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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, July 21


Anti-vaxxers are culling the herd

There have been many articles in the news recently about the COVID-19 “Delta” strain being much more contagious and deadly than previous strains that have recently killed more than a half million people in the United States.
In some areas of the country “Delta” has quickly become the dominant strain.
Doctors have repeatedly assured the public that existing vaccines provide strong protection against Delta and advised getting your free COVID-19 vaccination a priority.
Still the antivaxxers (some might say “deplorables”) resist.
The ultra-conservatives say: “You can’t make me get vaccinated.”
The religious radicals say: “God will protect me.”
The lazy and disorganized can’t find the time to stop at a CVS.
The ignorant and intellectually challenged don’t have a clue nor recognize life-and-death danger.
Unknowingly, the antivaxxers are practicing human eugenics.
That’s the politically sensitive and controversial practice (think blond haired, blue eyed, World War II) involving selective population breeding to obtain the most intelligent, most productive, healthiest, “best” (in someone’s opinion) citizens.
It’s similar to common agricultural eugenics practiced throughout the world for centuries, where we promote/breed the best crops and the healthiest, most productive herds.
So, by not getting vaccinated, antivaxxers are in effect practicing selective breeding of our population (simplistically, vaxxers live and antivaxxers die). The result will be a less radical and more intelligent (better) population.
My message to the antivaxxers: “BEWARE: The COVID-19 Delta strain is coming to get you! Thanks for improving the quality of the herd!”
James Powell

Seek transparency in hospital merger plan

Ellis Hospital has been an important institution in our community for a very long time, until recently providing much-needed services.
The lack of transparency about the planned merger with St. Peter’s Hospital, under the auspices of Trinity Health, and the lack of accountability about these cost-saving cuts is egregious.
I understand that the bottom line is important but having a fine patient-oriented hospital is more important. Save Our Services.
Janet Olin Altschuller

Will paper push as hard on Nisky search?

I see that the Niskayuna School superintendent is leaving.
I wonder if The Gazette will be as vigilant and forthright in pushing for a fully open search as it has in Schenectady.
I’m sure the residents of Niskayuna deserve the same amount of input and will demand to publicly evaluate each and every person who applies for the job.
I hope this standard, demanded by The Gazette for Schenectady, will be applied to every school district looking to fill leadership positions.
After all, do not the residents of Saratoga, Shenendehowa, Burnt Hills, Glenville, etc. deserve to fill out surveys, conduct focus groups, and review every resume submitted?
Now that the new standard has been set, will the Niskayuna school board even consider conducting a confidential search?
And if they do conduct a confidential search, then I hope The Gazette focuses all its righteousness in calling them cowardly as they labeled the Schenectady school board in selecting a new superintendent.
John Mishanec


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Zachary July 22, 2021
| |

According to the Gazette today Blacks are the least vaccinated people in NY and I would say the country, since more than 80% vote democrat tell me again who is killing people? DEMOCRATS!!!

Zachary July 21, 2021
| |

Typical Democrats like Ray Harris, Chuck D and Lou Restifo. Raymond Harris made the statement that it’s republicans and Republican states that are causing the problems with new covid cases. I showed him facts from the government website they show that more Democrats states are having problems with the rise in Covid then republican states but typical Mr. Harris refuse to respond. I don’t know how Mr. Mahoney can allow people to just come on here and make up stories and lie as if it’s the truth and this is happening over and over again.

RON P July 21, 2021
| |

In the end, if all the anti-vaxxers want to march to the tune played to them by their leaders to their death, why should anyone else prevent them from doing what is their “right” as defined by our Constitution. Why should the rest of us taxpayers fund the futile effort to “encourage” them to do something they do not believe in at our expense. And at the very end, the result could be the final end to the Party of Lincoln, as it fades away person by person, ending their reign as a political party in the same way Lincoln’s life was ended. In a terrible way. Via death.

ChuckD July 21, 2021
| |

Watching the Republican cry-babies respond to having two of McCarthy’s picks for the Select Committee rightfully rejected. Grown adults, with no sense of shame.

McCarthy had his chance to have unchallenged members on this committee weeks ago and passed.
And this is how they will win over the country?

RAYMOND HARRIS July 21, 2021
| |

GOP leaders are now realizing the downside of losing their voters to the virus. They are now re-messaging the problem by encouraging people to get the “Trump vaccine”. Got to give it to them; when they can take credit for things they had very little to do with or even voted against, they will. Hypocrisy is a primary characteristic of republicans.

Florida2015 July 21, 2021
| |

I go with your explanation about losing viewers and voters is right on for Fox, and law suits have a way of getting corporate attention.
MSNBC even had a REPUBLICAN state senator from Missouri on last night saying get the vaccine. Probably will get dissed by Tucker tonight. but good for him.
It does’t help the FDA is taking so long removing the emergency authorization.

Florida2015 July 21, 2021
| |

Zachery, First glad you are vacated. It gives me and mine a piece of some security, but a few cautions should be taken as this story demonstrates.
Your a little behind. It was six total. Was a charter flight so mask question is void. And it has been all over pretty much ANY legitimate news source, so not sure why you asked why no one heard about it? And I understand others have tested positive, you missed saying that.
We have a Republican congressman from here also vacated and has tested positive. No one is blaming him that I’m aware of and he said get the vaccine.
100’s of millions have been protected so what do you suggest? We stop vacating?
Lastly you said in earlier posts you are Independent? Just wondering why you spend so much time defending anything Republican? Which is it? Be honest.

LOUIS RESTIFO July 21, 2021
| |

James Powell: Thank you for your letter, you took the words right out of my mouth.

My, my, my, after conspiracy theories and skepticism dominating Fox, not the news and the Republican Party for months they are now crawling out of the woodwork urging the vaccine skeptics to get vaccinated. Perhaps they’re worried about losing too many voting constituents that are being lost to Covid. Regardless I’m ecstatic about them them finally waking up and realizing the importance of promoting getting the vaccine.

142unknown July 21, 2021
| |

James Powell – Anti-vaxxers are culling the herd

Love the letter!

RON P July 21, 2021
| |

James Powell: Something hit GOP leaders very hard. Practicing human eugenics made them realize that “selective breeding” caused by their anti-vaccine message is quickly dying off their base. Leaving to their horror vaccinated liberals. That, in combination with enacting anti-voting policies at the rate they are, will make it even harder for their dying base to vote too. And that will finish them off for good. Well-written letter James.

Zachary July 21, 2021
| |

Mr. Powell You insult Republicans by calling them deplorable‘s. You accuse Republicans of being the ones that are causing problems with the COVID-19 variant but I don’t hear anything about the five Democrats that potentially could’ve gotten the vice president sick and who got multiple White House staff sick with Covid, I hear crickets. Imagine if that was Republicans, it be nonstop news 24 hours a day seven days a week but again I only hear crickets. So let me ask you, how did they get sick? Did those people not get the vaccine which seems most likely or does the vaccine not work, it seems like an awful lot of people got sick in a small group, so either they didn’t get the vaccine or the vaccine doesn’t work the way the government is saying. I had the Moderna vaccine I’m happy that I got it so I am inclined to think that these Democrats never got the vaccine. You might want to answer these questions before you write a letter to the newspaper telling Republicans how guilty they are of killing people when it’s showing that the Democrats are the ones that are doing it. And one more thing before I forget, where were their masks on an airplane which is required by the FAA? Crickets!!!!!!!