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Letters to the Editor Monday, Aug. 9


Let’s all take a less cynical approach

“Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.” Francis P. Church’s response to an 8-year-old Virginia O’Hanlon’s question, “Is there a Santa Claus?” is a classic example of the positive approach to life.
Church, a former American Civil War correspondent, cynic and atheist, gave a young American girl hope in the late 1890s.
His message was simple; belief in something good sometimes brings happiness.
We need a little bit of that these days. Let’s put aside all reference to the Delta variant, political partisan bickering, racial bias, Olympic downfalls and violence on the streets.
In place of such negative media-driven topics, let’s conjure up some of the bright spots in our lives.
The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that we live in a country which, in spite of all the internal criticism, offers up a quality of living unparalleled in modern times.
We have a six-day-a-week mail delivery service which is second to none. Our medical institutions are among the best in the world. Our economy, in spite of the fact that some individuals decline offers to work, is still full of job opportunities.
In less than one month, college football will offer weekend opportunities for family outings.
In less than a month, trees across the United States will come ablaze not with forest fires, but with the multi-colored leaves of fall.
Children will be returning to school, and normalcy, a term once thought dead will return.
And don’t forget Santa Claus.
Allen R. Remaley
Saratoga Springs

Grateful to PBA for great night of fun

Wow! I would like to thank the Rotterdam PBA for a wonderful Night Out which they hosted on Aug. 3.
The location at Jefferson School was perfect, the car show was awesome, and there were many family activities.
Vendors set up tables, food trucks were present, and there was a canopy with picnic tables for your comfort.
A local farm hosted pony rides with an exhibit of baby goats and chicks, along with a dispenser for feed.
Law enforcement, as well as EMTs and fire departments, were present to answer any and all of your questions. And the evening ended with fireworks.
It was an absolutely amazing event! They represented true community spirit and support.
Thank you to all our service men and women in Rotterdam.
Nancy Ostapow



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Joseph Vendetti

News -“Defund the Police Drum” – again with Jamaica Miles???

The reason multiple officers show up at field sobriety tests are because our crafty defense attorneys look for any ambiguity (has driver had a previous interaction with that particular officer, number of times officer has administered field sobriety, number of DWAI & DWI arrests, etc) in the tests.

My guess is that the firsts officer on the scene was relatively new and he called a supervisor and then a call in the queue got cleared and another car responded. Schenectady is patrolling with two in a car these days like many agencies (because cars are expensive to buy and maintain).

As I have said before – police officers pray for no calls on their shift. When they do get a call they hope they can resolve with no arrests or even tickets. The last thing an officer wants to do is spend time booking and transporting an individual to County lockup.

Ms. Miles is the dog whistle for racism. She wants to continue to play out this victim mentality. The real scary aspect of this is she was elected to the school board with a whole 700 votes.

I’m the last person anyone should ask about marketing advice; I have enough trouble selling a lawn mower on Craigslist. But the “Defund the Police” slogan/meme/whatever has to be the most disastrous attempt at promoting a movement ever invented, judging by how extreme voices on all sides have co-opted it (selling prime ad space as well, ensuring that our media keeps it a hot topic).

Noise-makers on the so-called right ostensibly point to all the perceived ills of society as demanding stronger, tougher enforcement needing stronger, tougher tools. Their motto seems to be, Be the Hammer, or Be the Nail.
Meanwhile the originators of the phrase cite their front-row seats to generations of a one-dimensional, militaristic law enforcement mentality, right in their communities, right in front of their children ensuring continued generations of a people living under siege.

“Defund the Police!” Stop feeding them with more weaponry. And there are those who dream of shutting down entire police departments, to be reinvented…as something else.
There are extremes on both sides (as there always is) amplified by commercial media like this one, who know what sells papers, and ad space. The share holders are pleased.

There’s also obviously a huge problem now that needs thoughtful debate and it does mean a _reallocation_ of law enforcement resources. We’ve all heard about it, but media keeps jerking the public’s attention back to the volatile so it doesn’t get the attention it needs. Attention that might really make remediation possible.

It’s that cops should not be expected to be crisis councilors. They should not be expected to be marriage councilors, or family remediators. And law enforcement SHOULD welcome that change. Put peace officers on the street, and not in little armored personnel carriers (too many look like they could benefit from the exercise). Rework law enforcement (and keeping the peace, remember that?) so that those social services with trained professionals are available 24×7.

That takes money, and that is where the maligned idea of defunding the police comes from. Law enforcement enjoy the budgetary leverage of holding the publics’ well-being over whatever they demand. ‘Sure hate to see anything bad happen to your city…’ It’s past time that they be told ‘sorry, but this will make your life easier, you just might not be able to buy that MRAP next year’.

A police officer in Chicago who just returned from maternity leave was murdered in Chicago this weekend, her partner is barely hanging on. So far this year 38 police officers in Chicago have been shot or shot at. let’s get some more social workers.


I’m extremely upset: My, my family’s, and my friend’s lives are are being put at serious risk because of the stupidity, ignorance or indifference of millions of morons who fail to believe in or follow science. Climate change and the Covid virus are being fueled by these people. Trying to convince non-believers into taking measures so as to curtail the catastrophic results of Covid and climate change seems futile. Logical reasoning and common sense don’t work. Many of the Gazette editorial letters and posts on this forum are proof of that. It’s simply mind boggling. Help!

