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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Aug. 15


Puzzled by Christian stance on vaccines

A recent statistic said that the average anti-masker, anti-vaxxer is White, rural and evangelical.
I’m still puzzling over that because that’s also the description of the average anti-choice, pro-life person.
So how does someone who is pro-life not care to be pro-life when it comes to my life, or their mother’s life, or their pastor’s?
And, as a Bible-believing evangelical, how do they understand what Christ meant when he said, “Whatever you do to the least of these you do unto me?”
Now, most folks interpret that to mean dropping a dollar in a panhandler’s hat. But what if at the same time we give that panhandler, or the check-out person, or the pastor, covid?
Christ didn’t mean only the good things we do are done unto him, but also the bad and hurtful things we do, we do unto him, which surely includes giving someone covid.
Some anti-maskers say, “Masks interfere with my rights!”
I assume they are referring to the Declaration of Independence, where it says that we have an “unalienable right” to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” But your rights end where my rights begin. That is, your right not to wear a mask ends where my right to breathe covid-free air begins; your liberty rights end where my rights to life begin.
So I ask you, if you are a right-to-life Christian who honors the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, please get the shot and wear the mask as the patriotic follower of Christ that you are.
Anita Paul

Niskayuna needs to get better leadership

I received an email from the town of Niskayuna (there have been a barrage) regarding the police chief interviews. Why not simply select the most qualified officer to lead the force? Was this same fantastic public relations stunt used to select the comptroller or the deputy town attorney, etc.?
We have three decorated police officers vying for the position. How about the most competent officer is appointed, rather than drag them through a public beauty pageant.
Have there not been enough issues between the board and the recent police chiefs, with the common outcry being a lack of support and toxic workplace?
Selecting a police chief should not be a political process. Recent Gazette articles regarding Chief Wall certainly left more questions than answers regarding her departure.
Enough emails. We all know it is election season. This board has had many years and ample opportunities to keep Niskayuna on track, but they have failed us — too concerned with attacking the supervisor and fighting over who gets the credit for the work of others.
Time for a change Three and four terms is not healthy, Niskayuna deserves better leaders.
Vote Faizy, Moskowitz, Walker and Feiden.
Stephen Benton


Why can’t money be found for retirees?

According to the July 23 Gazette article (“Two Schenectady-based organizations get state funding for projects”), $2 million earmarked for Ellis Medicine will go toward funding the demolition of a four-story, parking garage with 750 spaces on Nott Street and the construction of a new six-story, 1,050 parking space garage.
Given the ability to “find” that kind of money for the Ellis parking garage, I cannot help but wonder why the same cannot be done for the St. Clare’s retirees.
Michael Crowley, CPA



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William Marincic

Anita Paul The truth of the matter is that Biden and his administration including Dr. Fauci totally screwed this up. I finally talked my daughter into getting the Covid vaccination yesterday, she didn’t get it before this because she said that every time she turned on the TV she heard something different from this administration and Dr. Fauci and she didn’t trust anything that they said. President Trump gave us a vaccine in record time and as soon as Biden got in office he tried to take credit for everything that President Trump did including the initial rollout and now that it’s a complete disaster he’s quiet. Just like Afghanistan Joe Biden has been wrong about every single important thing in his 40+ year career. Biden says about Afghanistan that President Trump had a deal with the Taliban and he has to follow through with that deal, why? Biden has canceled everything President Trump has done that he could possibly cancel why couldn’t he cancel this? Now that it’s a complete failure just like Saigon in 1975 Biden turns to his old standby. Blame Trump.


Anita Paul’s reasoning is sound but misdirected. To get a COVId-19 shot requires both trust in the government and concern for others. At the moment we are being thrown out of Afghanistan and the St. Clare pensioners remain left where they were dumped.

Need I say more?


Something relevant: On 1/6/21 a black cop killed a white woman and was given a pass for his murder. Ray do you as a Democrat find this to be relevant?


Why is that a ‘swing and a miss’ Chuck? It is a factual statement. The officer was indeed let off with not even a reprimand. Ask yourself – if the participants races had been, perhaps, reversed, what would have happened? Looting? Burning? BLM marches? Violence in the streets? Why is this fine with you and most liberals Chuck? It is not fair nor is it sensible. Yet you support it. Why?

a. It was not relevant to the other comments. It may be really important to you, but that doesn’t make it relevant everywhere. That’s not how grown-ups communicate, by blurting out whatever’s on their mind that second.

b. It was not a “murder”. She was one of thousands calling for the death of certain members of Congress. She was a trained soldier breaking through a locked and barricaded door of government property, protected by armed men who were verbally threatening to shoot. She, nor her cohorts had permission to commit breaking and entering.

c. I’m not sure what you’re suggesting we “support”. Certainly none of the mayhem resulting from public demonstrations seen last summer and on. Only people like you invent the scenario that “liberals” support that.

d. Maybe you should familiarize your self with the umbrella man of Minneapolis, of who Noah Latham is.

Fred, you will never get these lefties to admit what they are and what their party is. It’s telling when Biden was put into office he canceled every executive order that President Trump has ever written, he canceled every deal that President Trump had in the works, he stopped the remain in Mexico policy he turned back every single thing that President Trump did and now that Joe Biden is a failure in Afghanistan he’s blaming it on President Trump that Trump had a deal with the Taliban. You can’t be any more weak than this. It’s laughable to think that people believe that he couldn’t change Trumps deal and BTW, if the Taliban broke their bargain with Trump like they did with Biden Trump would carpet bomb them into oblivion just like he did Isis.


Re: St. Clare’s pensioners….Fred, the RC Church is sitting on billions of $$. The hierarchy just doesn’t care.

Anita. Your are extremely ill informed. The three groups that are most vaccine hesitant in this country are blacks, hispanics and native americans. You should rewrite your diatribe or ask the Gazette to retract it.


