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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Aug. 11


Stop taking handouts and go apply for a job

We need people to go take a job and stop waiting for free handouts from our government. They are getting working people’s tax dollars.
Want to see all the “help wanted signs go away”? Give people two weeks’ notice that ALL unemployment and subsidies will stop in two weeks. So, you have two weeks to go grab a job before they are all taken by someone else. Start by taking care of yourself and your families and stop relying on the working people to give you everything while you sit home and check your mailbox for the free benefits. There is no free lunch!
Give your landlord a little money to show them that you want to stay in your house. Most people are afraid they will be evicted but are not doing anything about it.
Landlords have bills to pay, with no income from the tenants except to wait for the government to bail them out. Where will the bailout money come from? You guessed it — the people still working and paying payroll taxes.
Everything is costing more because employers have to pay more to entice people to come back to work. Why should working people have to pay more for everything because you refuse to take a job, perhaps the one you had before the pandemic?
Sorry to break the news, but the brain surgeon jobs you have been waiting for have already been taken.
Pull up your big boys’/girls’ pants and go to work.
Paul St. Onge

Get vaccinated to help end world crisis

In a world of 8 billion people, 15% have been fully vaccinated.
We cannot view this pandemic as a challenge only to our nation. Accepting a provincial stance limits our control of spread and leaves much of the world vastly unprotected.
The virus is transmitted primarily through human-to-human contact. When the number of unvaccinated people remains high, this provides the virus with a large reservoir of unprotected hosts.
This contact of virus to humans allows the virus the ability to replicate, alter the current strain, and create a new mutant form.
It is concerning that the potential for new, possibly more virulent strains may have an even greater probability of mutating and an even greater detrimental effect, more infective than the current Delta variant.
Gary J. Torrisi, PhD
Saratoga Springs

Act on climate before it’s too late for all

I just subscribed to The Gazette. I live in Albany, but The Gazette is my hometown paper now.
With my new subscription, I wandered through the paper and landed on the Aug. 6 Opinion page, where Peter Looker’s letter (“We must act now to rescue our future”) motivated me to follow up with my own.
Hardly anyone knows that we have seven years left of our global greenhouse gas emissions budget.
After that, it’s run-away climate change no matter what humans do.
Seven years until the planet fires up on its own feedback loop affecting all life on earth. As if being in the middle of the sixth mass extinction on Earth isn’t enough, now we’re piling an unlivable climate on top of reduced and polluted habitats.
Why isn’t everyone in the streets and yelling from the rooftops?  I’ll be out there, standing on a street corner with my sign. Maybe I’ll run into Peter.
Sandy Steubing

Better places exist for huge solar project

The town of Glen 2,000 acre solar project described in the Aug. 8 Daily Gazette (“Proposed solar project eyed to help N.Y. meet energy goals”) once again points out the almost total disregard for wildlife as a result of such projects.
Species like bluebirds, bobolinks, woodchucks, crows and deer would be displaced and eliminated.
There are plenty of better places in this country and offshore for energy projects, so why put them in one of the best agricultural and wildlife counties in New York state? Hopefully, the residents involved here will reject this ill-advised proposal. Let them put it someplace else.
Donald Wharton
South Glens Falls


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I agree with Don. Why build a gigantic solar farm on 2000 acres of farm and forest land? We do need more solar, but we have millions of residential, industrial, and commercial roofs in this country with bare roofs just soaking up heat instead of using some of them for solar panels. There is more aggregate roof space that is not being used than ever here. Put more panels on these empty roofs and leave the empty spaces alone.


“Everything is costing more because employers have to pay more to entice people to come back to work.” – Well Mr. Paul St. Onge, I say it’s about time! Why don’t you try to support your family on $15.00 per hour / $600 per week? After taxes you will put a whopping $425 in your pocket.
You sound like a typical Republican that’s not concerned with anyone or anything as long as you’ve got yours.

If you want to complain about “getting working people’s tax dollars, let’s talk about 45 giving billions to the ultra rich, not the about hundreds given to people that are trying pay their rent and feed their families. Unlike the Jeff Bezos of the world, realize the vast majority of these people are truly in need and aren’t bilking the system.


