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Letters to the Editor Thursday, July 29


Use common sense on covid response

Why do the high priced public school superintendents, some making $300,000 a year, or more, have to ask Gov. Cuomo for “guidance” about what to do for children coming back to school?
How about using some good old-fashioned common sense, and let kids be kids. They have suffered enough. All because of a power hungry governor and Legislature.
Listen to the doctors that say most kids do not need masks. They need activity and fresh air, not being cooped up indoors.
People like Dr. Fauci, who is all over the place with dire predictions, one week to the next, is simply dead wrong to listen to and has been.
Here we have a governor under investigation and a Legislature that is scorned across the nation, and we are asking him and them to do what is best for our children. Get real folks!
All you parents should be marching at the state capitol, in front of the governor’s offices in Manhattan and at the gated mansion we all pay for.
Teacher unions — either teach the kids or get out. Fired would be better.  Those of you who have refused to teach this past year-and-a-half are a disgrace for not tossing your leadership out.
Wake up, do the right thing.
Albert Marvell

Are you better off under Biden so far?

To my way of thinking, the most important thing any president can do is keep us safe while providing a secure environment in which we all can prosper.
By prosper, I mean to grow in all ways human, which in turn helps society grow healthily and happily.
So, at the six-month mark, how has President Biden done in keeping us safe and secure? The pandemic. How is the vaccinating going? Could it be better?
Have the government’s guidelines about masks and schools reopening been reassuring? Are you getting anxious about the possible need for a booster shot?
Crime. When you see images of violent crime being committed in broad daylight in many major cities and at the same time hear the cries for defunding the police, do you want to travel to or avoid those cities? What about our nearby cities? How safe are they?
And how does the border situation affect your sense of security knowing that many more people from all over the globe are coming across illegally and undetected? Does that bother you?
The economy. Is your savings secure? Have you been able to stay on budget? Does rising inflation concern you? Do you trust our government is spending our tax dollars wisely?
Foreign affairs. Do you feel certain that Biden’s putting the welfare of our fellow American citizens before that of our global rivals?
And finally, if things continue as they have gone these past six months, are you concerned about America’s health and happiness?
Art Pagano

Cuomo disregards the sanctity of life

So Prince Andrew is the first in the country again, with a major new executive concern: the war on gun violence.
However the term “gun violence” is really a politically correct term for what is really the complete and utter disregard for human life. The gun is just a means to an end, and if there were no gun, it would be a knife, baseball bat, tire iron, etc.
The other politically correct thing he is not mentioning is where most of this violence occurs. It sure as hell is not in the suburbs. It’s in the cities, especially the inner cities.
Street gangs shooting indiscriminately at each other, hitting bystanders, etc. Again, the complete and utter disregard for human life. So your next question has to be why. If we could answer that, and plenty of sociologists are trying, there would be no war on gun violence.
There is a thought: Any society that can indiscriminately kill, in this case, unborn children, can be counted on to do anything. And since we have this, the next area is assisted suicide, under the guise of a better death experience. The next step is euthanizing the disabled so as to give them less problems with life.
This is what you can really thank Prince Andrew and his minions for — the complete and utter disregard for human life.
Bob Nicolella



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LOUIS RESTIFO July 29, 2021
| |

If every eligible person got vaccinated this would be a nonissue. Pure insanity, or actually stupidity and ignorance.

Zachary July 29, 2021
| |

The CDC it’s becoming a joke every two or three days according to what the White House wants they change their mask mandates. Not to mention that they are also following the directions of the large teachers unions in the country. You wonder why people don’t want to get the vaccine it’s bad messaging, multiple messages, multiple mask mandates, this president and his administration has totally screwed up the Vaccine distribution in this country if anyone is to blame it’s Joe Biden and this administration.