William Marincic

According to the Gazette, African Americans are the least vaccinated segment in the United States, according to the CDC only 24% are vaccinated, this is a huge problem that nobody is talking about. That and Biden releasing tens of thousands of covid positive undocumented into the country through our southern border. And finally, Antifa attacked a church group in Portland stealing sound equipment and food, during another clash the police did not intervene.

You’re bound and determined to caste White Christians as some kind of oppressed group, aren’t you?

Here’s the _whole_ truth since you cannot be counted on to be honest:

-The same data shows Indigenous Americans with 41.8% fully vaccinated and White Americans at 33.8%.

-In the world of mainstream media, during the primetime hours and in print, there has been much discussion and debate on how to get African-Americans past the events of the Tuskegee “studies” when the US Government betrayed hundreds of Black men and many died from it. Just another atrocity committed against the Black community. So what’s your point again?

-The point about “tens of thousands of covid positive undocumented” is a lie. It’s another example of the non-White derangement syndrome you and so many other, self-entitled Whites exhibit. You have no evidence that what you say is true.

-According to local news from Portland the clash was against Proud Boys, not your perpetually under-siege religion. And you’d be hard-pressed to find many on the left who support the antifa movement. Yet you really, really think you got something to counter the anti-American activities sanctioned by the Republican Party. It won’t work.

Joseph Vendetti


Agreed – scary when we have supposed intelligent college grads that won’t get vaccinated & deny the earth is warming.

It’s a “scam-demic,” he said. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country’s leading infectious disease expert, is a “power-tripping lying freak,” he said.

Then the tune changed. “Get the vax,” he said.

Now Dick Farrel, a former Newsmax commentator and all-around coronavirus-denying, vaccine-resistant right-wing radio talk show host, is dead of COVID-19 complications at age 65.

“He was known as the other Rush Limbaugh,” his partner, Kit Farley, wrote in a now-private post obtained by Deadline. “With a heavy heart, I can only say this was so unexpected. He will be missed.”
As recently as June, though, Farrel was calling pro-vaccination people “power trip libb loons” and urged people not to get the shots.
As an unabashed and ardent Donald Trump supporter, Farrel was steeped in conspiracy theories on everything from unsubstantiated claims of election fraud in 2020, to the efficacy of coronavirus vaccines.
“I was one of the people like him who didn’t trust the vaccine,” Hair told WPTV-TV. “I trusted my immune system. I just became more afraid of getting COVID-19 than I was of any possible side effects of the vaccine. I’m glad I got vaccinated.”


We are lucky to have brilliant scientists and physicians. Unlike the dying fools who don’t believe in “science” and pray on it instead. (Don’t hold your breath waiting for the resurrection of Jesus to resolve our perils.) Their mantra: Give me liberty or give me death. And they are foolishly choosing both. – The bigger issue is that they’re dragging the sane along with them.

Mr. Restifo let me understand this, I’m confused. Biden, Fauci and the rest are saying that the Delta Variant is less deadly and that if you are vaccinated you may not even know you have it. So how are the unvaccinated killing the vaccinated?

You people really don’t get why the mistrust. Fauci said yesterday that the Sturgis motorcycle rally is a problem but was silent on Lalapalooza in Chicago with thousands in attendance and also silent on Obama’s birthday bash with 100s of celebrities in attendance. Rules for thee but not for me.

You are outright lying.
We have a year’s worth of Trump lies and falsehoods and disparagement of the medical authorities to look for “mistrust”. All meant to appease angry, gullible, racist people like yourself for your vote and your money. I can repost them if you doubt that.

Joseph Vendetti

Not to mention the looming mental health of all our health care workers for having to potentially go thru another devastating wave of this and other variants because idiots refuse to get vaccinated


JV and Louis, So true, daughter works as administrator here in nursing home. She and fellow staff are spent. Held the line for a year or more, not so this time, six or seven staff and 2 or 3 residents testing positive. They stayed locked at front door and only relaxed testing requirements as 19 receded. Testing 2 times week and no visitors again. This is a first rate company with great reputation and upper management who cut no corners in last years surge.
On the other side of family (daughters son) my 23 year old grandson says no one is going to tell him what to do. You know the rest.

Joseph Vendetti

We do a safety moment at the beginning of every meeting in person or zoom. My topic this morning was vaccines. Out of 8 ppl on call 4 said it was inappropriate topic – assuming they are anti-vaxx. The president of my company took a bold step and reached out to their superiors and told them we wouldn’t be attending any meetings in person unless the 4 on the phone (who we normally sit with in a confined job trailer) show proof of vaccinations and if they didn’t like it we could cancel our contract. The COO of the large southern utility said everyone on the site now needs to have a vaccine card or they can’t work.

“inappropriate topic”
What kind of bizarro world have we entered when vaccination against a killer virus is an”inappropriate topic”?
Well played, Joe.


Joseph, That COO should run of Governor of Florida or Texas. I like the part “we can cancel your contract” need a lot of that from companies which may come once vacancies fully approved.


Notice no defense from the alt-right bloggers, because there is none. They just don’t care. Like toddlers they live for the immediate.

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