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Letters to the Editor Saturday, July 24


U.S. should work with U.N. for peace

This letter will address misperceptions about Gaza from former letters.
Israel has retained power and control over Gaza despite withdrawing ground troops and Israeli settlers. Israel has power and control over the borders, airspace, and movement of people and goods both entering and exiting from Gaza.
Since 2006, Israel has imposed a blockade with severe restrictions on many basic goods including construction materials, medical supplies, fuel and many consumer goods devastating the economy.
The bombing of Gaza has destroyed apartment buildings, schools and hospitals and the inability to import construction materials has left the infrastructure in ruins and displaced families. Israel has limited Palestinian access to electricity; there is limited access to potable water and a high degree of food insecurity.
The people of Gaza are isolated from other parts of Palestine and trapped with little power and few opportunities.
On the West Bank, Palestinians have been displaced and their homes and schools demolished making room for 600,000 Israelis in 250 settlements on Palestinian land. These settlements are illegal and violate international law. To travel to work, school or reach farmlands, Palestinians must pass through many military checkpoints.
The International Red Cross, the United Nations and Human Rights Watch have all documented the power that Israel exerts over Palestine. This crisis can only be solved by political action.
Instead of giving military aid to Israel, the United States should work with the United Nations to stop all the violence and address issues of peace and justice for Israelis and Palestinians.
Mabel Leon

Cut immigration to curb climate change

One story that has gotten little attention as of late, despite being very important, is the drought in the western United States.
This area does get droughts regularly, but this one is severe, many think this will be the worst drought on record.
The areas to watch out for are Arizona, California and Nevada.
Lake Mead supplies all those states with plenty of water, but the lake is drying up.
The cause of this severe drought is said to be climate change. What is rarely mentioned is the root cause, overpopulation.
In 1950, the world’s population was at 2.5 billion, with 152 million Americans. Today, the numbers are 7.9 billion and 332 million, respectively.
In the year 2100, projections are 10 billion worldwide, with 434 million Americans. We are likely to see a major crisis long before that, this is not sustainable.
We Americans have no control over what others do, but can control future events in our own nation. Since immigration is the cause of our growth, reducing immigration to zero is a simple solution.
For political purposes, this problem is rarely acknowledged.
Cutting immigration to zero would mean our numbers would peak, then start to drop, which is desirable. About 250 million Americans have less of an impact on our planet than the current 332 million.
For the future, we either stop immigration or hand future generations an even bigger mess.
Which option they would prefer is pretty obvious.
Matt Yunick

Israel situation is a long-running outrage

Regarding your article “Schenectady High School email stirs controversy….” you use the words “complex” and “nuance.”
A military occupation of another people, persisting for 74 years so far, is neither complex nor nuanced.
It is simply an outrage, one that, bolstered by the U.S. government’s uncritical support for Israel, has largely been ignored by the rest of the world.
Criticism and reporting on Israel’s project to seize as much land as possible from Palestinians and force as many Palestinians to leave is well documented in the Israeli press, both in Hebrew and in English, through the statements of Israeli politicians and the enactment of laws privileging Jews worldwide over the Palestinians who live there. Calling this what it is is not anti-Semitic.
In fact, implying all Jews would support Israel’s actions is a slur. I refer you to the Pew Center’s recently released study showing that American Jews have widely differing views on Israel.
Less than half think Israel is essential to being Jewish. It’s encouraging to see there is an ongoing conversation on the issue.
Felice Gelman
Red Hook

Love to see Barber’s great photographs

Another unique, wonderful, (close up!) photograph by Peter E. Barber, “Demanding offspring”, was published in the July 15 Gazette.
Mr. Barber has a true gift for capturing nurturing, interesting images of everyday life — among us humans, as well as nature’s animal creatures.
His photographs are so interesting and a true pleasure to see.
I’m so glad he works for your newspaper; to which my husband and I subscribe.
Kathleen Roberts
Burnt Hills

Dems are the true threat to the republic

Regarding Richard J. Lewis Jr.’s July 20 letter (“GOP waging a war against democracy”) to The Daily Gazette.
Firstly, WASP does not stand for “White American Supremacist Party” formerly the Republican Party, but “White-Anglo-Saxon Protestant.”
There is plenty of evidence that several states are improving their election laws to make it easier for ALL citizens to vote. The most important improvement is requiring voter photo ID on all ballots to ensure only U.S. citizens vote in our elections.
The fact is the Republicans got more votes from all minorities, Blacks, Asians, Latino, and others, than ever before.
Democrats have their base abandoning them in droves, which brings out the fear in them. No wonder Mitch McConnell is not scared.
Mr. Lewis writes “…the Jan. 6 insurrection having failed, has declared war on democracy.” Of the about 500 people detained from Jan. 6, not one, to my knowledge, was charged with “insurrection.” There was no insurrection.
A war on democracy will always have my support. The Founders gave us the opposite of democracy. They gave us a Republic.
Mr. Lewis says Lindsay Graham said, “If the Republicans don’t challenge and change the U.S. election system, there will never be another Republican president again.” And that is why, he said, the “For the People Act” must be passed. He is advocating a one-party government, which always leads to democracy, Marxism and tyranny.
No freedom-loving American will stand for it.
William D. Wilday

