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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, Aug. 10


Where does Cuomo go after he leaves?

So, now that the state AG’s report on “Governor” Cuomo is out for the public to read in its entirety, most of the state’s elected representatives are finally calling for him to go.
The question now arises as to where he will go once he is removed, either forcibly by uniformed officers or willingly from the Executive Mansion and all other state offices, as I doubt he will.
I have an answer for that though.
All he has to do is call 561-832-2600 and ask for the reservations desk at the Mar-A-Lago.
I’m sure they have room for one more failed political career hack.
If he’s real nice and asks to speak to Donald, I’m sure he can get the Bridal Suite and the two of them can go over their joint re-election campaign together. I can see the banners now… Trump – Cuomo 2024. Who else ya gonna call ?
Jason Bare

School staff should have to be vaccinated

Schools are getting ready to open, so it is already late in the game. ALL teachers and staff at every school should have to be vaccinated.
No elementary school child can yet be vaccinated against covid, nor can most middle school children be.
There are probably hundreds of high school students in the area who can be but have not yet been vaccinated. It is for the safety of themselves AND the community and the children whom they serve that teachers and staff present themselves as those who cannot as easily spread the virus.
It is imperative that just as medical centers and places where seniors live have demanded their staff be vaccinated, that those caring for our youngest also have this demand placed on them. Public health is a responsibility of each and every one of us. Superintendents, do your job and make this a rule.
Sally Magid

Schenectady needs to fix its Wi-Fi situation

Schenectady Wi-Fi is a failure. Bring any device like a smart phone in range of Schenectady wireless and that device will lock onto Schenectady Wi-Fi. At that point, you are able to access NOTHING. Case in point: Try to park in and around City Hall. Open the Passport app on your phone. Enter the zone number of the parking lot you are in: “Internet failure” message appears.
Of course the failure is because your device latches onto the nearest signal, which is the non-functional Schenectady Wi-Fi.
While volunteering at a site in Schenectady, I cannot access any internet connections (mail, internet search, etc.) because the Schenectady Wi-Fi doesn’t work.
I recall the great fanfare with which city officials launched the city-wide access to the internet.
Perhaps one of those officials should try to use said system.
Larry Lewis

Don’t put off health visits for your kids

In 2020, there were 1 million less HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccine doses given in the United States, as compared to 2019.
COVID-19 caused many parents to delay regular health care visits for their children. In fact, data show a 71% decrease in healthcare visits for children ages 7 to 17 years old during 2020.
The HPV vaccine is highly effective at preventing certain cancers, such as cervical, vaginal, vulvar, penile, anal, and cancers of the mouth and throat. The HPV vaccine is given to boys and girls beginning at age nine and through age 26. If you’ve had to put off your child’s vaccinations, talk to your health care provider about getting them back on your calendar.
The Cancer Prevention in Action Program (CPiA) works to increase HPV vaccination rates in children in order to prevent cancer in adulthood. CPiA is helping New York get back on track with HPV vaccination and other ways to prevent cancer.
To learn more about the CPiA Program go to or contact us at 518-770-6815. CPiA is supported with funds from the State of New York.
Kelsey Carpe
The writer is health education promotions coordinator, Cancer Prevention in Action Program of Fulton, Montgomery & Schenectady Counties.


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Sally Magid Don’t count on it, the teachers unions refuse to allow it and they would prefer all the teachers stay home and the ones that have to go to school wear masks and force your kids to wear masks.

Actually the president of AFT called for vaccine mandates for educators, so you’re wrong once again. Must be hard going through life being so cynical. Praying for you friend.


As they say, “ignorance is a virus” and mostly republicans have it. Mandate vaccinations and mask children in school to help stop the spread of the delta variant. There has been a marked jump in not only Covid-19 cases among children, but a major uptick in hospitalizations and long-lasting health implications for kids.

Zachary–What are you talking about? All the teachers were physically IN school doing their best to educate those that came in while frustratingly reaching out to virtual students at the same time.

Joseph Vendetti

All the talk on TV is infrastructure talks and new fiscal year budget –

Understanding Fiscal cliff

US Tax revenue (all sources)
Fed Budget – $3,820,000,000,000
New Debt –
National Debt
Budget Cuts

Lets remove 8 zeros and pretend this is our (your) household budget

Revenue – $21,700
Family Spending – $38,200
Credit Card Debt – $16,500
All CC Balances -$142,710
Total cuts – $38.50

Got It?

If you don’t

Here is another way of looking at Debt Ceiling –

Lets say you come home from work and find there has been a sewer break in your neighborhood. Then you find out your home is filled to the ceiling with sewage. What do you think you should do? Raise the ceilings? Or remove the sh*t?

When is enough? What is enough?


