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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, July 20


GOP waging a war against democracy

Have you wondered why the White American Supremacist Party (WASP), formerly the Republican Party, is so desperate to prevent people of color from voting that states where the legislatures with WASP majorities have enacted voter suppression legislation laws and are gerrymandering voting districts?
The answer: FEAR.
Specifically, fear of 2044 when, according to Bureau of Census predictions, the majority of the U.S. population will be comprised of people of color, with Latinos making up 25%, African Americans 12.7%, and Asian Americans 7.9%.
Four percent will be identified as multicultural.
No wonder Mitch McConnell is scared.
Even now, nonwhites constitute the majority in California, Texas, Hawaii and New Mexico.  And they make up more than 40% in eight other states (including this one) and are growing as White populations dwindle.
So, the WASP, the Jan. 6 insurrection having failed, has declared war on democracy.
If all American citizens actually practice their constitutional right to vote, the White minority will lose power.
Thus, we see the revival of Jim Crow and policies that threaten to erase a century and a half of progress in voter rights.
That’s why Lindsay Graham said on Fox News (the voice of White supremacy) after the 2020 election, “If the Republicans don’t challenge and change the U.S. election system, there will never be another Republican president elected again.”
And that’s why the “For the People Act” must be passed.
The 2022 and 2024 national elections will decide whether democracy is to survive in this country.
Richard W. Lewis, Jr.

Ellis leaders must defend priorities

When I delivered my first child at Bellevue, it was a joyous experience that changed the trajectory of my life.
Blessed with a safe delivery and a healthy baby, I was so moved by the warmth and professionalism of the nurses that I changed my college major and became a nurse.
All women should share my experience and receive excellent medical care based on science, best practices and trust between doctor and patient.
The merger between Ellis Medicine and Trinity Health threatens Bellevue traditions and we need to get a strong message to Ellis leadership about preserving our priorities.
You may wonder how the proposed merger would impact future patients at Bellevue.
For example, with an ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage crisis, Trinity Health has policies that take decisions out of the hands of doctors.
Tubal ligation is not an uncommon choice after Cesarean birth, as it is the safest time for such a procedure.
I elected to have a tubal ligation at Bellevue after my third child, but tubal ligations are prohibited by Trinity Health policies.
Information about contraception and other family planning decisions are also restricted, and abortion and vasectomies are prohibited.
I had the benefit of comprehensive reproductive care and accurate information.
We should demand no less for all women after this proposed merger.
Join the SOS: Save our Services rally on July 25 and tell Ellis Medicine leadership to negotiate harder for our health.
We deserve better. Learn more at
Lois Mills



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Joseph Vendetti

Mr Lewis:

Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham will be pushing up daisies by 2044.

If you look at any poll – Gallup, Siena, Marist, CNN, WSJ – the majority of voters want a voter ID (picture, fingerprints, eyescans).

I prefer voting in person but understand the need for mail in ballots – but as a republic we need to validate that every vote is authentic (person is a legal US citizen, they live in that particular voting district, etc). In todays day and age where we have 3D printers that can replicate a handgun, we wouldn’t want a foreign government like Russia or China to mass replicate millions of votes would we? Just like hackers steal millions of CC#’s.

There is one version of the story that a party is trying to be racist, there is another version that a party is just trying to get as many non-citizens to cast ballots.

The truth is somewhere in the middle that we do need to restore “integrity” to a voting system because there are millions of Americans that believe something was fishy.

Extending the length of time for mail in ballots, not requiring voter ID is one extreme, Lessening voter drop boxes & changing who certifies ballots is another extreme. There has to be common ground and that common ground is found in each State, not by the Federal Government over reaching into any particular State.

