Glenville to conduct tree inventory


The town of Glenville will begin a tree inventory on Aug. 23 in several neighborhoods to determine what types of trees are in the area and the health of the trees.

The town was awarded $20,000 by the Department of Environmental Conservation’s Urban Forestry Council to do the partial inventory of trees in public right-of-way locations for two weeks. 

The town hired Davey Resource Group to survey the following areas:

  • Off Glenridge Road – St. Anthony Lane area
  • Off Droms Road – Montclair and Bellaire Road area
  • Off Charlton Road – Rosemere, Rosalyn, Cloverleaf Drive, Clifford, Wheeler area
  • Off Spring Road – Arcadian, Olde Coach, Homestead Road area
  • Off Swaggertown Road – Countryfair Lane, Tieman Road area

“Residents in the aforementioned locations will receive a letter from the town regarding the presence of Davey Resources staff for the inventory,” said Melissa Cherubino, the town’s community development director. 

Davey Resource Group will look at maintained trees, planting sites and stumps. Certified arborists will walk from tree to tree and inspect the trees from the ground. 

“Based on the conditions at the time of the inspection, DRG’s staff identify (each) tree’s species and its location, measure tree diameter, and rate its health,” said Andrew Ullman, the New York City Region project developer for Davey Resource Group. “The inspection includes an assessment of the risk posed by the tree, and recommends specific maintenance involved in mitigating that risk.”

The arborists will also inspect the trees for any signs of pests or diseases. Such invasive species can include gypsy moths, which are a known reported problem in parts of town. Other pests include wooly adelgid, long-horn beetles and Emerald Ash Borers.

“The problems or defects commonly affecting trees can vary widely and are dependent on a number of factors such as the tree species, condition, defects like cavities or poor architecture, and insect infestations or plant pathogens,” Ullman said. 

Cherubino said the company will create a draft management plan for the town to address any issues. 

The goal is to deliver the draft Community Forest Management Plan within 60 days of the completion of data collection,” Ullman said.

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