Funny how republicans didn’t mind budget deficits in 2017 when they gave the $2 trillion tax break to mostly the rich and promised large employee raises and that the move would pay for itself. Of course the supply side economics failed again. We need to invest in our country to raise EVERYONE’S standard of living. Trying to equate the national budget to your home budget makes no sense.

How about you also mention the Republicans’ vehement opposition to giving the IRS the funding it needs to properly do it’s job and ensure EVERYONE pays their taxes? That would have to be part of an honest portrait of the bill.

According to Reuters, “The IRS budget fell to about $11.95 billion in 2020 from an inflation-adjusted $14.6 billion in 2010, largely as a result of Republican-driven budget cuts that Democrats want to reverse.”

Why are Republicans so opposed to the IRS doing their job and seeing that taxes are paid? It sure helps set up folks like you, Joe, to be able to whine about government over-spending. Republicans are the “fiscally responsible” party, right?

There’s an easy way to deal with it. Jeff Bezos is sleeping in your spare bedroom. He uses your wi-fi, showers with your hot water, enjoys your air conditioning, and eats your food, and only pays you $100 a month in rent. Time to raise Jeff’s rent.

Joseph V–yes, it’s a problem but we’re in a situation now where 45’s administration added 7 TRILLION to the debt–but for what? 2 Trillion went to the tax cut lining HIS pockets along with his cronies. What I see being offered under this administration is investment in the middle and lower classes while appropriately taxing these greedy billionaires. More ordinary Americans working at decent paying jobs means more taxes going in. What do you suggest gets cut?

William Marincic

Democrats are taking charge of the next generation of sheep.

Gov. Kate Brown, the Oregon Democrat, signed a bill last month with little fanfare that drops the requirement that high school students prove proficiency in reading, writing or math, before graduation, a report said.

At least two Republican governors are actively undermining the safety of children returning to school with actual threats to schools who want to follow scientific advice and have them all wear masks.

No Democrat is working to jeopardize the health and safety of Americans or their children.

Joseph Vendetti


The US went off the Gold Standard in or around 1970/71 – same year when we started deficit spending. Every budget in the last 50 years has incurred debt. That is 6 republican & 5 democratic presidents – both parties over spend.

Ray – Ronald Reagan tax cuts & George Bush tax cuts actually resulted in raised revenue while Trumps tax cuts reduced tax revenue contributing to deficit. The Reagan and Bush cuts also included down into the middle class while infused money into the economy while corporate tax cuts allowed more international and foreign corporations to harbor money off shore. So I am really not for or against the term “trickle down economics”. I stated before Trumps tax cut benefitted my business slightly and I paid much more (5 digits) while he was president.

Both parties are guilty of over spending, creating tax loopholes and responsible for the demise of the US dollar.

That’s an intellectually lazy statement to make: ‘both sides are guilty’.
Debt is inevitable, as inevitable as if you plan to buy a house, or a new car, or a child’s education, or new equipment for your company, so let’s dispense with the false equivalency of our federal budget as a household budget. In fact what you see as “over-spending” is often Democratic investing, and a simply search on the internet will show almost unanimous agreement that our economy does better under Democratic control.
Why don’t you also look at loss of revenue due to lax oversight by Republicans?

Both sides are not equally guilty, as you often declare. Is that opinion a business decision?


As I have pointed out before, Bush Sr. ran up Reagan’s deficit even higher (Ronny had cut taxes and bloated the military, great supply side economics) so Bill Clinton came along and balance the budget and left with a surplus. Bush Jr. destroyed the budget by cutting taxes and spent more than $1 trillion on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Obama digs us out of Bush’s Great Recession and then leaves Trump with a growing economy. Trump spends $2 trillion on the tax cut, ignores the pandemic killing hundreds of thousands of Americans and the economy tanked. Biden is left to clean up the mess and has a great plan to make the country great like the last two Democratic presidents. Democrats know how government operates and tries to make the lives better for an overwhelming majority of citizens, not just the rich and their trickle down economics.

As a side bar, the money spent on the Iraq war was spent “off the books”, as in, not budgeted for:
When the US invaded Iraq in March 2003, the Bush administration estimated that it would cost $50-60bn to overthrow Saddam Hussein and establish a functioning government. This estimate was catastrophically wrong: the war in Iraq has cost $823.2bn between 2003 and 2011. Some estimates suggesting that it may eventually cost as much as $3.7tn when factoring in the long-term costs of caring for the wounded and the families of those killed.

The most striking fact about the cost of the war in Iraq has been the extent to which it has been kept “off the books” of the government’s ledgers and hidden from the American people. This was done by design. A fundamental assumption of the Bush administration’s approach to the war was that it was only politically sustainable if it was portrayed as near-costless to the American public and to key constituencies in Washington. The dirty little secret of the Iraq war – one that both Bush and the war hawks in the Democratic party knew, but would never admit – was that the American people would only support a war to get rid of Saddam Hussein if they could be assured that they would pay almost nothing for it.

