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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Aug. 8


Why did Republicans hide from insurgents

If the people who illegally entered the Capitol on Jan. 6 were just peaceful patriotic Americans simply trying to “stop the steal,” why didn’t Elise Stefanik, Lauren Boebert, Ted Cruz, Matt Gaetz, Louie Gohmert, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jim Jordan and Lee Zeldin, et al, leave the safety of their shelters and placate the violent white trash mob?
A reasonable question deserving of an answer, don’t you think?
Do any of you Republicans have one?
Paul Sator

Reinstate the draft to ensure our safety

It looks like we now have to start the draft for our military.
The drums are starting to beat in all parts of the world. Most people can’t hear them or don’t want to hear them. A draft will be good in many ways. It will take some younger people that are not sure what they want to do. The training will give them ideas on what they can do with training in many areas.
These people will be able to get out in a certain amount of time. They will be trained for the future just in case something happens worldwide.
If they have to be called back, they will be trained to better take care of what they have to do, plus take care of themselves.
From all the rumble going on all over, we have to have the manpower in our military to take care of what we must do to protect our country.
A draft is a win-win for everyone involved. The handwriting is on the wall. Let’s be ready and hope everything stays good for us, and we continue our way of life – at peace.
A strong military will help keep a long peace.
Sid Gordon
Saratoga Springs

Not all of us deserve blame for covid surge

I can’t believe you lumped “us” together in your Aug. 1 editorial “Oh no. Not again.”) in the fight against this pandemic.
Seriously, I feel like I’m in school again and the naughty kids have disrupted the class so now “we” all have to suffer.
Let’s be clear, in the “we” are all of the people who listened and believed the former president’s lies over and over about the virus while knowing how deadly it was.
So, “they” are now responsible for what is surging now. Put the blame where it belongs.
Now, some of the “responsible we” will put our masks back on to protect ourselves and “them,” even though some of the “them” still aren’t taking this virus seriously.
And please also remember where the “politics” of this started — not with Democrats or Joe Biden.
It started with the “former guy” who was more concerned about the economy than he was about us the people and saving lives in this country.
Mary Baker

Learn what socialism and communism are

In reading Mr. DiCaprio’s July 18 letter (“Cubans stage revolt against socialism,”) on his partisan blame, he can’t seem to make up his mind as to if it’s socialism he doesn’t like or communism.
I’d suggest he look up the definitions of both, as they are not the same.
There is such a thing as “benevolent social societies” of which not enough distinction is made in our public dialogue.
The latter I mentioned is pretty much what our “people first” is about. It’s what we want to have in this country. Maybe he would end the police, fire services, public roads and hospitals to name a few.
And as to his thinking that “Bernie” or “the crew” should be responding to Cuba’s or and other countries’ issues with a knee-jerk comment, most good thinking people prefer to know and understand history and see if we can offer helpful comments or assistance rather than think we know all the answers.
Richard C. Johnson


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While there is considerable effort expended to blame Trump for why some are reluctant to take the vaccine. I suggest that the truth of the matter is that there is a considerable distrust of government. Would a reasonable person trust an American government labels racist public policies as diversity promotion?

Paul Sator Let me turn that around and ask you a question. If these were Republican Trump supporters why would the Republicans run to safety because if they were as you say Trump supporters they would be safe in the chamber with those people. Common sense is lacking in people today.

Joseph Vendetti


I consider myself a pretty moderately conservative fellow – but here are the ten truths about President Trump and why he maybe the worst President of all time.