The only reason that “millions of Americans believe something was fishy” is because right-wing media has been pushing that narrative to protect the frail ego of Donald Trump instead of telling the American people the truth. Every official in charge of voting, in both Republican and Democrat-controlled states, has said this was the most secure election ever. 60 court challenges by Donald Trump, multiple recounts in multiple states, and everything else the Republicans threw out to try and overturn the election, came up with nothing. Let’s stop pretending that there’s voter fraud, when there has been absolutely no evidence, other than a handful of cases (including by Trump supporters). Let’s stop making it harder for people to vote in a country that has abysmal voter turnout amongst developed countries. Let’s stop pretending that undocumented immigrants who live in the shadows are going to somehow show up to illegally vote, when we have a hard time turning out LEGAL voters. Let’s stop pretending that not requiring voter ID means ANYONE can register to vote (it just means you don’t need an ID to vote in person, but you need a license or SS# to register, and your signature needs to match when voting in person). Stop falling for the narrative that Republicans have set out to scare people and look at the actual statistics and data. There is no voter fraud, and in a country that (supposedly) prides itself on its democracy, we should be doing all we can to remove barriers that prevent citizens from exercising that right.

Seriously Joe? Seriously?
Aren’t you not smarter than this?

Here’s the complete statement of truth that you twisted for your own benefit:

…there are millions of Americans that believe something was fishy, in spite of over 50 challenging lawsuits being dismissed by state and federal courts and by both Democratic and Republican judges. In spite of the reality that there was apparently NONE or NEGLIGIBLE vote fraud.

I’m really sorry for you and all the others who believe the Trumper Republicans crying “Wolf!” (remember that story?), but what part of over 50 lawsuits dismissed by state and federal courts with both Republican and Democratic judges do you have a problem with? Seriously, you’re in denial! That’s reality.

I’ve said before, I might support this voter ID idea but it comes from the same group desperately flailing around, wasting time and resources in our court and elections systems, not able to come to terms with their loss. The same group willing to, apparently, go to any length to deny that loss and attempt to legislate elections to their favor and clearly condoning their “base” doing the dirty work of actual insurrection. Democrats do not behave that way.

More complicated than you’re willing to see, for sure.
Do a search on the umbrella man.
Do a search on Noah Latham.
Find out the whole story before running your mouth about it.


What is frustrating and incomprehensible is that no matter how often these FACTS are stated, the people in favor of authoritarian government, and particularly those whose chosen leader is Donald Trump, refuse to consider them and respond to them. Richard Lewis is absolutely right in his new interpretation of WASP as an acronym for the majority of Republicans today.


But what facts? CNN Facts? FOX Facts? Facts coming out of the mouths of professional liars, IE any congressperson? Presidents, yes even including Trump, in case you thought I was a supporter (I am not) lying their a&&es off at every turn? The only actual fact I can see is that this country is in serious, serious trouble. We can thank our government, and their other two arms, the main stream media and public school/college system for this, and a special note of thanks to the career congresspersons all of whom are sleazebags of the highest order….why is Schumer coming to mind? Oh! And McConnell…I could go on but why bother. It will never change.

Joseph Vendetti


We as a country are doing better – 158.8 million people voted in 2020 election which was up from 137.5 million in 2016. There are some 224 million eligible voters I believe so that would be around 70% voted.

That would put us ahead of Germany, UK, France, Spain & Canada but behind the likes of Belgium, NZ, South Korea, and Sweeden.

I would need to check but I think some of those developed countries it is mandatory to vote. If you don’t you risk certain penalties like loss of benefits, tax penalties etc.

So I think we are doing better and continue to improve.

The fact that you said we “are doing better” indicates to me that you agree with the premise that more people voting, and higher turnout is a good thing. Well one of the main reasons there was higher turnout in 2020, was due to the pandemic and the fact that we gave people many alternative ways to vote. From mail-in ballots, to early in-person voting, expanding opportunities for people to vote leads to higher voter participation. So if that’s the case, and we were able to expand voting opportunities, increase turnout, AND have “the most secure election ever” (Trump’s Homeland Security’s words, not mine), then why wouldn’t we continue that trend and not revert backwards like these Republican state bills being passed now are attempting to do?

Guy Varoma

you are confusing these Trump voters with facts ….Republicans have always counted on low turnout ….That’s why they are making it more harder to vote…Closing polling places by the multitude…People should not have to wait 6 hours in line to vote

Indeed, why not?
And who’s opposed to enabling voters?
And who’s outright lying about wanting to ‘secure the elections’?


The Democrats have us spending bundles of money defending Como from government hearings. If he is not guilty of anything their is no reason for him to need state funded attorneys to protect himself from the government. In my view his collecting millions from a book that state volunteer workers helped him to write and giving them nothing stains the character of his party.

