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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Aug. 12


Don’t let solar farms spoil area’s beauty

Congratulations to the folks in Glen who are fighting the 2,000-acre solar project planned for their community. Break up 2,000 acres in any manner and it is still a huge amount of land.
We have beautiful land up north in New York state that should not be covered with ugly solar panels that are planned without local input. New York City has thousands of buildings which they could attach rooftop solar to.
There is an ugly price to pay for large solar collector farms.
Yes, we all want to help with the climate issues at hand, but let’s not allow it to be our beautiful land in northern New York.
When developers came into the Southern Tier to build fracking wells, the locals stood up to them and no fracking wells were built. There were many wealthy New Yorkers who owned land in the area and had a hand in stopping fracking. In towns like Glen, there are probably few wealthy people to fight this issue.
In my opinion, we already have too many solar farms in my town of Clifton Park and fortunately, the town has put a moratorium on building any new solar farms.
Stand your ground and avoid this calamity to your homes.
Gerard F. Havasy
Clifton Park

Surprised to see a conservative view

Do my eyes deceive me? An opinion page article on Aug. 10 from Lee Edwards, Ph.D.,  a “Distinguished Fellow in conservative thought at the Heritage Foundation“ (“Look to East Germany for lessons on freedom for Cuba”)!
In the words of Greta Sunberg “Howww Daaare Youuu!” attempt to contaminate the minds of your readers with anything but the leftist dribble of The Los Angeles Times.
The local Marxists will be outside your doors with gasoline and torches by the end of the day.
If you keep this up, I may have to reconsider my future cancellation of what used to be a somewhat balanced editorial page, newspaper.
Paul Kuzia


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I’d argue that taking the “beautiful land up north in New York State” and covering it with ugly housing subdivisions and strip malls is the real travesty. If you want to take the once beautiful farmland of Clifton Park and put housing on it, you should also have to bear the cost of powering those homes by allowing solar farms.


I’d argue that new housing divisions require solar panels to be installed on roofs so offset the additional load on power grids and provide incentives for existing homes and businesses, farms, etc., to install panels on their roofs so solar ‘farms’ will be less necessary.

Mr. Wemple, What happens in 20 years when you need a new roof on your house? How many extra thousands of dollars to unhook the panels and remove and then reinstall? More government overreach trying to tell us how we have to live. South Dakota’s motto is “Under God, the people rule”. You could learn from that.


Zach, so you are for the solar farm in Glen and not ruining open space in Clifton Park with housing developments? Good boy.

Mr. Harris, believe it or not, I’m all for renewables to cut costs but would love to see a few new nuclear reactors for one, and secondly, we should bury all of our electricity and get rid of those outdated telephone poles.


Extra thousands of dollars to unhook solar panels, really? I have friends who’ve already done this to replace a roof – not true. If you take the savings in your power bill over the next 20 years and invest them, you’d have more than enough to cover the entire roof replacement and then some. I’ve been through South Dakota a few times as well, they still have a lot to learn.

Mr. Wemple according to powersolar;

Image result for how much does it cost to remove solar panels
The average cost to remove and reinstall solar panels is about $3,750.

So yes, extra thousands of dollars at 2020 prices, what about 2040?

And the people do rule, Zachary.
There, and everywhere under our Constitution. Even those who don’t believe in your god.
That’s why we consider ourselves a Democratic Republic.
You’re OK with that, right?

The Biden Administration just showed you their version of “Transparency In Government” Jen Psaki said that they will not release who was visiting Biden on his 17 trips home to Deleware. Maybe he doesn’t want people to know about the latest Daily Mail audiotape of Hunter Biden telling a woman that another laptop was stolen by some Russian operatives that is full of damaging material and leaves Biden open to blackmail if it is released.

So, what’s your point? Other than to share your hot gossip (because that’s what Hannity wants)…
What’s your point?

Zachary, if it isn’t pro Biden, it’s just not true. That’s what I’ve learned from this ‘forum’. I read what’s going on in the USA from news from other countries, usually a day or so before it’s been sanitized for our localized readers. Some of you should try it.

Your persistent accusations of others “deflecting” are always you grasping at straws. President Biden’s guests at his house are not open to public scrutiny, just as tRump’s guests to his resorts.

Why are Hunter Biden’s issues of any importance?
Why isn’t tRump’s obvious fealty to Putin important to you?


