Outdoor Journal: Results from the latest Saratoga Tackle tournament


Saratoga Tackle had its weekly evening tournament on Tuesday. A total of 39 boats participated.

Mike Grabo of Ballston Spa and Mike Martino of Burnt Hills took first place and earned $880 with 15.50 pounds. Second place and $525 went to Rick Simon Alpaus and Spencer Marzello of Clifton Park with 13.16 pounds. Third place went to Indian Lake’s Tim Paraso and Matt Belmore with 13.12 for $350. The lunker was won by Robert Batchelder of Mechanicville and John Ernst of East Greenbush with 4.19 pounds. They won $390.

Aug. 10 is the last regular tournament. The championship event will be Aug 17 from noon until 6 p.m.

I have received emails and a number of calls of the early turkey season on Oct. 1. On that day, I will be in the woods looking for a long beard.

The statewide season bag limit is one bird. I have found a group who I hope stay where I found them. Shooting hours are from sunrise to sunset.

Immediately after taking a turkey, you must fill out the carcass tag in ink and attach it to the bird. If you take a turkey, save one of its legs. Then put a leg in an envelope that you will receive. The legs are used for age and sex information. You may not hunt turkey with a crossbow in the fall in the Northern Zone if you are using dogs.

Last year while in Florida I decided I would take my turkey and a hog with a 28 Hatfield shotgun (28-gauge pellets for the turkey and 28-gauge slugs for the hog.) Both were taken on the same day. I invited all of those staying at the Surf Side Estate to a turkey and hog barbeque.

You can hunt with a dog in the fall season in NYS but you cannot use bait to hunt turkey or an electronic calling or amplifying device to locate the turkey during the fall open season. You may, however use decoys. I have hunted several times with a dog and it is really fun.

Several years ago, I was asked by Don Vanderwerker of Palatine Bridge if I wanted to hunt with him and his turkey dog. Definitely was my immediate answer. I have to say, it was and still one of my very best hunts.

Recently I contacted DEC to find out the New York’s rules and regulations of firearms.

Law and regulations 6nycrr, section 180.3 definition and use of firearms, guns and air guns. air bows do not meet the specification of firearm or gun or longbow or crossbow. Therefore, the use of an air bow to take (or not) animals may be done so in “any manner” without further restriction(s) in accordance with environmental conservation law air bows may be used to take skunk, racoon, bobcat, coyote, fox, mink and muskrat. They may be used on licensed shooting preserves in some instances.

On Aug. 1, ECOs Brendan Dickson and Christopher DeRose responded to a complaint about people illegally taking fish with a cast net at Captree State Park. They found the anglers with the net, and went through the catch. They had more than 30 snappers, sea bass, weakfish, and striped bass, all taken with the net. Officers issued seven tickets to the anglers for the violations. So, note leave the net home and fish legally.

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