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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Aug. 4


Encourage vaccines with freebies at track
Recent news on the high positivity rate for several counties in the Capital Region is alarming.
One suggestion that could possibly increase the vaccination rate in these areas (for residents and visitors alike) is to incentivize people going to the racetrack with a free entry or more gifts.
If it is possible to have a temporary vaccination pop-up tent in the vicinity of the racetrack during the racing season, it could help our communities in the fight against covid.
Warella Browall
Saratoga Springs

Church wants to control all healthcare
High praise to Emma Anderson and Dr. Jessica Berman for their excellent comments in the July 26 article (“Proposed Ellis-St. Peter’s merger sparks rally”) regarding the rally to protest the proposed merger of Ellis Medicine and SPHC (Trinity Health Care).
Both women stated in no uncertain terms why women’s reproductive healthcare is in serious jeopardy if this merger occurs, and why it cannot and must not be compromised.
Make no mistake: the Roman Catholic hierarchy will not be satisfied until they control all aspects of healthcare, not just for women but for everyone whose lifestyles do not meet their archaic criteria. A group of old men with no discernible medical backgrounds deciding healthcare. Their ecclesiastical thumb on the scale of healthcare is unacceptable.
Cynthia Swanson

No need to tolerate out-of-town crime
I’m writing in response to the Phoenix Masters (from Troy) letter (“Keep the focus on Saratoga Springs PD”) printed in the July 27 Daily Gazette.
The writer says that the Saratoga Springs police are harassing motorists with traffic stops and searches for weapons that don’t exist.
I previously remember reading an account in the July 25 Daily Gazette (“Two men arrested Friday night”) that Saratoga Springs police responded to a call of a suspicious vehicle on La Fayette Street. They responded there, only to have one occupant of the vehicle flee, and were attempting to detain Kyree Graham (from Albany), the other person in the vehicle. He was in possession of a loaded .38 caliber revolver, after already having a previous conviction.
While attempting to arrest Graham, police said Amir O’Sullivan (from Watervliet) physically interfered with the arrest and was arrested himself for possession of illegal drugs.
Why does Saratoga Springs and its police force have to deal with out-of-towners who want to cause trouble?
If you protesters are trying to get people to take sides – good job! You convinced me.
Bruce Barringer, Sr.

We’re all better off with Biden in charge
In response to Art Pagano’s July 29 letter (“Are you better off under Biden so far?”), Biden is keeping us safe and secure both domestically and internationally. Our economy grew 6.4% in the first quarter.
The number of jobs added in the second quarter is even higher than the first quarter. Biden did exaggerate in his July 29 speech when he said his administration added more jobs than any other.
Actually, job growth was the highest under Jimmy Carter in 1977. The bi-partisan infrastructure bill, at this writing, has hope of passing.
Another boost to our economy if implemented.
Migrants at the border are not the highest in 40 years as some memes are saying. In 2000, the border patrol recorded 1.6 million.
Under Biden, it has been less than half that at 724,984. Maybe we should allow more migrants in to help employers find workers to keep our economy going. And Biden has done a far better job of securing and distributing the vaccine and trying to convince the unvaccinated to be smart and get a shot. And let’s not forget the refreshing change of tone from Biden.
No more ranting and threats and lies coming out of the mouth of Trump and his administration.
Am I better off with Biden?
You Betcha’! We all are.
Kristen O’Brien
Ballston Spa

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Have you noticed…..
Some of the same charlatans who say “requiring a voter ID is racist” now want a Covid ID required to do practically everything else.


Apparently you’re indifferent to the fact that unvaccinated fools are putting so many lives in jeopardy and crippling the economy!

That’s called prejudice, and not a good means to form opinion. But that’s clearly not stopped you in the past.
I’ve said several time here I’m on the fence on voter ID.
I will also say now that the more businesses and schools and other places of public gathering require vaccination, the better. If that means we move toward a “passport” to quell the growing market for fake vax cards, so be it.
This is life or death and we need to get more serious about it.

