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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, July 28


Don’t let filibuster stop voting rights

Recently I was part of a group of folks from across the Capital Region that organized a 24-hour event in Albany to thank Sen. Schumer for supporting the For The People Act (S1) and to urge him not to let the antiquated filibuster stand in the way of passing desperately needed democracy reform.
Folks of all ages, all backgrounds from across our region kept a filibuster going for 24 hours through oppressive heat and a lightning storm because we know that we are in a fight for the future of our democracy.
As we mark the 57th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, we cannot stand by as state legislators across the country have introduced over 380 bills surgically tailored to reduce access to the ballot box, especially for Black and brown Americans.
We cannot stand by as a Supreme Court packed with conservative justices shreds a core provision of the Voting Rights Act, ignoring the reality of voter suppression.
All of us have a choice right now — will we fight for an inclusive multiracial democracy that represents the interests of the majority or will we stand by as the same forces behind the attack on our Capitol on Jan. 6 seek to further entrench White minority rule?
Sen. Schumer understands what is at stake here and knows that in order to protect the right of every American to participate in our democracy, our senators must not let the filibuster stand in the way.
Katie Chao

With surge in cases, vaccinations are vital

Looks like we’re in deep doo-doo with a new pandemic crisis — cases surging and people still refusing to get vaccinated.
We are at war with a monstrous virus, and our best armor is our vaccine. No more time for “pleases” and “wouldn’t it be nices.” It is absolutely essential that everyone (who can physically get it) should step up, line up, roll up and “humanity” up.
As the old idiom advises, ”He who hesitates is lost.”
Carole Anne Frank
Burnt Hills

Government must respect our rights

Letter to the government: If I wanted a weapon, I’d not ask you for permission.
I’d not fill out a permit. I’d not ask a police department or judge.
Our founders forced the bill of rights in our Constitution, and this list of rights is a leash around your neck.
Freedom of religious and political speech and assembly and bearing arms are not gifts to us from you as if you’re some big-hearted father. They tie your hands. They limit your power.
Our founders knew the danger of government. You get to thinking that we serve you, while you need to be reminded that you serve us.
Why in the world would I ask the government for something that is already mine? Our founders considered these rights “endowed by our Creator” and “unalienable rights.”
You say that you’re nervous about us having weapons? You’re nervous that the regular people are too heavily armed? Good. You should be nervous.
Our founders knew well what tyranny was and wanted you to be uneasy. Therefore, think carefully about how you govern and do it well as our servant.
Consider carefully and remember that “we the people” are the highest authority in this land.
Remember the tyranny of the British Empire. No state or town will be allowed to impose any law which contradicts, reduces or undermines our Bill of Rights.
Daniel Lawry


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Joseph Vendetti July 29, 2021
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At the minimum the behavior of the insurrectionists was sedition at maximum it was Treason.

You or anyone can’t pick and chose what laws work and which ones don’t and when we will apply them. We have a process.

That officer sworn to protect our US Representatives, not just the one you like or I like or President Trump liked. All!! So he acted accordingly

Zachary July 28, 2021
| |

Trump was about to execute a white supremacist, while trying to free a Black rapper from jail as he pushes prison reform that directly benefits families of black men while calling out a city where minorities are victims of crime and blight. If President Trump is a racist he sucks at it.

Greg Guttfeld

Zachary July 28, 2021
| |

Heck of a job Democrats, you manage to bring back the 1918 pandemic, the 1929 depression, the 1968 riots, and a 1973 gas lines all at the same time.

Florida2015 July 28, 2021
| |
ChuckD July 28, 2021
| |

Daniel Lawry, sword fighting with his shadow today, shows in crystal clarity that the alt-right, the neo Republicans, have mastered the world of theater and drama. As I posted a couple weeks ago, they’ve managed to invent their own bug-a-boos and other societal insults, and then heroically take them on! Like a professional wrestling match; always easy-to-understand Good vs. Evil. Are you A or B? Pick a side and God forbid you pick the wrong one. It’s all high drama! Just like on TV (but alas, probably not Masterpiece Theater)!

So good on you, neo Republicans! You own the stage! You win the Academy! And the Emmy, and the Golden Globe!
But, on with the show!
Release the Kracken!
Slay the dragons!
OK, you own the libs! Whatever makes you happy.

But, good-bye and good riddance because that seems to be all you have and we have work to do. Meanwhile, this country will be moving on with or without you. Get in the way, you’ll be prosecuted (as you are now), ridicule and insult medical authority and you’ll pay the consequences (as you tragically are now).

I’m reposting this as I find it provides me some rational explanation for what’s happening (and nothing else for me comes close to explaining the faux hysteria and hallucinations that Marincic, Zachary, Aiken, Annie, yakkercracker, and all the rest seem willing to repeat)
The whole cited text is worth a read.


