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Letters to the Editor and Emmons’ cartoon for Sunday, July 18

Emmons Cartoon for Weekend of Sunday 7-18-2021

Cubans stage revolt against socialism

Where is Bernie Sanders, AOC and ‘The Squad?’ Their fellow socialists in Cuba are in revolt — not against the evils of capitalism, but the failure of socialism.
And what do we have here? Silence from America’s left.
Over last weekend, demonstrations broke out in 30 towns and cities across Cuba. Some protesters waved American flags.
That’s serious stuff in a communist society, and the authorities predictably called out their thugs.
This is not good news for the Biden administration. They’re trying to blame covid for the protests. That’s really lame.
The people in the streets are shouting for freedom. After 60 odd years of repression, they’ve had enough.
The Cubans are giving us a window into the workings of socialism, just as Bernie is working overtime to introduce socialism here.
Please think this through: Are we going to see a new wave of asylum seekers from Cuba? Or from Haiti — a failed state just a boat ride away.
The administration has done nothing to stop the flow of migrants across our southern border. Are we now about to see another migrant wave?
Think this through, too. Bernie and the far-left want to make America more like Cuba. But a lot of Cubans apparently want to be more like Americans.
How does Bernie square that? How will the Biden/Harris team respond? My guess: They’ll blame Trump.
Domenico Dicaprio

Get the big money out of our elections

To those who oppose campaign finance reform, let’s say that a small group of wealthy, Wiccan, socialist abortion providers move to town.
They buy more and more of the local property and become major investors in local businesses.
It gets to the point that one is unable to purchase any goods or services without, in some way, sending money in the direction of these wealthy, Wiccan, socialist abortion providers.
Local, legal limitations to their acquisitions and consolidation of assets keep getting relaxed or worked around you think to yourself and wonder aloud to friends and neighbors, “How are they able to get so much power, control so much of our town’s resources?”
Then, the stories come in about these folks taking the city council and mayor out for dinners, giving money to their campaigns, using their acquired influence to assist local leaders on pet projects and exchanging information about investments that will help everyone.
You can still go to the offices and meetings of your local officials and state your opinion, but you mostly talk to half interested staff.
Your frustration grows until you scream, “How can I be heard if the context, content and conversation is dominated by the access given to these wealthy, Wiccan, socialist abortion providers?”
When money and free speech are equated, three things happen: legalized bribery, the speech of wealthy interests is amplified over the rest of us, and time is spent fundraising instead of listening to and educating voters on the complex issues facing them.
James Cimino


No-shows have cost to doctors, patients

In his July 11 letter (“Doctors should not charge no-show fees”) Bruce Smith wants the Legislature “to keep doctors from charging a no-show fee.”
If such a law was passed, I would then discharge such a patient. Would he prefer that? The patient would not.
A no-show wastes my time and has prevented another patient from an earlier appointment.
I have a number of such charges which are seldom needed.
I charge for a bounced check and the bank charges me for such, even though it’s the patient’s fault. A fee charge discourages unwanted behaviors.
Therefore, I seldom charge a fee.
Jack L. Underwood, M.D.


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Domenico: Your comments suggest that either you were absent that day when the social studies teacher discussed what is socialism, or you were sleeping through that lesson, or you do actually know what is socialism but pretend not to. So as a lesson refresher – a socialist government and society is where the government owns and operates everything – factories, mines, utilities, retail and grocery stores, gas stations etc. Don’t know about where you live, but here in the USA, the government doesn’t own and operate any of that. And nor do any of those who you stated publically advocate for any of that. Democratic socialism is where the government operates Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, unemployment insurance etc. If you are against all of that, maybe you should inform our government that you do not wish to participate in those programs.


Ron perhaps you should make your comment a separate point rather than trying to connect it to a comment whose content you railed to address.

Fred: I do not see where my comment tried to rail against to connect to anything, much less to anything other than my point – that is that Cuba (plus Venezuela, the former Soviet Union and others) is a socialist country where the government owns and operates everything. Not sure that you understand what is a “socialist” type of government. That is not what those in Congress publically state what they desire our government and society to be for Americans. Maybe you need to re-learn what you were taught in social studies class. Or, you really do know what all that is but pretend to not know.

Thanks Ron P,
It’s very frustrating to have so many be so loud and confident, and at the same time be so mistaken. And it always seems to just come down to mental laziness.
And then there are the “influencers” and grifters and politicians who know how to push the right fear buttons to keep the revenue coming in from them.
So confident, and so wrong.


Two headlines today:

“As the Delta variant tears through this city, (Springfield, Mo.) residence remain wary of the vaccine”

“In fire-ravaged Oregon, locals are still skeptical of climate change.”


I’m so damn sick and tired of Republicans talking about their “rights.”

What about my right to be to be within a close proximity of another human being without risking my life, but I can’t simply because conspiracy believing morons will not get a vaccine to eradicate this virus.

What about my and my grand children’s right to live on a planet without having to be concerned about exponential growth of climate catastrophes, but can’t because morons deny human activity is pushing climate disasters to the point of biblical proportion.

What about my right to be able to go to a ball game, super market, school, or just walk down the street without having to worry about being shot because some Wyatt Earp wanna-be moron wants to play O.K. Corral games.


What rights should be accorded to those who call that they disagree with morons? Those that behave like spoiled children should be given effective adult supervision.


What rights should be accorded to those who call the people that they disagree with morons? Those that behave like spoiled children should be given effective adult supervision.

Second try

William Marincic

Let’s follow the science, children can rarely get the virus and if they do they are not very sick and can barely pass it on, that’s the science. Why is Dr. Fauci still pushing masks on children over the age of three when the science says different. It’s follow the science when you’re trying to push something down someone’s throat but now that the Democrats are in power it’s not follow the science anymore.

Joseph Vendetti


I Wish opting out of paying into unemployment, medicaid, Medicare, SS, food-stamps was an option as I am sure 125,000,000 or so working Americans that don’t take advantage of those programs and based on how the feds rob SS we may never get to tap into a system we have funded.

The problem with our system is you have 125,000,000 or so working americans supporting another 65-70,000,000 Americans thru a broken system that is ripe with fraud and inefficient checks and balances.

Statistically- there would or should be 2-5% of the US population that can’t take care of itself – but lets just say 10% (33,340,000) US citizens need subsidies for food, home, heat, transportation, medical, etc etc. We have over double (around 75,000,000) in the US collecting from the system.

When do you think the breaking point is? When all the worker bees are just so sick of giving into programs they will never utilize compared to ppl that have.

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