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Pay increases approved for Fulton County elected officials


The Fulton County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Monday to pass a local law granting 3.5% salary raises for nearly all county elected and appointed department heads for the coming year, and 3% raises for the same officials in 2023.

No one spoke during the public hearing.

The total cost for the raises is $107,371 over two years, $58,974 for 2022 and $48,397 for 2023.

A local law was required for the salary increases because raises were given to the elected officials, sheriff, clerk and treasurer, but the law did not include an increase for the county’s district attorney because that salary is set by state law. The county’s part-time historian also did not receive a raise.

These are the pay increases:

Position 2021 salary First increase 2022 salary Second increase 2023 salary Total increase
Sheriff $86,901 $3,042 $89,943 $2,698 $92,641 $5,740
Treasurer $79,853 $3,795 $82,648 $2,479 $85,127 $6,274
Clerk $78,364 $2,743 $81,107 $2,433 $83,540 $5,176

Three supervisors were absent from Monday’s meeting: Perth Supervisor Greg Fagan, Gloversville 4th Ward Supervisor Charlie Potter, and Stratford Supervisor Heather VanDenburgh.

Gloversville 5th Ward Supervisor Greg Young said members of the board felt the raises were fair, given raises the county has already approved for its unionized workforce.

“Those percentages were consistent with the raises approved in contracts with the various bargaining units earlier this year,” Young said.

On June 14, the Board of Supervisors approved three new union contracts: a one-year extension for the Deputy Sheriff’s Police Benevolent Association, which added $750 increases to the deputies’ base pay and provided a 3% raise; a one-year extension for the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office Employees Alliance, representing the 911 communications officers, civil office and corrections officers, including 3.5% retroactive-wage-increases for both 2020 and 2021; and the The Fulton County Nurses Unit was granted a new contract with 3 to 3.5% salary increase, effective in 2022.

One month later, the Board of Supervisors approved an extension for the county’s Civil Service Employees Association General Unit, which included a 3.5% wage hike for 2022 and 3% for 2023.

During the same session, the Board approved non-union salary schedules for the sheriff’s department, including an increase to the sheriff’s base pay for 2021, bringing it to $86,901, the figure used in the local law passed Monday. Other salaries increased included undersheriff — base increase to $76,943; captain (road patrol and corrections) — base to $71,424; and lieutenant (corrections) — base to $82,130.

The 2022 salary increase of 3.5% for department heads passed as part of the local law Monday increases the number of county department heads receiving a six-figure annual salary from four — administrative officer and clerk of the board, director of solid waste, public defender and director of community services — to five, adding the superintendent of highways and facilities.

The largest annual raise approved was the public defender, whose salary will increase $8,132 in the next two years from $123,120 to $131,252.

Besides the public defender, the highest department head salary remains the director of solid waste, receiving a salary of $104,315 for 2021, and going up $6,890 to $111,205 by 2023.

The lowest paid full-time department heads are the director of weights and measures — receiving $3,410 in raises over the next two years to go from $51,640 to $55,050 in 2023 — and the fire coordinator/civil defense coordinator, bumping up $3,746 from $56,535 in 2021 to $60,376 in 2023.

Three department heads — director of veterans service agency, administrative officer and clerk of the board and budget director/auditor — have positions that each include minimum and maximum salaries, reflecting the potential for longevity pay increases outside of the approved percentage salary raises.

These are the pay structures approved by the local law Monday for those positions:

2021 2022 2023
Position Min. salary Max. salary Actual salary Min. salary Max. salary Actual salary Min. salary Max. salary Actual salary
Director of Veterans Service Agency $45,224 $67,705 $51,640 $46,807 $70,075  $53,447 $48,211  $72,177 $55,050
Budget Director/Auditor $56,464 $86,037  $80,435 $58,440 $89,048  $83,250 $60,193  $91,719 $85,747
Administrative Officer/Clerk of
the Board
$70,514 $123,120  $103,015 $72,982 $127,429  $106,621 $75,171  $131,252 $109,820

According to the local law, the county’s director for the office of the aging (2021 salary $71,379, 2022 salary $73,877, 2023 salary $76,093) has also received a $4,000 stipend per year since 2013 for performing the duties of the youth bureau director.

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