There are only two ways to deal with climate change. One is to lower population the other is to lower living standards. Until the existing opinions are faced climate change activities are as productive s spitting into the wind


Cumulative FY21 Deficit Through July 2021: $2,540 billion. Economists have noted a strong connection between financing the government by printing money and inflation. They have noted that the increase of printed dollars stimulates exports and foreign buying of American businesses. If you want your children to get ahead in the new world order have them master the owners’ language


Here’s a presidential success that Trump could never achieve because he doesn’t know government and doesn’t know how to negotiate:

Biden campaigned on having the experience to forge bipartisan consensus, and his 36-year tenure as a senator seems to have helped the bill pass.
“It appears to have taught him the importance of putting in hard work — phone calls to senators, invitations to the Oval Office — necessary to get the deal over the line,” said Jim Tankersley, who covers the White House for The Times.
Biden’s approach was not without error. His suggestion in June that he would not sign a bipartisan bill into law unless Congress also passed a second, larger spending bill nearly tanked the deal. But his efforts to smooth things over — including speaking directly with key negotiators and dispatching his staff to offer reassurances — helped salvage it.
Biden also made significant concessions to win Republican votes. The Senate bill amounts to about $1 trillion less than what the White House had initially proposed, including reduced funding for electric vehicles, public transit and water infrastructure.

Trump was lazy, watching television and playing golf and thus, got little accomplished that benefitted the country.


It still involves subjecting the country to the problems associated with funding the government by printing money. Honesty and transparency require government be funded by taxation not by the printing press

Mr. Harris, let’s see how many of those RINO’s get reelected in 2022. It is a bad bill full of pork just like all democrat bills.


Zachary, time to come to terms with the realization White supremacist rule will become something that is only taught in school along with CRT. I believe your White supremacy promoting, propaganda pushing, self-serving Republican politicians that you assumed to be true Republicans not “RINO’s” will eventually become a losing, dying breed:

“The first race and ethnicity breakdowns from the 2020 Census, released Thursday, show a more diverse nation than ever in the nation’s history.
The report marks the first time the absolute number of people who identify as White alone has shrunk since a census started being taken in 1790. The White population fell from 223.6 million in 2010 to 204.3 million in 2020, a decrease of 8.6 percent.
The country also passed another milestone on its way to becoming a majority-minority society in the coming decades: For the first time, the portion of White people dipped below 60 percent, slipping from 63.7 percent in 2010 to 57.8 percent in 2020.”

Sadly for you, and a few obvious others on this forum, the playing field is leveling out.


Let’s do a poll of the stupidest governor, Abbott in Texas or DeSantis in Florida. Both are wannabe republican nominees for president in 2024 (or the VP candidate if Trump was to run and win the nomination). Here are their current credentials:

Abbott – he’s obsessed with suppressing the vote in Texas (and arresting the dems in their legislature for leaving the state to stop the vote) that he forgot all about the pandemic to the point that hospitals are overflowing with delta virus cases (those are the ones likely to die or have term health problems) and people with medical emergencies like heart attacks have to leave the state to be treated. He signed into law requiring no vaccine or mask mandates. Several mayors and school superintendents are either suing him or just ignoring his edicts. Mr. Ironsides also wants to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on building a wall to keep out Mexicans and Central Americans (ala Trump) along the Texas border.

DeSantis – obviously having his strings pulled by resident Trump, is making similar dumb decisions like Abbott, but he’s also threatening to withhold the paychecks of any officials that goes against his directives. Several have said, “just go and try”.

Ties are accepted.


I see no interest in promoting government honesty and transparency by funding the federal government with taxation rather than the printing press. Your shown your self to be a true Democrat

William Aiken


So your estimation, Biden allowing thousands of Covid inflected illegal immigrants flood into the country at Texas’s border has nothing to do with the Lone Star’s spike in Covid cases? Your failure to mention it in your post suggests you don’t care about the crisis at the border since it benefits Dems with more potential voters. This crisis at the border is intentional.


Provide us with facts to back up what you are saying. How many cases, both regular Covid-19 and the delta variant, are attributable to illegal immigrants? State the source too.