Florida2015 July 29, 2021
| |

Masks on kids. Not sure why that should be an issue. Why as a parent would you not want to do all you can to keep your children healthy and safe? Do people realize if we do these things for a few short weeks or months we can put this behind us.
Not sure on your immigration numbers as many different numbers and statistic when googled depending on who wrote the articles. Long term is Congresses needs to do there job and fix this. President can only do so much and usually nobody likes what the do when they try starting with Bush.
Agree with you on our status around the world. Don’t think Biden will be disparaging any of our allies or potential allies with “tweets”
We see shortages from supply chain issues which I think are real. We need over 60,000 truck drivers right now in our supply chains, that alone will cause shortages of goods getting to us. Shortages =price hikes. They can’t even pick up the garbage every scheduled day here because of driver shortages.
Fire fighting flyovers out west sometimes delayed, shortage of aviation fuel to remote bases, lack of tank truck drivers.
Think a lot of that inflation number comes from hotel, used cars, air fares which not all of us don’t use but the higher prices are real. Son in law travels weekly and hotel rates and rental cars alone ALL over the country are up 20-30 % according to his expenses.
Good questions.

ChuckD July 29, 2021
| |

The reason vaccines are being pushed so hard, and why vaccination of the population is so important, is because as long as the virus is able to grow and thrive, a mutation to a more serious strain is possible.

If you’re vaccinated, you are personally protected, *but still could be a risk to others*. That’s why the CDC is still recommending masks for everyone.

If you’re not vaccinated, and roughly 43% of New Yorkers eligible still are not, you roll the dice. Maybe you end up in a hospital, a drain on health services and family with possibly life-long health consequences. Or maybe you just end up dead.

Do you feel lucky?
Well, do you?

The CDC’s latest statement on COVID-19 and children who are quite capable of transferring the virus:

Children and adolescents can be infected with SARS-CoV-2, can get sick with COVID-19, and can spread the virus to others. In the United States through March 2021, the estimated cumulative rates of SARS-CoV-2 infection and COVID-19 symptomatic illness in children ages 5-17 years were comparable to infection and symptomatic illness rates in adults ages 18-49 and higher than rates in adults ages 50 and older. Estimated cumulative rates of infection and symptomatic illness in children ages 0-4 years are roughly half of those in children ages 5-17 years, but are comparable to those in adults ages 65 years or older. These cumulative rates were estimated from CDC models that account for under-detection among reported cases.

Zachary July 29, 2021
| |

The CDC just silently pulled the PCR test because it can’t differentiate between covid and the Flu.

Joseph Vendetti July 29, 2021
| |

All Bloggers:

Try and respond in some coordinated to cover all the above topics in one area – Covid/Masks & US optimism/pessimism.

If everyone (at least 70-80%) would have got the vaccines we wouldn’t be worrying about masks, no masks, boosters or the delta variant – get the dam vaccines folks. My wife is a school nurse and there were very very few cases in children but they were masked up the entire year so its very difficult to discern (no data) whether they will spread it with no masks.

On a side note to this – we have close to 936,000 people who have come to the US undocumented (without permission, without vaccines, without identification, etc) that are being sent to different US States and whether this is even being discussed by the CDC or added to the overall % of unvaccinated worries me.

I am optimistic about our US status around the world – we were this laughing stock of a bad joke with a President not acting Presidential. A President shouldn’t be having twitter “wars” with anyone none the less other US Reps, news outlets, TV stars, etc – the position is way way above that in these days of reality TV. President Biden is 1000% better in temperament, class, and bi-partisanship.

Middle of the road on vaccines – was really hoping he would federally mandate all individuals get the vaccine. We don’t have enough data on what the infrastructure plan will and won’t do for roads/bridges or fluffy pork. President Biden needs to work harder to close tax loopholes that allow multi-national companies like GE, Amazon, etc from harboring cash off shore.

Pessimistic about our borders – because we already have too many people and not enough resources. Adding millions more is only going to tax our health and educational system more. Also – not a fan of our inflation – gas and groceries are currently out pacing growth in the economy. So adjusted economic growth is 6.5% and Inflationary growth adjusted is 8.4%.

