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Letters to the Editor Friday, July 23


America must focus on the real enemy

So, let me get this straight. Republicans are against vaccines, masks, indoor crowd limits, lockdowns, vaccine passports, etc. I guess it’s pretty clear — they are pro-pandemic. All hail sickness, death, and disruption.
Seriously, with some common sense, cooperation, and a “we’re all in this together attitude,” we could end this nightmare. That’s what it means right now to be a true American patriot.
PLEASE. Let’s all (me included) stop the blame game and demonizing the other side (whomever they might be). Let’s go after the true enemy — that damn virus.
Mike Eisenberg

Strict laws needed for voice cloning

Your July 18 article (“Why the Anthony Bourdain voice cloning creeps people out”) on a documentary that used a cloned version of Anthony Bourdain’s voice raises several much more serious questions than simple permission from relatives.
The implications of this technology are horrifying.
What is there to prevent a sexual predator from setting up a rendezvous with a young girl using her fake Mom or Gramma’s voice?
What is there to prevent a political rival from faking the voice of his opponent to create complete chaos and mistrust?
We’ve already seen some of these schemes in use, yet now they could be elevated to a much more sophisticated and potentially devastating level.
Governments all across the globe could become vulnerable if a strenuous denial is not enough to stop the fear mongering.
The time to pass strict laws on the application and identification of voice cloning is now, not after a single innocent child becomes a victim or another Hitler uses it to promote his lust for power and personally racist agenda.
Virginia Newton
Burnt Hills

America needs to wake up, get facts

Nearly every day in this paper’s opinion section there are letters and opinion columns bashing conservatives, Republicans, President Trump and his supporters.
Another one on July 16 (“GOP offers nothing but lies, resistance”) by Robert Karandy, a frequent letter writer.
To Mr. Karandy and his ilk, you, actually all of us are being lied to by the Democrats and the mainstream news (Democrats’ propaganda arm).
I would love to go into all of the details, but my space here is limited. Let me just say do some research. Listen to the other side. Do you know about the Arizona election audit, the Georgia election irregularities and so many other states? In fact, in all 50 states. Do you know about the Cuban protests? Why is our government not backing them? We always backed Cuban’s freedom from Communist tyranny except the last two Democrat presidents.
Check out all the protests in other countries.
Get your heads out of the sand before it is too late. Before America as we knew it is just another country ruled by tyrannical authoritarians and oligarchs. Wake up!
John A. Gaetani



Tired of cartoonist’s racism and hatred

I have seen the almost daily “cartoons” by Gary Varvel that are universally unfunny slams against our current president.
On July 17, you printed a prime example of this man’s racist, hateful views.
I do not understand how your editors can think this obvious racism is appropriate for The Gazette.
Jane Capello
Saratoga Springs



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Fact check: Biden makes false claims about Covid-19, auto prices and other subjects at CNN town hall. When CNN is calling Biden a liar things are going downhill fast, he had 1.46 million viewers for his Townhall, that’s less than MSNBC. Not to mention did you listen to him he was given softball answers and he was all over the place he had no idea what he was talking about and if anybody thinks that this guy is running the country I’ve got some oceanfront property to sell you in Phoenix.


Don’t get too excited. A couple of gaffs, not intentional lies as Fred would say. Regardless, he’ll never catch Trump’s 30,000+ lies and counting as ex-president.

Gaffs? He was talking in circles, he lost all four trains of thought on every softball question handed to him. I listened to it, after he finished a question I looked at my son and said “what did he say”, my son shook his head and said that was like Al and his dementia just before he passed, Al was an old family friend that died of dementia. Here is the democrat’s problem and within 6 months I will say I told you so, anyhow Biden has dementia, it’s obvious, just look at tapes of him even a few years ago, a different man. They want to invoke the 25th amendment but Kamala is not polling very well, actually, she is polling terribly. The word is that Biden’s staff are dropping on Harris because they don’t want her invoking the 25th because they would then be out. Oh, it’s getting good. I ordered more popcorn.

That’s what the news is supposed to do, call out false or misleading statements, no matter who says them. Now please show us all the times Fox News called out Donald Trump for all his lies, I won’t hold my breath. It’s sad that you’re still stuck in Trumpland worried about ratings. The only reason everyone watched Trump was because he was a trainwreck who made for good television. I’d rather have a competent administration thank you very much.

It’s a kaleidoscope of failures! When will it all end!

Yes, America longs for the days when a President just surrounded himself with lapdogs and mindless tools who are forced to heap fake praise on his every BM.

Enough of this confusion of “experts” and all that weird “science stuff”, right?
We don’t need sound policy-making, we need a King!
Bend over for tRump (and open those wallets), ye unworthy!