Greed not necessarily always a bad trait

My June 20 letter (“Wealthy contribute to economic vitality”) was not clear, to be challenged by two readers.
What I failed to point out was how foolish Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi were to use the term, “Greedy Rich” when referring to successful entrepreneurs.
In his July 3 letter (“Greed is the enemy of strong economy”), Frank DeSantis gives the meaning of greed as “a selfish and excessive desire for more of something, than is needed.”
Bernie Sanders owns three homes, each valued over $1 million. Nancy Pelosi owns acres of vineyards and has a net worth over $36 million. Are both of them greedy?
I define greedy as those who are able to work but game the system to get on welfare.
They pride themselves in their success, but in the long run, destroy their pride and damage their self-worth.
Zach Daniels’ June 26 letter (“America needs less of corporate greed”) quotes Jesus’s shame toward greed. My favorite quote deals with our imperfections.
A group gathered in a courtyard to stone a woman for committing adultery. Before they could act, Jesus intervened and said, “Let those who have not sinned, throw the first stone.”
They walked away; powerful words.
Progressives use the words “greedy” and “racist” ubiquitously, because of their success, when used as pejoratives to delegitimize their opponents and garner votes.
They call it smart politics. I call it dirty politics.
As always, God Bless us, our families, and God Bless America.
Vince Alescio
Clifton Park

Why does GOP still support lying Trump?

You have to be kidding me.
The state GOP — which is barely standing — has invited the most disgraced president ever to headline its Westchester gala fundraiser in August.
Here’s a guy, Trump, who the Washington Post fact-checked for over four years and found 20,000 lies and misstatements. He lied to Mueller investigators, he admitted to Tom Brokaw he misled the American people about the coronavirus, and he suggested injecting a disinfectant into people’s bodies to treat the virus.
He disputed the findings of American intelligence agencies about the role Russians played in hacking Democratic groups in the 2016 campaign and accepted Putin’s denial of responsibility.
Arguably, Trump aided and abetted the Jan. 6 insurrection and continues to propagate “The Big Lie” that he actually won the 2020 election and the Democrats stole it.
He is such a liar that Fox News, his longtime enabler, elected to scroll fact-checks during his televised speech to CPAC, since Fox News is a defendant in a $2 billion lawsuit in which Smartronics, maker of voting machines, accused Fox of damaging its business by spreading Trump’s election lies.
Are there that many Trump cultists in New York who continue to worship at his feet? God help us.
Robert Corliss

Wondering about libs, Trump, taxes, water

I was amazed to see an article in the July 12 Gazette (“Biden backs Trump rejection of China’s South China Sea claim”) about Biden agreeing with Trump about the South China Sea.
Biden and the liberals are bankrupting the country, wanting trillions for different projects. Who is going to pay for it? [Our children and grandchildren].
All the liberals want to do is undo a lot of the good Trump did instead of dealing with the real problems we now have.
I am all for immigration, as long as they come in through the right channels.
Trump didn’t pay a lot of taxes before he became president because he used a lot of the loopholes, like all the rich people do.
I can’t understand why California and the rest of the states out west don’t scoop out a lot of the sediment while the reservoirs are low. That way when and if they get a lot of rain, they will have a lot more water.
James Maxfield

Make school funding available for all needs

The 518 853 Schools Coalition —including Northern Rivers Family of Services, St. Catherine’s Center, LaSalle. St Anne’s, Vanderheyden, Charlton School and St. Coleman’s representing more than 500 special education students in grades K-12 from throughout the region — learned recently that while this year’s state budget contains a 7% increase in Foundation Aid for public schools.
Schools that serve students with special needs will only receive a 4% increase for this fiscal year.
We urge the governor to sign legislation, passed in both houses, that will create educational parity and protect the needs of students with serious needs.
The 853 special education schools provide year-round, in-person services for youth unable to find success in their home districts.
Students with serious emotional, behavioral and learning challenges benefit from smaller class sizes, integrated educational, therapeutic, vocational, and supportive services, and a learning environment structured to give each student a greater chance at success.
It’s great to see public schools receive the 7% funding increase.
But 853 schools, licensed and regulated by the state, are left to wonder once again why the powers that be think our students should be satisfied with less support.
Our schools served children and families every day throughout the pandemic, including delivering food to doorsteps of families missing the security of daily school lunches.
We’re used to doing more with less. But it’s disappointing to see these students pushed aside again.
Investments for our youth similar to public education creates a pathway to success as an adult.
William Gettman