It appears GB has it’s own hands full with the anti-life loon squads as we do:
Confused anti-vaccine protesters stormed what they thought was a major BBC building on Monday, apparently unaware the corporation largely moved out almost a decade ago.

Rather than target the BBC’s news operation, which they hold responsible for promoting Covid-19 vaccines, a handful of protesters gained access to Television Centre in west London, which is now predominantly rented by ITV to film its daytime shows such as Good Morning Britain and This Morning.

The circular building was vacated by the BBC in 2013 and has since been converted into flats and a private members’ club.

Joseph Vendetti

Somehow for the 1st 172 years of our republic we lived by the gold standard & didn’t deficit spend but provided roads, bridges, fueled the largest industrial revolution, fought several wars, etc.

You can have a balanced budget & borrow as long as you have revenues to cover the borrow payments & reduce debt. Deficit spending is never paying even the principal off and continuing to just refinance with a different debt instrument & spend on new things.

I’m just amazed that only republicans did bad things in your eyes?-

Not sure who you’re addressing that to, and I’m probably the last person who should be commenting on the value, or not, of the gold standard, but since you seemed to overlook the evidence already presented that the Republican Party has done more than anyone to drive our economy toward a cliff, I’ll take this opportunity to add the following to help justify why Democrats NEED to take unprecedented, radical even, steps to bring this country back from the brink. The LAST thing we should be doing is austerity. It seems pretty well agreed that we need a massive injection of investment, and investment into the specific needs to keep industry and commerce running. That also means full support of working people and their needs so they can get to the work most want to do, and be as productive as possible.
Joe, you’ve spoken before of the benefits you provide your people, and good on ya if that’s true. In my 45 years of employment, I’m here to tell you that’s the exception. Fortunately in the past 20 years that I’ve had my own family I’ve worked for employers that had decent benefits. Yet, even though 7 of those years were with a 3-letter government agency, I still had to use up my vacation time to spend the first 3 weeks of my daughter’s life at home with her and my wife. I can assure you that compared to other countries, that’s draconian. The attitude that the American worker just needs to suck it up, or start their own business is so much horse____. And the alternative isn’t coddling workers, as you may have seen in your own workers who allegedly receive generous benefits. All workers deserve at least the same, and while the government is limited as to what they can force business to do (thankfully), they can provide the support needed for people to manage their family/personal life with work. That’s how a civilized society works. So to hell with your concerns about deficit spending and the debt ceiling. You should’ve been concerned, oh, anytime in the past 20 years when Republicans were running roughshod over the economy.

One of President Donald Trump’s lesser known but profoundly damaging legacies will be the explosive rise in the national debt that occurred on his watch. The financial burden that he’s inflicted on our government will wreak havoc for decades, saddling our kids and grandkids with debt.

The national debt has risen by almost $7.8 trillion during Trump’s time in office. That’s nearly twice as much as what Americans owe on student loans, car loans, credit cards and every other type of debt other than mortgages, combined, according to data from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. It amounts to about $23,500 in new federal debt for every person in the country.

You blame the Republicans but under President Trump gas was almost 40% cheaper, food, lumber and everything else we use was less expensive we didn’t have a 5 1/2% inflation rate and climbing. We had a closed southern border last year at this time people coming across the southern border were 500% less and those people that got across the border were immediately sent home. You can blame anything you want on the Republicans but the truth of the matter is it’s Joe Biden’s administration and he’s a Democrat. Wait till 2022.

Donald Trump is actively trying to claim his rejection was fraud.
Donald Trump is still actively trying to hide his finances.
Donald Trump has voiced his support for those who would commit violent insurrection against our government.

That’s all we need to know about Donald Trump.
(And we *still* await your valued opinion on that, and tire of your other repetitive mindless kvetching)

Joseph Vendetti

Chuck – I don’t support republicans or democrats or Trump. They don’t care about us. They care about being re-elected. Everything in their being is about re-election. So that is why an infrastructure bill is filled with so much crap outside infrastructure. The local little leagues, Kiwanis clubs, butterfly enthusiasts should fund raise on their own instead an omnibus bill that has funding for their causes. When I was a kid if our babe ruth team needed a new dugout – they passed a can at games, when we had enough, moms and dads spent a saturday laying block. These days a politician gets a photo up and gives the league a check, the league needs to follow bidding protocol, solicit 3 bids and a dugout gets built for 10x the cost 20 weeks later. The reason the dugout gets vandalized and will need to be fixed again and again is because no one has any vested interest in it. Take this scenario and multiply it by 50,000 and we have $100-$300 B of pork in bills. Not to mention the global pork – money for Wuhan labs? Isreal weapons, Pakistan roads – the lists are endless.

