Outdoor Journal: Saratoga Tackle bass tournament updates


On July 20, Saratoga Tackle drew 42 boats for its Tuesday evening tournament. Coming in first place was the team of Bill Goodermote and J.R. Goodermote of Scotia with 13.10 pounds, received $855. Second place went to Jeff Russel Jr. and Chris O’Neill, both from Scotia, whose catch weighed in at 11.49 pounds to pay out $555.

Third place was the Burnt Hills team of Tommy Kail and Jason Norton, bringing in 11.42 pounds to take home $295. Kail and Norton also caught the tournament’s lunker bass, a 4.35-pound fish that won them an additional $420.

PJ Peculis and Henry Marshall, both from Saratoga Springs, took fourth place and won $185.


Just received an email from the Ravin Crossbow company that us senior crossbow hunters will like to see. It has an electric cocking system, just what us senior crossbow hunters should look at. I have tried a number of crossbows and had trouble cocking them. I am definitely going to check this one out. I want to be back into the woods with a crossbow. 


The state Department of Environmental Conservation announced it is hosting its 10th annual Great Hudson River Fish Count on Saturday. It will take place at multiple sites of the Hudson River.

The public, per DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos, is invited to join naturalists from the Capital Region to explore the variety of creatures usually hidden below the river’s surface.

The local locations are as follows:

Columbia County: Nutten Hook, Stuyvesant, noon (Hudson River National Estuarine Reserve/ Hudson River Estuary Program)

Rensselaer County: Schodack Island State Park, 6 p.m. (River Haggie Outdoors)

Saratoga County: Peebles Island Park, Waterford, 9 a.m.


As an angler that is an avid fisherman for bass and Northern pike, I have a tackle box full of different types of bait. Here are a few that fishermen and women should add to their tackle box.

I’d advise using both the MYCENA 13G/16G/19G Chatter baits, and I also start my fishing with the Wacky Worm. I’ve tried them all, and they all work.

You’ll need both a regular hook and the weedless hook. Toss that Wacky Worm right in the middle of those weeds, and give them a little jiggle.

Also, for you walleye fishermen, you might want to try the VMC Technical Locking Hook. It works for me.


According to the DEC, it was July 1 when Environmental Conservation Officer Jason Smith received a report from a resident in Greene County of what appeared to be a bucket stuck on a black bear cub.

Over several days, Smith got many calls, including a photo of the cub perched on a tree trunk with a plastic chicken feeder on its head. Smith responded to the area, located the cub — that was now accompanied by additional cubs and a sow. He got the sow away to provide enough space to secure the cub in a catch pole. The thick plastic collar of the chicken feeder was cut and removed from the cub’s head, and the cub was released back into the woods.

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