Just put your racist spin on it. Don’t include White Evangelical Christians, White hillbilly morons, or disinformation from political clowns and BS from the true “fake news media”.


Lou if you are an immigration criminal you are a bit nerviest about getting into the governments database. As for those who dislike the term immigration criminal get over your discomfort at being reminded that some find this country so great that they have risked a great deal to come and remain here.

This is exactly the kind of false data so many (like this commenter) are buying in to, and making this pandemic so much worse.

If you really believe what you posted, which is on par with saying the earth really is flat, what else do you believe and are spreading?

Guy Varoma

Fred….you don’t have to have trust in the government….it’s really simple ….Just go to your family doctor who has treated you for years …ask them if you should get the vaccine …very simple …if he/she advises against it then so be it. And what does Afghanistan and St. Clare’s have to do with Trust in a vaccine ..I think your thoughts are politically motivated …

JDA …I sure would like to know where you get your data on unvaccinated …Just a quick check shows Native Americans have the highest vaccination rate in the country…This is just a guess but did you get your information from the “my pillow guy” or pull it out of your MAGA hat?


Agreed, but someone you trust with true factual scientific information regarding the vaccine, not someone pulling misinformation from social media.


Why in the name of God all Americans don’t work for the greater good of everyone living our country by getting vaccinated and following mask mandates is beyond my comprehension. People like Ron DeSantist and Greg Abbott should be tarred and feathered. News agencies such as Fox and Newsmax should be held accountable for their deplorable push for the “right of choice” to not follow science resulting in death and grave illness to people from from 1 to 100. – What am I missing here?

How about:
“I’m feeling good. I just don’t want to be doing — somehow sitting in the Oval Office behind that beautiful resolute desk, the great resolute desk, I think wearing a face mask as I greet presidents, prime ministers, dictators, kings, queens, I don’t know, somehow I don’t see it for myself. I just don’t. Maybe I’ll change my mind.”

One-term, twice impeached, former President Donald J. Trump


Anita, Louis, Guy, Thank you all for stating the obvious .
CRT (Can’t Really Think) is the real CRT running amok in this country. Just follow rinse and repeat.

While there’s plenty of blame to go around for the human calamity we’re watching play out, could there be anyone more irresponsible, and less worthy of her position than our own Elise Stefanik? Maybe this too is why her alma maters shun her.

For the record, the President (the real one) is at Camp David where, as we all know, he has all the capabilities the Commander-in-Chief needs to handle any crisis. Without the distractions.

Quotes from her mindless social media blurts today:

Elise Stefanik
This is Joe Biden’s Saigon.

A disastrous failure on the international stage that will never be forgotten – meanwhile Joe is on vacation.
Elise Stefanik
Let this sink in:

The President of the United States is in hiding at this moment.
Elise Stefanik
Let this sink in:

The President of the United States is STILL in hiding.

The American Lie

I looked at the U.S. Supreme Court,
Thinking about the children we abort.
The lie on the building is all I saw,
“Equal Justice Under Law”.
Blood dripping from each word,
Tiny tears need to be heard.
America tries to hide her shame,
There is no one else to blame.
We deny them justice in a hurry,
No trial, judge or jury.
Our country imploding from within,
Innocent blood our national sin.
Tiny caskets from East to West,
Just may have killed America’s best.
Change the sign on the Supreme Court,
Before another child we abort.
A little truth would go a long way,
Let the children have their say.
“No right to life for the unborn,
Discriminated against, hearts torn.”

“Pro-life” absolutely includes protecting the existing children. Right now that means guarding against the air-borne spread of the virus. That absolutely includes the use of masking, especially in school.

Where we can scream and shout is at the CDC and our local Health Departments for not providing rational guidance on how that should work in the school environment.

To simply say “mask the kids” is a dereliction of duty and ignorant of the realities of a typical school day. There needs to be designated mask-free times of the day when exposure is minimized and kids can doff the masks. Kids need to be taught how to think about what they’re doing (even the smallest can be taught). Parents need to be reassured that these periods are important.

A blanket “mask mandate” leaves a void in leadership and enables those who would invent drama about their ‘liberties’ and suspicion of government motives. The CDC has profoundly let us down in that regard.

Mask your children. Protect your children and those they come in contact with. Everything we can do to slow or stop the passing of the virus reduces it’s ability to morph into another variant and eventually bring about herd resistance.

But let’s dispense with the foolishness and shameful hysterics and lame excuses about kids and masks. Masks are not harmful, kids should get a break(s) from them during the day, and even though they’re not N95 level, they’re much better than nothing.

The anti-abortion faction would do well for their credibility to support this.
Since this time last year, more than 45,000 children have been hospitalized with Covid-19, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
As of Tuesday, an average of 192 children with Covid-19 were admitted to US hospitals every day over the past week, CDC data shows. That’s a 45.7% increase from the previous week in daily new hospitalizations among Covid-19 patients ages 0 to 17.

While adults debate school mask mandates and whether to vaccinate older kids, the now-dominant Delta variant keeps targeting those unvaccinated — including some children too young to get inoculated. Doctors say it’s crucial to protect children against the Delta variant — not just to preserve in-person learning and protect their own health but to help prevent even more aggressive variants from emerging.

Child Covid-19 infections and hospitalizations are spiking
Since the last school year, a more contagious variant — Alpha — has been replaced by an even more contagious variant — Delta — as the dominant strain of coronavirus in the US.

The Delta variant is as contagious as chickenpox, the CDC says. In just two months, Delta jumped from 3% to more than 93% of sequenced coronavirus samples in the US, according to the agency.

And in just one week, the US had an 84% increase in new Covid-19 cases among children, the American Academy of Pediatrics said.

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