–Why it’s (almost) impossible to argue with the right–

By Sophia A. McClennen
Published July 18, 2021 7:00AM (EDT)

“…Kendi brilliantly lays bare that which many of us have been ensnared in for ages — that pundits and politicians create their own version of many progressive, liberal and leftist views, and then they fight with their version. There is no real debate and certainly no dialogue, because the entire game is to offer up a distorted version of a position, then freak out about it.

Once the pattern is recognized it can be seen everywhere. Kendi refers to the way it has been used with Black Lives Matter, the New York Times’ 1619 Project, cancel culture, and critical race theory, but we can see the same play made with almost all progressive political positions. Professors are trying to brainwash students to become socialists, feminists think all men are rapists, abortion rights defenders don’t care about life, the gay community doesn’t respect marriage, and so on. We can even see it in claims that young people are snowflake whiners.

They distort from the start and then take up all of your bandwidth in fighting their distortion. They don’t just set the terms; they singlehandedly define them — for both sides.

It isn’t just that the right argues with itself. It is also that they do it really loudly.

Florida2015 July 28, 2021
| |

I regularly read these letters and responses and comment many times. But I must say that you folks who have to rebut the SAME misinformation(being generous) time and time again are truly the good guys like the officers who testified yesterday.
As said a few days ago by ChuckD Good Grief.Like the Peanuts comic strip who’s creator has been dead for years they keep repeating the same thing time after time

Note to the anti Democrat posters at least use factual sources. Your opinion and RW commentators are just that opinions not facts, Your ignorance showing as my mother used to say.

FRED BARNEY July 28, 2021
| |

Jan 6 a white woman at the capital was shot by a black cop and that does not concern those who here express an interest in justice. After all they have what they think is their Reichstag fire!

LOUIS RESTIFO July 28, 2021
| |

“We won this election, and we won it by a landslide.”
“We will stop the steal”
“We will never give up. We will never concede. It doesn’t happen.”
“If you don’t fight like hell you’re not going to have a country anymore”
“We are going to the capital”
“You’ll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength. You have to be strong.”
“Our country has had enough. We will not take it anymore and that’s what this is all about.”
“We’re going to have to fight much harder and Mike Pence is going to have to come through for us.”
“Fight” “Fighting” used at least 20 times during 1/6/21 incitement speech.

Rudy Giuliani:
“Let’s have trial by combat.”

Rep. Mo Brooks(R-AL)
“Today is the day American patriots start taking down names and kicking ass!” Donald Trump Jr. followed that up by warning Republicans in Congress that if they didn’t “fight” for his father later that day, “I’m gonna be in your backyard in a couple of months.”

Yep, “Oh it was Pelosi’s fault”

If I say it 1,000 times it’s not enough:
Only what they want to hear, only what they want to see, only the way they want it to be, nothing else matters. Nothing. They are Fox robots.

Joseph Vendetti July 28, 2021
| |


Don’t stoop to that level or waste your breath –

Zachary July 28, 2021
| |

Oh it was Pelosi’s fault she knew with the rhetoric there are going to be a lot of angry people there she was warned ahead of time I believe she wanted it to happen.

LOUIS RESTIFO July 28, 2021
| |

“I feel like I went to hell and back to protect them, and too many in this room . . . are now telling me that hell doesn’t exist or hell actually wasn’t that bad,” “said D.C. police officer Michael Fanone, who suffered a heart attack and concussion from being beaten and hit with a stun gun by rioters”

“To me, it’s insulting, just demoralizing because of everything that we did to prevent everyone in the Capitol from getting hurt,” said Capitol Police Sgt. Aquilino Gonell. “And what he was doing, instead of sending the military, instead of sending the support or telling his people, his supporters, to stop this nonsense, he begged them to continue fighting.”

“House Republicans began Tuesday morning by calling the upcoming inaugural hearing of the chamber’s investigation into the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol a “sham” and a “political charade. After it concluded in the early afternoon, they provided myriad reasons for why they did not tune in to the harrowing testimony provided by four police officers who defended the U.S. Capitol that day against a mob of President Donald Trump’s supporters.”-
Disgustingly pathetic!!

“Republican leaders focused most of their comments Tuesday on attempting to blame House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for the events of Jan. 6, arguing that she was responsible for officers not being sufficiently prepared to repel the pro-Trump mob.” – Really, really, really!

Denial, hypocrisy, insanity and indifference are words that are not strong enough to describe House Republicans as well as those that adamantly back them!

Zachary July 28, 2021
| |

Why are people not getting vaccinated? Maybe it’s because of the mixed messages from not only Biden and the CDC but Fauci. Now the CDC is telling people that they have to wear a mask if they are vaccinated which tells people if I have to wear a mask why should I get vaccinated because the mask will protect me. You can’t continue to send a mixed message and expect people to do what you want. It’s just like you telling us we have to put masks on our kids to go back to school when the science said the kids rarely get the virus and if they do they rarely get sick from it. As a parent it is my responsibility to decide what’s best for my child not the governments. 2022 can’t come fast enough.