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Prime Restaurant sees COVID cluster, implements new safety measures


A staffing shortage due to a cluster of positive COVID cases at Prime Restaurant in Saratoga is prompting the business to shut down on Monday in order to give other employees a much needed break. The restaurant expects to reopen on Tuesday. 

“Everyone has worked six days a week and they’re stressed,” said Angelo Mazzone, a managing partner of the restaurant. 

The restaurant expects to reopen on Tuesday. 

Mazzone said around Aug. 4 or Aug. 5, 10 employees — a fourth of the work staff — tested positive. 

Of the employees who tested positive, some, like the sous chef and a manager, are essential to the restuaruant’s day-to-day operations. 

One of the employees who tested positive was vaccinated, said Mazzone, who noted it’s been difficult getting people vaccinated. 

Due to the increasing number of positive cases in the area, Mazzone said the restaurant is now requiring all front-facing employees to wear a mask regardless of their vaccination status. While indoor tables are now distanced six feet apart, Mazzone said they are trying to sit people outside whenever possible. Normally, the restaurant would have anywhere from 250 to 300 reservations on Friday and Saturday night, but due to social distancing protocols, it will now only offer up to 150 reservations on those two nights. 

Mazzone also said customers do not have to wear a mask in the restaurant because that has not been mandated by the state. 

Counties across the state are continuing to see rising COVID case numbers. Saratoga County reported 47 new cases Friday, according to a press release issued by governor’s office. 

This comes as the state Health Department is gearing up to release updated guidance for vaccinations after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Friday some people with compromised immune systems could receive a third vaccine. State health Commissioner Howard Zucker is recommending that individuals with weakened immune systems speak with their doctors about whether to receive a third vaccine until the guidance comes out.

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“Mazzone, …noted it’s been difficult getting people vaccinated. ”
Not buying it. How is that possible?
Sounds more like stepping over dollars for dimes.

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