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Letters to the Editor Monday, July 19


Battle of the vote a sign of U.S. decline

That brilliant but impoverished song writer, Irving Berlin, would be so disappointed in our country as it is now.
He came over as a child in a poor family and all his life was so impressed with the goodness and hope of America.
He donated much of his money to charities that benefited children, the poor and the aged.
What would he think about our present government?
Now we have the battle of the vote. Yes, everyone should vote if they are entitled to. But not if they are deceased, undocumented or voting numerous times.
The elected Texas contingent has hired private planes necessary to escape a vote that would allow legitimate voting and would probably vote most of them out. Not only are they paid for not doing their job, but are also given $200 per diem. What a disgraceful lot.
Geraldine Krawitz
Saratoga Springs

Dems supporting a return to fascism

Concerning a political cartoon in the July 13 Gazette depicting President Trump saying he did some good things while next to Hitler.
I can only quote FDR and one of his advisers. FDR called Mussolini an “Admirable Italian Gentleman.” FDR’s man to run the NRA, Gen. Hugh Johnson, was an avowed admirer of fascism who carried with him, and routinely quoted from, a fascist propaganda pamphlet, “The Structure of the Corporate State,” written by one of Mussolini’s aides.
Under Gen. Johnson, the NRA issued its own brochure, “Capitalism and Labor Under Fascism.”
It acknowledged that “the fascist principles are very similar to those which have been evolving in America.”
A resurgence of what Gen. Johnson was proposing is now reawakened in the Democrat Party of today.
Proof is that recently Mad Maxine Waters stated during a congressional hearing that she would have no problem with the government takeover of the U.S. energy industries. Fascism defined.
Michael Sheedy


Happy Freedman columns are back

It was a pleasure to read Geraldine Freedman’s July 15 review („NYC Ballet’s ‘Short Stories’ delights in SPAC return”) of the performance at SPAC in The Gazette. We have always enjoyed her timely, succinct, and insightful reviews, especially of classical music concerts, and missed them during the pandemic.
Welcome back, Geraldine. Keep up the good work.
Zlata and Forman Phillips
Ballston Spa


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Covid-19 cases are now rising in all 50 states, thanks to the unvaccinated (primarily republicans). I read a letter to the editor in the NYT which I totally agree with: “It is time to move to more forceful means: requiring vaccines to go back to school, to work, to enter stores, to travel. I don’t care about your “beliefs”; this is a public health crisis, and the willingly unvaccinated are a menace to others. You can be sure if we were at war we would not be allowing people to choose whether or not be drafted.” In Arkansas, the hospitals are totally filled with Covid cases. Other neighboring red states are seeing a large uptick of cases while they have the lowest vaccination rates in the country. Over 99% of the hospitalizations and deaths are the unvaccinated. Fox and other right wing media are doing a disservice with their lies and misinformation about the virus and the vaccines to these republican voters who, ironically, they cannot afford to lose with the party losing members.

Mr. Harris according to reuters which you love to quote. Look at the states and the numbers, democrat states are significantly higher than republican states. for instance Colorado has a 59% increase to Nebraskas 52%, New Mexico has a 64% increase compared to Arkansas 44%. You might want to use facts, I’m surprised Mark Mahoney isn’t deleting your comment for being totally false…..


There is a simple solution to the unvaccinated problem: Medical treatment for unvaccinated Convid-19 cases is at full cost. Ray’s comments about Republicans and Fox News may have some merit but since I do not watch Fox or concern myself with with anything other than the merits of ideas I cannot say yah or nah about his contentions.


Fred – Since you say you don’t listen to Fox, here’s a recent summary of what they are doing and saying: Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham and guests on their Fox programs have said on the air that the vaccines could be dangerous; that people are justified in refusing them; and that public authorities have overstepped in their attempts to deliver them.

Mr. Carlson and Ms. Ingraham last week criticized a plan by the Biden administration to increase vaccinations by having health care workers and volunteers go door to door to try to persuade the reluctant to get shots.

“Going door-to-door?” Ms. Ingraham said. “This is creepy stuff.”

Mr. Carlson, the highest-rated Fox News host, with an average of 2.9 million viewers, said the Biden plan was an attempt to “force people to take medicine they don’t want or NEED.” He called the initiative “the greatest scandal in my lifetime, by far.”

Mr. Carlson’s guest on that episode, the veteran Fox News political analyst Brit Hume, pushed back slightly, saying, “What they’re trying to do is make it as easy as possible for people to get the vaccine and, for people who are hesitant, to perhaps encourage them that they have nothing to fear.” Mr. Hume was quick to add that “vaccines do have side effects” and said those who are hesitant “should be respected.”

Opposition to vaccines was once relegated to the fringes of American politics, and the rhetoric on Fox News has coincided with efforts by right-wing extremists to bash vaccination efforts.

