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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Aug. 1


Writer misguided on Critical Race Theory

Richard A. Evans’s “feverish condemnation” of Critical Race Theory in his July 27 letter (“CRT ideas deserve to be condemned”)  is misguided.
I don’t profess to know every tenet of CRT, but I feel certain that racism in the United States will not be erased until the majority White population examines our privilege and, with all other Americans, determines a course of action to balance the scales.
Mr. Evans is extremely misguided in the quotation from Dr. Martin Luther King with which he finishes his letter. What Dr. King said is “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”
Mr. Evans, that day isn’t here yet, and your letter demonstrates that fact.
Ken Larsen

Cuomo covid victims are denied justice

The recent decision from the Department of Justice not to investigate Andrew Cuomo’s handling of the nursing home deaths is appalling.
Cuomo lied. He has stonewalled actual stats on how many perished under his mandate.
The Gazette’s July 22 editorial (“Change law that hides malfeasance”) on the state’s ignoring freedom of information requests reeks of corruption.
All those poor families that lost a loved one from Cuomo’s ignorance and massive ego have another slap in the face from the DOJ now.
There is no doubt a two-tier “justice” system we are now living in.
Add to this atrocity the special virus testing of family and friends when testing supplies were sparse and using state employees to deliver these samples shines a bright light on how morally bankrupt Cuomo really is.
Oh, and yes, his disgusting treatment of women is the icing on this rancid cake.
Michael P. Croce Sr.
Ballston Spa

Frustrated with those who won’t get vaccine

With a significant portion of our population, still adamantly refusing to get vaccinated against COVID-19, I find myself having to express my exasperation.
The first issue being that the continued resistance, and politicizing covid and the lifesaving vaccine, only affords an opportunity for more variants to evolve — thus putting people who cannot be vaccinated at higher risk.
I’m referring to individuals who have health issues that preclude them from being vaccinated, along with children under the age of 12.
I am vaccinated, yet still wear a mask in crowded indoor businesses. I have two young grandchildren, and don’t want to risk spreading any variant to them. Science does matter, science is based on facts, and opinions are not facts.
My second issue addresses the hypocrisy of what seems to be their favorite mantra “My body, my choice.” You would think that if they truly think, and feel that, then their statement should also apply to women’s reproductive health issues.
I am not a pro-life advocate, nor am I a pro-abortion advocate. I do strongly believe in choice, so if a label is necessary, I am pro-choice.
Individuals are not forced to terminate a pregnancy against their wishes, which is a demonstration of their choice — which I fully support.
However, pro-lifers do not have the right to take choice away from others, by imposing their religious tenets and personal views onto them.
We need to uphold the separation of church and state.
Jill Miglin
Burnt Hills

Tonko backs tax hikes that hurt Americans

Make no mistake, President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion spending bill, which our congressman, Paul Tonko, voted for is a brand new tax increase.
It will affect every American regardless of how much they earn. We’ve already seen this new tax in the form of rising prices across the board from lumber to cars, to everyday items in the grocery store. Inflation has begun to spiral out of control, and we all know this wild spending will be paid for by simply printing more money through the Federal Reserve.
By doing this, the federal government is effectively pulling money out of the pockets of every Americans, rich and poor alike, by reducing the value of the money people already have.
Democrats in Congress like Paul Tonko, always talk about how they care for working class people and the economically disadvantaged.
Unfortunately, by supporting this legislation he is disproportionately hurting poorer Americans who cannot afford a 5%-10% reduction in the value of their money.
When Mr. Tonko is next up for re-election, the people of the Capital Region should send him packing in favor of someone like Liz Joy, who will work to reign in government spending and reduce inflation.
Matthew Weise



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