Kristen O’Brien We are coming out of a pandemic where millions of people were out of work if a monkey were in charge of the country we would have more people back into the job market because a monkey would realize they giving people money to stay home coming out of the pandemic was not a good idea.


If it’s Such a great deal I suggest you quit your job “stay home” and collect all this free money. Again you paint a very small part of a much larger big picture. Tell me how many people you personally know that aren’t working strictly because they are getting all this “free money.” I know of none, and that includes 30 hourly and sub-contractor I have working for me. Wake up!

Cynthia Swanson You don’t have to go to Ellis or Bellevue there are other options around the capital District. The same people complaining about Ellis being taken over by Saint Peter’s are the same people that complained that Ellis was a terrible hospital.


Enough with cajoling and bribing these anti-vaxxers with free beer or college tuition and mega lotteries. Why give the unvaccinated a pass, letting them spread the virus to everyone else, even those that have been vaccinated? We need to make taking a flight, attending a sporting or entertainment event and even shopping inconvenient for those not willing to get vaccinated, unless there is a legitimate, doctor approved reason they shouldn’t. This isn’t a matter of personal liberty, it’s a health pandemic. I believe businesses will welcome the requirement to make it easier and safer for them not to look like they are taking sides on the issue.

We have mandates for all kinds of things that might be mistakenly seen as involving no one else. For example, you are required to get a license to drive a vehicle, buy insurance, get it inspected, wear a seat belt, not drive while drunk, obey street signs and speed limits. If you want your children to attend a U.S. public school, they must be vaccinated. Private actions impose public costs and thus are mandated. You should not have the right to spread the disease and occupy a precious hospital bed. Stop listening to right-wing media and politicians offering false and misleading information about the virus and getting vaccinated without someone dangling a prize for you to do the right thing.


Kristen O’Brien – Totally agree. You can also add that Biden has also reversed many of Trump’s anti-environmental executive orders, as well as other special interest policies for his right-wing friends.

BTW – the economy grew 6.5% in the second quarter. Once people get back to work and the supply change catches up with demand, inflation will come down and the economy will prosper even more.


You are assuming that inflation will not be stimulated by the use of the printing press to finance government expenditures. History does not support your assumption.


Cynthia Swanson – I totally agree. What I don’t know is whether Ellis is in such a financial bind that without a merger, they would fold. Perhaps they should look to Albany Med or Saratoga Hospital for a better partner. Selling out to the church is wrong.


Top Democrats from the president to governors to members of congress are calling for Cuomo to resign. trump makes Cuomo look like an innocent choir boy, yet with the exception of one or two “true GOP members” no top Republicans wanted to investigate or hold agent orange accountable for his criminally insane behavior. Their indifference to EVERYTHING other than their own political agendas certainly casts a very dark shadow over the entire GOP.

Odd that the loudest noise criticizing Cuomo that we hear (and rightfully so) come from fellow Democrats. Maybe it’s me, but I’m hearing very little from our reddish friends. Maybe they realize they’re on thin ice in that regard? Don’t want to draw too much attention to their 8000 lb. gorilla(s)!


Come on Chuck, Trump isn’t that fat! He got away with most of his transgressions by hiding behind the presidency, thanks in part to William Barr and DOJ policy protecting him, as well as all the lawyers he is using to slow down and overwhelm his accusers. Don’t look to republicans calling him out; they are too afraid. They don’t even consider thin ice. They have no moral and legal compass anymore.


As often as not your mind seems to be on different page than your mouth. Regardless of what you’re attempting to say, Republicans constantly “interfere” with anything Democratics attempt to accomplish.

You must be completely confused as to why Democrats hold power when all they seem to do is bicker.
The concept of negotiation and debate have been dropped almost completely from the Republican mindset.

Highest taxes in the country, crime out of control, murders out of control and yet we have the NYS Safe act. The state is broke and people are fleeing by the thousands to Red States because of the years of mismanagement by democrat leaders.

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