Not one argument or qualm for monies spent on real infrastructure- bridges, roads, buses, electric charging stations, internet improvement, replacement of water treatment, lead pipes, etc.. Instead we are funding deer birth control & little league new fields as massive amendments.

We have turned into a society of looking and demanding handouts for things we should be paying for.

Right, you’ve said that. ‘All politicians are bad’. Got it.
Your comments seem to be made as if there never was a global pandemic. As if there never was a worldwide shutdown.
You also seem to talk as if the infrastructure bill is done. It most certainly isn’t as it still needs to go through the House for further debate.

(Do you also blame the rising crime rate on “defunding the police”? Something else that hasn’t even happened.)

I was a child during the 60’s and our family was supported by my father’s job as a public school teacher and my mother’s part time work. Yet we were able to buy our one-and-only new car and buy a modest house in the suburbs. Do you think a family of five could do the same now on what a public school teacher makes? Don’t you think you should consider the evaporation of the middle class over the years? Don’t you think wage disparity should also be part of your criticism?

It seems pretty obvious that one political party is more focused on middle class Americans that than the other. Did you not see the Republicans’ pathetic response to the Dems proposal? Or are the Dems just throwing the taxpayers’ money around like drunk sailors? It seems, on several different fronts, the Democrats are acting with the American People’s well-being first and foremost. And it does appear, and recent history supports, that the Republican Party …well, not so much. I sure don’t see any Democratic politicians mocking our scientific establishment and blocking their advice, causing the decimation of their own people.

I’ve also said before, I’m a DINO. I registered Democrat two years ago for the sole purpose of supporting Sanders. Otherwise I was not registered for any party for >40 years of voting. But I’m gratified to see how the Dems have welcome the Progressives’ initiatives.

Joseph Vendetti


July inflation down slightly.

The democratic senator from WV said he is concerned what these massive spending bills will mean for our children and grandchildren as well as spending spree already into a hot economy (that has 7.2 million job openings).

I’m in NV doing a project and fuel is close to $4.75 per gallon, CA its $1.2 more. I understand this to be a driver to move to electric or zero emission vehicles which is a good thing but because of limited amount of battery materials we can’t move to 1/2 of all US cars/Vehicles to electric until 2030. I would prefer a similar program when I jumped on solar panel bandwagon- they didn’t make natural gas and electricity more expensive they just made panels more affordable.

Joseph Vendetti


There has been defunding of the police – NYC, Los Angles, Portland, Minneapolis-

Starting teachers in Schenectady are at $44k per yr, avg teachers are making $71,000, teachers near the end of their career are over $100. With a part time spouse – thats a $150k-$200k house with car in suburbs. Thats for 180 day school year. Most teachers I know – paint, work at the track, landscape in summer. Plus great benefits thru teachers union. Yes I think its a noble and profession you can support a family of 5.

Redistribution of wealth is wrong in my mind. People in this country can make as much or little as possible. Tradesmen, craftsmen, hairdressers, people that don’t need a College education to make money and make a good life! Laziness is no excuse for wage disparity

My father also painted for the school district, with some other teachers, during the summer. I don’t know what quality of life a family of five gets with your numbers. I know the economic experts have cited a decimated middle class as a profound drag on our economy, not to mention undue stress on the average American family. Personally, I have enough college classroom time for a couple degrees, yet when the opportunity presented itself I dropped out (3 times actually) and recently finished a 24 year career as a self-taught, Subject Matter Expert in several technologies. So I can relate to pulling oneself up, but then I’m “blessed” to be White and I know that opened doors others could not. And I’m blessed to have been born and raised with other attributes others do not have to be competitive. Point being: I don’t agree we can all “make as much or as little as possible”. That leads to a ‘sucks to be you, it’s your own fault’ attitude. Other countries have recognized that and that MOST people want to provide value, to know you’ve contributed something.

“Conservatives” seem to have always taken that ‘sucks to be you’ mentality, assuming that most would game the system and stay home watching TV (while lavishly providing for their benefactors and giving us the lie that it would “trickle down”).
I stand corrected if the only issue is actually defunding police. It took about ten seconds to find that. I guess if you’re the police, you’ve been defunded. But as it happens, and as I’ve lamented regarding that phrase, there’s more to the story. The money that the police didn’t get actually went to social services for those most vulnerable to committing, or being a victim of, crime. One would think the cops would welcome the help.

…with reformed 2021 budgets coming into effect, cities are slowly beginning to redistribute law enforcement money to housing, mental health programs, food access and other programs.

“We are showing the country how reinvestments from the police budget can actually make many people’s lives so much better and safer,” said Gregorio Casar, a councilmember in Austin, Texas, who helped pass a major cut to the city’s law enforcement budget and is now reallocating those dollars to housing programs. “This will build momentum for changes to police budgets across the country.”

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