1.) He was born into an extremely wealthy family and was afforded every privilege (education, housing, cars, skin tone, etc) who avoided military service with bogus medical issues

2.) He took his family wealth and took advantage of accounting & political loopholes – by reading the criminal complaint – you can’t purposefully mis-state your value of assets on one form (loans) and purposefully mis-state liabilities on other forms (tax returns)

3.) He is a man with no real convictions by being pro-choice as a young man and for political gains became pro-life

4.) He has tried books, water, steaks, hotels, casinos, college programs, TV shows, golf clubs – everyone has failed, went bankrupt, or ended in scandal

5.) He has touted this high IQ but his oratory skills tell you his intelligence is not great

6.) Great Leaders surround themselves with people more intelligent and heed the advice of experts, President Trump had the highest turnover of cabinet members in history

7.) Not that all politicians don’t lie but on the campaign trail his biggest promise (Mexico was going to pay for a wall – not even close)

8.) As a “law and order” President – he cranked up parts of the US’s fringed ugly underbelly which resulted in a failed attack against our Democracy where law enforcement officers died

9.) He pulled us out of the Paris Accord which is to help prevent our earth from overheating, out of WHO, and argued with our NATO allies

10.) He sympathized with Putin and Kim Jong Uhn known ruthless dictators that have slaughtered portions of their people to hold control

To win the Presidency in 2016 he walked into a perfect political storm (awful candidates on both the Republican & Democratic ticket), Acting like a political outsider, and taking advantage of the fringe (independent) voter who was sick of politics as usual.

The two things I will give him credit for in his four years in office – 1.) Tax cut & 2.) Getting Vaccines produced in record time. But all in all he is a fancy elixir salesman, spoiled, egotistical, poor leader that we are better without.

Let’s add his cruel policy of purposely traumatizing children at the border by separating them from their parents with no way to reunite. Prolife? Responsible for hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths due to covid bungle, and his surge of executions of inmates.
I don’t agree the tax cut goes into the positive column as HE, his family and rich buddies benefited, adding 2 trillion of debt during a healthy, growing economy he inherited. 45 gets credit for cutting bureaucracy to get vaccine out (oh that must have been exhausting), but had no plan to distribute and refused to give a clear message. But it doesn’t matter if one thinks he did some good, because his legacy will be nothing but death and destruction, and he will go down in history as a traitor (if we are able to keep and restore our democracy).


As for separating children from their parents one should note that is what happens to citizen criminals. Do you wish to change that practice?

William Aiken

Biden has shut down the media’s access from covering the calamity unfolding at our southern border. This failure is the result of Biden’s own policies. Border patrol agents cite the past seven months as the worst conditions they’ve ever seen at the border.

Biden permits inflected Covid immigrants into the country then sending them off into red states under the cover of night. This destabilization of the border is intentional and unapologetic.

Only a complicit media allows this chaos to continue by avoiding reporting on this worsening situation. Like JClark, the media rather complain about Trump then hold Biden accountable. Trump handed in Biden a secure border, which he undid with his executive orders.


Joe Trump is no longer president. We now have their is no crisis at the Southern border Biden for president. Thank you for making the point that reasonable people have a sound basis for distrusting the government, and that they have a continuing basis for distrusting the it is not racism but diversity promotion government.


Fred, government distrust has been a GOP theme for decades, driven into the American psyche as part of their “trust us, not them” marketing campaign. But government didn’t manufacture the vaccines and those refusing to get vaccinated are listening to right-wing noisemakers who want the effort to stamp out the virus to fail (politically to hurt Biden’s efforts), are lazy or don’t care about anybody but themselves (which is ironic since the unvaccinated are the ones ending up in the hospital and dying).


The every increasing national debt to fund programs that voters did not want to pay for says something abut the merits of having faith in large government. You should not that the connection between funding the government by printing money and inflation is born out by history. Given what the government has said about the transitory nature of inflation and their commitment to printing money no one should be surprised in the lack of faith many have in government pronouncements.

Ray help your fellows out: try to explain how government mandated diversity programs are not racism by the government.


I knew it was a waste of time responding to you as you drift off into other topics (e.g., diversity programs and your favorite, racism) and waste everybody’s time. Your grasp of economics and history are elementary at best. I’m not going to waste any more time educating you. Say good night, Gracie!


Ray you might try spreading your insights to all the readers rather than just one

Joseph Vendetti

J – didn’t put border separation because this has been the policy of the last 5 presidents that I can remember.

Not a fan of open borders or no Covid or vaccines checks at borders or IDs. I fear drugs and terrorist taking advantage.

Frankly wouldn’t let any gov’t hand out vaccines- they can’t do anything effectively or efficiently besides war.

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