P.S. Has anyone asked if his book assistants did their work on state property and used state equipment?


Beware boring comment about the taxation of corporations.

You are a shareholder in Barney’s B&B (Burgers an Booze). After providing appropriate reserves dividends are a %100 of profits. The effect of a corporate tax hike is to reduce your income and the value of your shares in this fine business that now has a higher cost of doing business. Thus taxing corporations is a tax on individuals. It should be noted that the social and private cost of corporate income tax could be eliminated by collecting all taxes on individuals through the federal income tax!

I doubt that any of the Democrats will even try to argue against my contention that taxation of individuals is a lower cost way of collecting funds for federal programs


Fred are you aware that only 52% of Americans own stock? And ownership of those shares are concentrated in wealthier households. For example, 88% of shares are owned by households with an income over$100,000. Households earning under $35,000 own only 19% of the shares. Obviously, once again, lowering corporate taxes benefits the well to do far more than those struggling at the lower end of the income scale. I am not sure what the importance of your last sentence is. Do you mean it is easier for corporations to pay less than individuals because of loopholes available to them and not individuals? If so, this supports my view, If this is not what you mean, please expand on that point for my edification.


Anthony you have ignored the fact that cooperate taxation effects the value of both mutual funds and corporate raiment accounts. Any tax has administrative and compliance costs. In the case of the corporate income taxes these can be negated by switching to and adjusting the federal income tax rate. A lower cost of collecting funds for federal programs is a no brainer for those that value government transparency!

Joseph Vendetti


I never said I thought there was anything fishy. I do believe it was a fair and honest election and was satisfied with the outcome.

Challenging election results has been a common occurrence since 2000. Both parties employ zillions of attorneys and they are paid to question every single ballot – utter joke.

I do believe we need an ID to vote in person and a fingerprint to vote by mail. All the systems are in place – I have to have my fingerprints on file for pistol permit, in multiple states for my contractors license.

I also believe individuals on welfare should have to be drug tested (hard drugs cocaine, heroin, meth) and be finger printed. We drug test and it is a requirement for me holding my job to be drug tested so why not if you are drawing a pay check from Gov’t?

I don’t think you think there was anything fishy, yet you feel ‘integrity needs to be restored’ because so many do. That’s their problem and we have no responsibility to appease their irrational, artificial issues. They case is closed, the election has been settled and their issues answered. Election integrity is only an issue with a bunch of sore losers.

On the issue of drug testing, I’ve had to be screened several times, without argument, without issue. But if you think people who draw a paycheck from the government should be tested, then that needs to include politicians and law enforcement. I know LEO are screened (or so they say) but oddly their unions steadfastly block teating for what athletes know as PEDs, including steroids. Wonder why.

Joseph Vendetti

Chuck –

Of the 75 million that voted for Trump there are probably 30-35 million registered Independents that probably aren’t zealots and have some rational thoughts who with a Voter ID system in place, I believe they would trust the “system” and become better people. Its like watching your child grow from this 2 yr old tantrums, to doing things for themselves and then finally start caring about others around them. If some effort isn’t made, those individuals could be lost for good. Just like there will be younger ambitious democrats that will convert to conservatives & republicans when they start earning more and more money and want less taxes, etc.

Yes everyone is everyone drawing local, state & federal checks should be screened for hard (cocaine, Heroin, meth) – off topic US life expectancy dropped 1.5 years because of OD’s and COVID.

An optimistic, and interesting theory on those who question our elections. I can respect that. I would like to believe that too. I’m on the fence on the voter ID thing. It’s highly contradictory that so many of those against the dark government “tracking” their voting habits, are willing to leap into social media, not to mention just own a “smart” phone, or other “smart” devices. Larry Ellison was quoted back sometime in the early 00’s that people should just ‘get over’ their concerns for privacy. That’s now in the past. Creepy words coming from the CEO of the database vendor of choice for all our three-letter agencies.
But what I’ve seen over the past decade or so is there aren’t a group who distrust, there’s a group who are easily persuaded to distrust. And it’s those who would sow that distrust that we’ll never be rid of. Would voter ID bring them back? I’m not convinced it would.

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