William Aiken

According to the border patrol, a million migrants have crossed the southern border since January. Couple that fact with Biden allowing those Covid infected into the country, and you have the making of a disaster. The contrast between the North and South borders where one anything goes and the other is inhut down shows Biden doesn’t care about Covid. He cares about using it to enhance the Dems political power.

WASHINGTON — More than 18 percent of migrant families and 20 percent of unaccompanied minors who recently crossed the U.S. border tested positive for Covid on leaving Border Patrol custody over the past two to three weeks, according to a document prepared this week for a Thursday briefing with President Joe Biden.

This story does say that positive tested immigrants are quarantined but I saw a BP agent say that they are rarely tested because of time and resources.

And then there is this,

All liberal sources

They were tested and “on their way out” .. for deportation.

Why is at so hard to be honest?
You poor, simple people are an embarrassment to most Americans. Sadly, shame is not a quality you experience.

If I acted like a democrat on this page every answer would be, “you only are saying that because Rachelle Maddow or Chris Cuomo told you to”

Thr sources you cite, and the news networks they represent, freely acknowledge when they make mistakes and apologize and correct themselves. That’s called “grown-up” and “character”.

The ones you rely on don’t.

William Aiken

According to the border patrol, a million migrants have crossed the southern border since January. Couple that fact Covid infected are permitted into the country, and you have the making of a disaster. The contrast between the North and South borders where one anything goes and the other is essentially down shows Biden doesn’t care about Covid. He cares about using it to enhance the Dems political power.

WASHINGTON — Of new hospitalizations for coronavirus-related illness, nearly 40 percent are in Florida and Texas, White House pandemic response coordinator Jeff Zients revealed during a Thursday press briefing
The common denominator between FL and TX is not immigration. It’s Republicans and the clueless racists who support them. You are a good example of again trying to pin your own sins on non-white people.
And for some bizarre reason you think you can get away with it.


Raymond, I vote DeathSantis as a loyal resident of this wild. wild west part of the east coast. Really think Ron has gone past FG is some instances, as said locally he’s Trump2 only smarter.

William, Sorry to disappoint you on immigrants. Your statements are opinions not facts.
Pretty big bar for voting in the numbers you suggest that would benefit the Democrats or Republicans for that matter. since were doing opinions mine is who says all illegals would vote Democrat? If I came in through Texas or Arizona and knew Republicans took care of me why wouldn’t I vote for them?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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The right of foreigners to vote in the United States[1][2] has historically been a contentious issue. A foreigner, in this context, is a person who is not a citizen of the United States. Since enactment of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996, federal law has prohibited noncitizens from voting in federal elections, punishing them by fines, imprisonment, inadmissibility and deportation.[3][4][5] Exempt from punishment is any noncitizen who, at the time of voting, had two natural or adoptive U.S. citizen parents, who began permanently living in the United States before turning 16 years old, and who reasonably believed that he or she was a citizen of the United States.[3] The federal law does not prohibit noncitizens from voting in state or local elections, but no state has allowed noncitizens to vote in state elections since Arkansas became the last state to outlaw noncitizen voting in 1926.[6] However, in some states, local governments have the power to allow noncitizens to vote in local elections. Presently, eleven local governments, ten of them in Maryland, allow noncitizens to vote in their local elections.[7] San Francisco allows noncitizen parents to vote in School Board elections.[8] Additionally, the U.S. territories of American Samoa and the Northern Mariana Islands allow non-citizen US nationals to vote.[9][10]

Historically, over 40 states or territories, including colonies before the Declaration of Independence, have at some time given at least some aliens voting rights in some or all elections.[11][12][13] For example, in 1875, the Supreme Court in Minor v. Happersett noted that “citizenship has not in all cases been made a condition precedent to the enjoyment of the right of suffrage. Thus, in Missouri, persons of foreign birth, who have declared their intention to become citizens of the United States, may under certain circumstances vote.”[14]

I posted this a couple days ago, but really fits here too:
One of President Donald Trump’s lesser known but profoundly damaging legacies will be the explosive rise in the national debt that occurred on his watch. The financial burden that he’s inflicted on our government will wreak havoc for decades, saddling our kids and grandkids with debt.

The national debt has risen by almost $7.8 trillion during Trump’s time in office. That’s nearly twice as much as what Americans owe on student loans, car loans, credit cards and every other type of debt other than mortgages, combined, according to data from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. It amounts to about $23,500 in new federal debt for every person in the country.

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