“Do some research” equates to “read my biased news sources”. Let me explain it to you John. You and millions of Americans are being lied to. The election is over. Joe Biden fairly won. Any perceived “issues” with election have been dealt with in court over 60 times and rejected by Trump-appointed justices, as well as the Supreme Court. This was, according to Trump’s own administration, the most secure election ever. But politicians are using your fear and anger over the lies the media has been feeding you about a “stolen election”, so that they can get you to turn out and vote for them in the next election. Wake up. Stop letting Fox News control you.

William Marincic

I didn’t see John Gaetani insulting anyone yet that’s all I see by the democrats on this site repeatedly. If you don’t agree with them you must be stupid so I guess half of the country is stupid. Winston Churchill said it best, ‘If you’re not a liberal when you’re 25, you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative by the time you’re 35, you have no brain.’


Mr Gaetani,
I would ask you to please explain just one of your items your asking us to “reasearch”.
What does your “research” reveal about the Arizona fradit.
Since April has been going on, was only supposed to be three weeks.
Ciber Niggas is a one man Trump supporting person who doesn’t even have an office here in Sarasota. It’s a UPS Store po box. Ballots have been boxed up and moved twice to storage. Some boxes were picked up by a “forensic” computer expert and trucked to a private residence in Colorado. There is more but, but PLEASE explain what you “research” tells you about this.

He didn’t explain his point of view because there isn’t anything there other than his ha dissatisfaction with the results. He had an opportunity in his actual letter to offer up at least 1 solid example. Nothing! The right currently has nothing but hate and opposition on their side. Very sad as people continue to be duped by Don the Con!


Thank you Republicans. Thank you for helping 45 in his attempt at a coup to overthrow our government and promoting his big lie and risking American democracy. – Thank you for denying science resulting in hundreds of thousands dead, as well as a bleak outlook in the near future regarding Covid and everything associated with it including the economy.

Again I thank you for denying science in the form of climate change resulting in record flooding from Fultonville NY to China. Thank you for record breaking heat from Oregon to Canada to Europe as well as the rest of the world. Thank you for putting California in a 90 percent state wide drought, creating forest fires effecting the air as far away as NY.

Now some alt-right conspiracy theory believer will say “Oh yeah, blame 45 and the Republicans for everything that may be wrong in the world.” The reality is, all I’m blaming you for is denying fact and doing nothing but being a major hindrance on the road to a possible recovery.


As I and others have thought all along that the FBI background check on now Justice Kavanaugh was a sham. Out of 4,500 tips from their hotline before his Senate hearing, they were only given enough time to pick out a few strong allegations about Kavanaugh’s sexual exploits but not to fully investigate, but to turn over to the White House at the time. Trump and WH Counsel buried it and told the FBI not to investigate further. Trump even said that Kavanaugh “owes him his life”. Unfortunately, I doubt AG Garland will open up an investigation, but a couple of Senate Dems are pursuing the matter with the FBI. More to come hopefully.

William Aiken

“they were only given enough time to pick out a few strong allegations about Kavanaugh’s sexual exploits but not to fully investigate,”

A few strong allegations? Like the claims that Kavanaugh led a rape conga line during college parties? The confirmation hearings were a partisan political attempt to destroy a good man. Thankfully justice and sanity prevailed. No one should be held to the standard that Brett Kavanaugh had to endure for what allegedly happened in High School 40 years ago. In a just world, Christine Blasey Ford would have been charged with perjury. But noticed how Dems are never indicted no matter what their crimes.

That the Dems seek to go back to re-ligate this farce is evidence of how desperate they are to distract the public from a Biden Presidency that has turned out to be an unmitigated disaster. You sound as though you welcome this inquiry into Kavanaugh. Given the spike in crime, rise in energy costs, widespread inflation, the crisis at the Southern border, I can understand why you hope to change the subject. .

Mr. Eisenberg,

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all just put aside our differences and take on this pandemic head-on. You’re in good company wishing that, like the old guard Dems who really, really want to have bipartisan consensus on…well…anything. if only it was a matter of ‘both sides do it’ so let’s just let down the fists and get to work.

The very sad reality is that one party has gone into an apparent death spiral. That’s not just a Liberal/Progressive/ersatz Dem (me) saying it. It’s borne out by facts and a very transparent, ham-handed attempt by one party to install an autocratic government and subvert the Constitution. A party who’s thrown their support behind someone who will more than likely end his days on Earth incarcerated. Both sides aren’t guilty of that.

It’s easy to pass these allegations off as just more partisan angst, but the reality is this is a new reality; where so many have been instilled with the false notion that our elections are unreliable. This is a turn down a radical rightwing dirt road and the Dems, with all their own warts, are faced with pulling this country back to democracy.

Take it from someone who well remembers the challenges of the 60’s, Nixon, Iran-Contra, etc. These are truly historic times, and if your frustration is about ‘why the two sides can’t just come together’, you just haven’t been paying attention. We’re past that happening.

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