ChuckD July 29, 2021
| |

Art Pagano and Albert Marvell,

Here on Earth, most Americans are concerned about the rise of wild-eyed, narrow-minded citizens like yourselves who clearly don’t want to talk about a former President who seemed to do everything he could to kneecap the attempts to reign in a pandemic and incited the more excitable of his followers to violently attack our government.
Where do you stand on those points? Why don’t you want to mention the stress that’s placed on our country?

You and your fringe are certainly loud, Mr. Pagano, but you’re losing and you’re on the losing side. And history shows fringe demographics come and go, never amounting to much. And frankly, based on your collective inability to respect science, it seems you’re tragically headed for extinction.

Florida2015 July 29, 2021
| |

Since William bought up Biden’s Democrat administration on the economy thought this was appropriate also.
I posted the stats on the how economy performed under each party over time few days ago, no response from the right.
Maybe on this one?
Since 1965,
Republicans-28 years in power.
128 indictments, 84 convictions, 34 prison sentences.

Democrats- 25 years in power
3 indictments, 1 conviction, 1 prison sentence
And this was written in 2017. Doesn’t count the various convictions from Muller probe and few others from DOJ since then from the FG’s crime spree or his two impeachments.

Florida2015 July 29, 2021
| |

William, You might want to re-check your sources.
Reuters and Fidelity Investments are pretty much non-political, they only care about the money.

William Marincic July 29, 2021
| |

The U.S. economy grew less than expected in the three months through June as supply-chain disruptions and labor shortages slowed the pace of economic activity while the country reopened from its COVID-19 lockdowns.

More proof that the country elected the wrong person. I’m sure a large majority of people that voted for Biden now have “Buyers Remorse”.

LOUIS RESTIFO July 29, 2021
| |

“The other politically correct thing he is not mentioning is where most of this (gun) violence occurs. It sure as hell is not in the suburbs. It’s in the cities, especially the inner cities.” – Mr. Nicolella, I believe you forgot schools, shopping malls, grocery stores, places of worship, sporting venues, concerts, camp grounds, and in private homes. in other words everywhere.

“The gun is just a means to an end, and if there were no gun, it would be a knife, baseball bat, tire iron, etc.” Great logic with that one. – Stephen Paddock killed 60 people and wounded another 411 in the Las Vegas SHOOTING. 24 FIREARMS found in his room.

No, Mr. Nicolella, that crime could not have been committed with a “knife, baseball bat, tire iron.”

LOUIS RESTIFO July 29, 2021
| |

Albert Marvell: “How about using some good old fashion common sense” yourself. – “Let kids be kids…They need activity and fresh air” You forgot they may also need ventilators.

Perhaps if you changed the channel from Fox Propaganda you would be informed enough to realize mask mandates change because Covid variants change. The Delta variant is far more contagious than the original virus and can be spread by people that have been fully vaccinated. Follow the science, not your ignorance.

Ornamental July 29, 2021
| |

^ And when I say “We’re all so predictable,” I’m including myself. LOL.

Ornamental July 29, 2021
| |

Oh dear. Go with old-fashioned common sense and ignore the science on COVID. Then we have God and guns, of course. We’re all so predictable.

Zachary July 29, 2021
| |

Mr. Pagano, I’ve asked those same questions here in the comment section multiple times and all I get is deflection. I get accused of getting my news from Fox like that’s a bad thing. I don’t know what I should be first m, angry or impressed that Joe Biden has screwed this country up as quickly as he has, in six months he’s utterly destroyed all the good that Trump did.
As far as vaccinations, President Trump cut all of the red tape at the FDA and got us a vaccine in record time if Joe Biden really wants people to be vaccinated why doesn’t he cut the red tape to get the final approval so that it’s not an experimental drug anymore? Either he doesn’t care or he doesn’t have the common sense to do it.