Falls” to Hudson Falls, with a screening of the first episode at the historic Strand Theatre.

The series follows a detective who travels to upstate New York to rekindle a relationship with his ex-wife but gets involved in a murder investigation. It features actors like Richard Kind, Jessica Hecht, Tara Westwood, William Sadler and Robert John Burke.

“This was filmed last year in July, the first week that New York State was allowed to begin production. So in April, I started to begin a script and I wanted to make sure it was a script that we could shoot during the unusual circumstances so everything had to be scenes that were one on one.

Mostly scenes that were shot outside or in large spaces with good ventilation and I’d always wanted to do a TV show that was like one of those ‘70s detective shows and that’s sort of how ‘Hudson Falls’ came about,” Plagianos said.

Even to start the filming process there were challenges in getting the COVID-19 test results back quickly enough to have actors and crew members on set. However, everyone involved just couldn’t wait to get back to work, said Westwood, who is also a co-producer of the series.

“They were so hungry to get back to work. I know that the actors were so thrilled to be practicing their craft again. Richard Kind, Jessica Hecht and [Robert] Burke . . . those three, in particular, I saw them together in a room and they were just elated to be seeing people and to be working again so it was a really special time,” Westwood said.

Plagianos and the rest of his team have yet to film the rest of the six-episode series. Instead, they’re focused on screening the first episode at various theaters and in festivals. So far it has been chosen as an award finalist at SeriesFest and has been named an “Official Selection” of the LA Shorts International Film Festival.

“We’re doing something that’s fairly new, which is usually these TV shows are made in the network development system and now there’s a lot of us who come from the independent film world and we sort of want to apply that mindset to serialized programming, where we could create a show that is exactly our voice and we could use who we want to use and shoot it in the way we want to shoot it and tell the stories we want to tell. Then sell the show. That’s a fairly new thing that’s been going on now for about two or three years,” Plagianos said.

The screening, which will also be a fundraiser for the Strand Theatre, includes a panel discussion with the show’s creators and actors.

“If there’s anyone out there who wants to learn about how to make films or make shows, we’ll be there to answer questions . . . and we hope that we can inspire others to go out there and shoot their own show,” Plagianos said.

The event starts at 6:30 p.m. with a wine and cheese reception. Tickets are $25. For more information visit mystrandtheatre.org. “Hudson Falls” will be available on Amazon Prime at a later date.

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