I’d agree with you about not being able to raise a family on $15\hr, but I know several young college age kids, who had decent jobs before the pandemic, and still continue to collect unemployment and subsidies for doing NOTHING. They are perfectly capable of working except they don’t want to because they make more money on unemployment than working and are not supporting anyone. They’ve been enjoying themselves immensely on our dimes, living under their parent’s roofs until these benefits expire. This is true gaming of the system here and I am disgusted with this entitlement behavior. I would like to see NYS get this money back from these derelicts because there were so many people who truly needed that money to stay sheltered and fed since last March while others abused the crap out of it. I don’t think these cretins were even required to check in with unemployment to verify they were actively looking for work. Not a Republican speaking here either.

That benefit, as we all know but apparently sometimes forget, is finite and will end in September.
And yes, even before the pandemic shutdown, I saw too many college kids who missed the part about having to pay some dues before collecting the big bucks. But if there wasn’t such a deep divide in wages in this country, maybe we wouldn’t see so much of that.

Please describe these “decent jobs”. How much were they making per hour, what is their potential exposure risk to COVID if they went back to it, and how much abuse did they have to endure from unruly customers regarding mask wearing?

Joseph Vendetti


I think my 1st job with real paycheck and taxes taken out when I was 14 – humping asphalt & picking up smelly garbage was $3.65 per hr. I also had a paper route & picked up slips of paper at GE.

After graduating college I was making less then $500 per week in 1990 & worked a 2nd job as equipment operator & 3rd job as delivery person to support my wife and child.

The problem is kids and people are spoiled and expect this to be reality tv and million dollar sweet 16 bday parties, rap songs, etc – it takes hard work.

Lets stop talking about Jeff Bezos and any corporate handouts because those cases are so limited the millions of ppl need to start at a lower level job and move up with hard work, expending skills, etc to make more.

Mr. Vendetti please stop using common sense, you will be kicked out of the liberal Democrat party. You know the party that wants free handouts for everything, the party that doesn’t believe in working your way up from the bottom, the party that believes that you should be equal on the finish line not the starting line. All things that are the opposite of Conservative thinking.

An unrelated to anything on this page today note:

Watching Kathy Hochul give her first press conference prompts me to say, I think every New York State woman should make time to see the first 15 minutes of Rachel Maddow’s show last night, regardless your political stance. She maps out Ms. Hochul’s rise to Governor, and all the male political carcasses along the way, of both parties, who succumbed to scandal and crime and the temptations of power that made it possible for her. As Maddow lays it out, truly stunning stuff.
Best wishes to Governor Hochul.


I bet the truth would be even MORE stunning. I don’t know what it is either, but I am sure it isn’t anything good. All politicians of any party are pure scum. Always, every single one.


How to deal with masks at schools:

1> All school employees must have two shoots.

2> Food delivered to the school’s food service is from a company that has a two shot policy.

3> Children from a nonconforming must ware masks

4> in the case of 1 and 2 conform or quit!



Funding government by printing money is nothing more than a way to hide the cost of taxation from the voter. This from the party that wants to protect you from knowing the cost of what you voted for


I guess a world shut down, including all manufacturing, because of a deadly pandemic followed by floodgates of global purchasing bursting open creating something called supply and demand has nothing to do with inflation.


Your point would be of some merit if you could establish that the Federal government is not printing money to fiancé government activities.


Glad to see at least 19 brave republicans join with all 50 dems to pass the infrastructure bill. ‘Brave’ only because Trump wanted them to vote no, like the 31 that did to placate their master. Mark my words that when the states where the 31 come from receive and use the infrastructure money, they will take credit for getting the legislation passed. That’s all part of their hypocritical and dishonest MO.

But of course all GOP senators voted against the larger Jobs Act not because they all of a sudden care about deficits, it’s because it will be used to combat climate change (cannot do that if you are a denier), to improve health care (which they have always wanted to gut) and education (why help schools, teachers and students?) among other important programs. Basically, they are back to not helping Biden and therefore, the country.

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