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Local, state, federal officials respond to AG’s report on Cuomo

Gov. Andrew Cuomo July 26
Gov. Andrew Cuomo July 26

Various local, state and federal leaders have provided statements on the state attorney general’s report on Gov. Andrew Cuomo and sexual harassment claims. Many of the officials have called for Cuomo’s departure from office.

Here is some of what they had to say:


Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara, D-Rotterdam: “Today’s report from Attorney General Letitia James confirms that the governor is a serial sexual harasser, assaulter and intimidator — the NYS Legislature must impeach now. He has violated both state and federal law. We must hold him accountable for his actions. We must honor the brave women who came forward.  Zero tolerance means zero tolerance for all, including the governor. His outrageous behavior is an embarrassment to all of us and cannot be tolerated. He should put his ego aside for once and resign immediately!”

Assemblyman Phil Steck, D-Colonie: “In February, I called for the Gov to resign. The reasons are now amplified. But we need to ask: What is it about this man and the power of his office that allowed abusive behavior for so long. This is not just about Cuomo. We need constitutional reform of the Governor’s Office.”

Assemblyman Robert Smullen, R-Meco: “Attorney General James conducted a thorough investigation of the governor, and the findings are what we expected. It is paramount that the state Legislature hold him accountable and remove the governor immediately through the impeachment process, as I have advocated for in the past. We as New Yorkers cannot abide by any leader that uses their power to sexually harass hard-working employees.”

Assemblywoman Mary Beth Walsh, R,C,I- Ballston: “Based on the report and findings by the attorney general’s independent investigation into the several very serious allegations of sexual harassment against the governor, I believe that he should do the right thing on behalf of the people of the state of New York and step down immediately. As a member of the Assembly Judiciary Committee, the findings contained in this lengthy report will be discussed thoroughly at the next scheduled meeting on Aug. 9 – if not sooner.”

Assemblyman Chris Tague, R-Schoharie: ““What we learned today is sickening, and the fact that the governor has coldly lied about the terrible things he did to several women for months, including an incident with a state trooper we are just now hearing about, should chill people to their cores. If the governor does not step down, we must move to impeach him immediately, because someone capable of these callous actions has no place in our state government.” 

State Sen. Michelle Hinchey, D-Saugerties: “The attorney general’s report has confirmed that the governor’s behavior is not only a disturbing abuse of power but also a clear violation of both state and federal law. This proves that the governor is unfit to hold the highest office in our state. The people of New York deserve better. I thank the women who bravely came forward despite an environment of intimidation. The governor must resign.”

State Sen. Jim Tedisco, R,C-Glenville: “This is truly a disappointing day for all New Yorkers but an important one to begin to provide some closure for all the women who were victims of this governor’s actions. The New York state attorney general’s disturbing report confirms what I’ve been saying for months, that Andrew Cuomo must be impeached and removed from office immediately.  Enough is enough!”

State Sen. Daphne Jordan, R-Halfmoon: “The just-released comprehensive, thorough, and independent report from New York State Attorney General Letitia James into the governor’s disturbing pattern of sexual harassment, and workplace intimidation while breaking state and federal laws leads to one inescapable conclusion – one that I reached months ago: Cuomo must resign, now! As detailed in the attorney general’s findings and a 5-month-long investigation, Cuomo is a serial sexual harasser that has brought disgrace upon his office and stained our state. For the good of New York, Cuomo must go. He must immediately resign or face bipartisan impeachment during a special session of the state Legislature.”

State Sen. Peter Oberacker, R, C- Schenevus: “The governor must resign immediately and face criminal charges. The governor said wait for the independent investigation from the attorney general, we now have that report and it is sickening to read.” 

Albany County District Attorney David Soares: “Along with the public, today we have been made aware of the final independent report from AG Letitia James’ office regarding Governor Cuomo’s conduct as they relate to violations of civil harassment statutes. We will be formally requesting investigative materials obtained by the AG’s Office, and we welcome any victim to contact our office with additional information. As this matter is developing and we are reviewing the document released by the attorney general today, we will refrain from any additional public comment at this time regarding the status of the ongoing criminal investigation by our office.” 

Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan: “The report outlined by the attorney general provides a deeply disturbing, pervasive pattern of sexual harassment. We all deserve to be safe at work. Sadly, these women were not and I commend them for coming forward and sharing their traumatic experiences. I also commend our Attorney General and her investigators for their professional and thorough investigation. A corporate CEO, no matter how successful, would be fired for creating an environment that degraded and harmed so many women. A state that champions women’s rights cannot have a governor who does not respect those rights. It is time for Andrew Cuomo to step down.”

Albany County Legislature Democratic Leaders: “Anyone who makes a sexual harassment claim deserves a fair process and to be treated with respect. The attorney general’s findings come after a five-month thorough and independent investigation into the allegations against Gov. Cuomo. No one should feel unsafe or uncomfortable in their workplace. Today’s findings illustrate the importance of addressing toxic workplace environments. It is incumbent upon leaders to ensure that it does not persist when it is identified and the necessary actions are taken when it does.”

U.S. Rep. Paul Tonko, D-Amsterdam: “I called for a full and independent investigation earlier this year into credible allegations that Governor Cuomo sexually harassed several women including members of his own staff. In March, as those allegations grew even more troubling, I called on him to do the right thing for the people of New York and resign. The New York attorney general’s report today confirms my worst fears. The governor‘s victims deserve justice, the people of our state deserve better and the governor needs to resign.”

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-Saratoga: “No one is above the law and today justice must be served. Governor Cuomo must resign and be arrested immediately. President Joe Biden must immediately call for Cuomo’s resignation.”

U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y,. and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y.: “The New York state attorney general has conducted an independent, thorough and professional investigation that found the governor violated state and federal law, had a pattern of sexually harassing current and former employees, retaliated against at least one of the accusers, and created a hostile work environment. No elected official is above the law. The people of New York deserve better leadership in the governor’s office. We continue to believe that the governor should resign.” 


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