Served up to an audience that is more likely than the general population to be wary of Covid vaccines, the remarks by Mr. Carlson and Ms. Ingraham echoed a now-common conservative talking point — that the government-led effort to raise vaccination rates amounted to a violation of civil liberties and a waste of taxpayer dollars.


“That brilliant but impoverished song writer, Irving Berlin, would be so disappointed in our country as it is now.” – Yes, because there are people of your mindset living and voting in our country Ms. Krawitz.

“He came over as a child in a poor family and all his life was so impressed with the goodness and hope of America.” – Therefore if he were alive today he would be writing sad songs about America’s current immigration policies because he and his family very easily entered America via Ellis Island in 1893. Back then America offered “goodness and hope” but now because of people like you Ms. Krawitz that “goodness and hope” is all but lost.

“He donated much of his money to charities that benefited children, the poor and the aged. What would he think about our present government?” – He would be crying because of people like you Ms Krawitz, that are completely indifferent to the plight of children at the border. He would be crying because of people like you Ms Krawitz, that are adamantly against government subsidized programs that help the “poor and aged.”

“Now we have the battle of the vote. Yes, everyone should vote if they are entitled to. But not if they are deceased, undocumented or voting numerous times.” – To that, Ms. Krawitz, I say you are delusional and out of touch with reality.

“What a disgraceful lot.” Yes, Geraldine Krawitz, you and your alt-right minded, brain washed clan are exactly that, “a disgraceful lot.”


Lou call people names is acceptable to small children who are poorly raised. You might try improving the community by putting your ideas forward. This action would help show that Democrats have something useful to offer the country.

You know you’re losing the argument when you have to pull out an obscure quote from 90 years ago to try and justify a comment your savior said 3 years ago, praising HITLER(!!) of all people. I will condemn the ghost of FDR for praising Mussolini a century ago. But do you have the guts to condemn Donald Trump for his comments? I doubt it.


Your comments would be taken more seriously if you broken with there is no crisis at the Southern border Biden.

Anytime someone can present evidence for all the “voter fraud”, I’m sure all Americans, including Democrats, will want to join in and help secure our elections.

But most Americans can clearly see that only the Republicans are fixated on a problem that doesn’t exist, while quietly admitting that the more Americans that vote, the less the Republicans’ chances of victory. Most Americans can see this as another ham-handed way for Republicans to again game the system.

The numbers don’t lie and aren’t easily disputed: Americans are losing their collective interest in what the Republicans are trying to sell. Why can’t Republicans steer away from the abyss?


It would be helpful if local Democrats showed on interest in the quality of education our children are getting. They are interested in the right to vote but not the right to know how effective local schools are!

–Why it’s (almost) impossible to argue with the right–

By Sophia A. McClennen
Published July 18, 2021 7:00AM (EDT)

“…Kendi brilliantly lays bare that which many of us have been ensnared in for ages — that pundits and politicians create their own version of many progressive, liberal and leftist views, and then they fight with their version. There is no real debate and certainly no dialogue, because the entire game is to offer up a distorted version of a position, then freak out about it.

Once the pattern is recognized it can be seen everywhere. Kendi refers to the way it has been used with Black Lives Matter, the New York Times’ 1619 Project, cancel culture, and critical race theory, but we can see the same play made with almost all progressive political positions. Professors are trying to brainwash students to become socialists, feminists think all men are rapists, abortion rights defenders don’t care about life, the gay community doesn’t respect marriage, and so on. We can even see it in claims that young people are snowflake whiners.

They distort from the start and then take up all of your bandwidth in fighting their distortion. They don’t just set the terms; they singlehandedly define them — for both sides.

It isn’t just that the right argues with itself. It is also that they do it really loudly.


“If we are to have another contest in the near future of our national existence, I predict that the dividing line will not be Mason and Dixon’s but between patriotism and intelligence on the one side, and superstition, ambition and ignorance on the other.” ~

Ulysses S. grant


It’s only one day, but thanks republicans for the latest impact of your negligence today:

Investors are getting spooked by the rising numbers of Covid-19 cases as the Delta variant spreads across the globe.
The Dow fell about 725 points Monday, a drop of 2.1%. The S&P 500 ended the day down 1.6% and the Nasdaq was 1.1% lower.
This was the worst day for the Dow since a 943-point drop in late October, and it was the biggest decline this year.
Investors feared that the Delta coronavirus variant could threaten the US economic recovery. Shares of companies in sectors that were widely thought to benefit most from the reopening of the economy were hit the hardest.


First I bet no or little mention of this on FN.
If it is, Biden’s fault for suggesting door to door outreach and this scared the RWers who didn’t shop or eat out today. Thus spooking investors in these business.

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