Check on who is really doing the lying

Wow! If I didn’t know better, I would think “Circle back Psaki” had written that letter published in the July 16 Gazette (“GOP offers nothing but lies, resistance”) by Robert Karandy. How about some facts about Biden’s triumphs?
His covid relief plan had less than 25% for covid relief. The fact is, it was nothing but a payoff to incompetent Democrats like Cuomo and Albany’s Mayor Sheehan who in the hottest economy in 50 years ran huge deficits.
Regarding gun safety, we don’t need more laws. The guns aren’t killing people; it’s the criminals. Licensed gun owners are not the ones killing people.
On voting rights, the new laws passed in Georgia and Texas make voting easier than in Delaware, Biden’s home state.
The Republicans are all for an infrastructure bill; they aren’t for a new boatload of social entitlements. Infrastructure is roads, bridges and airports, not nursery schools and daycare.
You forgot to mention how Biden took a secure southern border and made the biggest immigration mess in our country’s history. Who knows if the new covid outbreaks have anything to do with the undocumented immigrants that Biden is letting in and shipping all over the country, many with the virus.
Finally on the “Big Lie,” you better keep an eye on Arizona and Georgia. The facts are beginning to pile up. There was a big lie, you’ll see.
Dave Edwards

Speak out in forums on hospital merger

Thanks to The Gazette for providing coverage of the Ellis-Trinity Health merger in the July 16  article (”Rally set to demand openness in Ellis Medicine merger talks.”)
When I discuss this with friends and neighbors, we agree that it’s alarming how little public attention has been paid to the changes to, and elimination of, crucial health services.
The regulatory process includes the public for a reason. We shouldn’t skip that part of the process.
This hospital merger has huge consequences for all of us, but especially all women, the elderly, the LGBTQ+ community, and other underserved communities.
In the end we may not all agree, but we all do have the right to be heard.
I agree with community leaders quoted in the article asking for Ellis leadership to open up the process. The state Department of Health clearly expects public participation. Let’s not circumvent those safeguards.
Please listen to the community and provide assurances that negotiations will endeavor to preserve existing services including contraception counseling, abortion services, tubal ligation, vasectomies, in-vitro fertilization, gestational surrogacy, gender affirming care, and end-of-life care focused on the needs and desires of the patient.
It is just plain wrong to leave segments of our community without access to vital health services.
Over the last several months, the Ellis dental clinic and visiting nurse services already ended abruptly without public input.
Let’s all speak up for services required to sustain good health in open, public forums.
Lynn Schnell


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Zachary July 25, 2021
| |

Me. Aiken is absolutely right. The left will never debate because they don’t have a honest platform to stand on to debate. I joined this newspapers comment section for that reason and that reason alone, anytime an independent or Republican put forth an idea the Liberals on here would mock them, attack them, and disparage them but they would never debate them. And nothing has changed in these last few months that I have been posting. Mr. Aiken put forth a very thought out post about Joe Biden and it’s easy enough to dispute if it’s untrue so it must be true because it’s not being disputed just attacked and mocked.

ChuckD July 25, 2021
| |

William Aiken, well done on attempting to organize your Biden grievances. I’m sure someone is motivated enough and cares enough to dissect your list and point out the many flaws in your logic and presentation.

I’m sure not, William, because it’s all just dancing around the 800 pound tRump in the room who’s repeatedly demonstrated by words and actions his subservience to Vladimir Putin.

In my mind, and I’m pretty sure most Americans minds, this is the greatest sin and the highest crime one can commit against our country and Constitution.

No doubt you’ll accuse me of changing the subject or “deflecting” but until you people face that uncomfortable FACT, that he sold out the USA to the Russians, that he also lead a violent insurrection against us, nothing else you claim, whine and stamp your feet about matters.

Zachary July 24, 2021
| |

Here is Biden’s answer to the question from Don Lemon about children under 12 getting vaccinated.

“You’re always straight up about what you’re doing, and the question is whether or not we should be in a position where you are … Why can’t the experts say, ‘We know that this virus is, in fact’ … Excuse me, we know why the drugs are approved or not,” Biden said during the conversational town hall.

It actually took him more than 30 seconds to get that discombobulated statement about who knows what out. DEMENTIA!!!!

LOUIS RESTIFO July 24, 2021
| |

Matt Yunick, Dave Edwards: I have only one word to describe your letters….Unbelievable!!!

LOUIS RESTIFO July 24, 2021
| |