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Letters to the Editor Monday, Aug. 16


School districts need leadership on covid

You are on your own!
Our state leaders are abdicating their responsibilities by shuffling off to local school districts and health departments matters of statewide public safety.
State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker is urging school districts to “…develop plans to open in-person in the fall as safely as possible, and I recommend following guidance from the CDC and local health departments.”
As the school board president of the largest school district in Schoharie County, and president of the Schoharie School Boards Association, representing all districts in the county, I say phooey!
This ‘decision’ by the state is simply pitting school boards and constituents against each other in what has become a very divisive political environment.
We need leadership from Albany to help or aid local leaders to prioritize facts rather than spewing political talking points.
Speaking of leadership, we at Cobleskill-Richmondville are working hard during the summer months and we are confident that we can open our schools safely and serve our students and families in September.
Bruce L. Tryon
Howes Cave
The writer is president of the Cobleskill-Richmondville Central School Board of Education and president of the Schoharie County School Boards Association.

Cuomo should live with Bill and Hillary

Where will Gov. Cuomo go after he’s removed from his throne?
In his Aug. 10 letter (“Where does Cuomo go after he leaves?”) Jason Bare thinks Mar-a-Lago.
I have a better place much closer to home: Chappaqua, N.Y.
I’m sure the Clintons have a room for Andy to slip into. Bill, Hillary and Andy could discuss all their accomplishments from politics over drinks on the patio. They could toast over Andy’s “lessons well learned” from Bill on how to interact with women.
And of course they can compare notes on Benghazi and New York nursing homes, so many similarities, so many ways to hide the real story from us.
What difference does it make now, anyway? And finally, how do we spend all the money made from sham book deals, bogus foundations and, of course, money left from our campaign war chests. After all, we have lifetime pensions from our “public service.” I’m sure this is a much better fit for all.
Thanks for the memories.
Paul Hasbrouck

Climate change and covid not victimless

I heard Robert Reich, who served Presidents Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford and Bill Clinton, speak about climate change.
One phrase he used was “not a victimless crime.”
That phrase struck me hard, since much of what we debate today seems to some to be victimless actions with no consequences. Not so.
Reich spoke about fossil fuels, which we know have contributed to the growing levels of CO2 in our atmosphere. Using such fuel isn’t a victimless action.
Mining and fracking pollute our air and water and scar the earth. Neither are new voter restrictions victimless. They hurt Americans who have limited access to transportation or don’t have the option of time off for voting. Neither are the rules against making masks a mandate in certain situations victimless.
Hospital workers, teachers, and nursing home workers should be vaccinated. Those vulnerable people, old or ill, need protection from covid with vaccinated caretakers and nurses.
Remember not being able to see patients or parents? Shouldn’t we protect our children by surrounding them with vaccinated people wearing masks, as they are not able to be vaccinated? No doubt.
How many sick children will it take for people to understand wearing masks is like a school uniform? You do it.
The Poor People’s Campaign has a saying. “Not the same banner, but the same battle.”
Our battle today is to live together and get the world healthy again.
Join that battle, the one against climate change and covid virus, not a battle against each other.
Janice Walz


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William Marincic

Barack Obama‘s secretary of defense Robert Gates said a while back that Joe Biden has been wrong on almost every foreign policy decision he made in 40 years which included going after Osama bin Laden. What’s happening in Afghanistan and on the southern border tells you that we should’ve listen to Robert Gates before this election. We thought Saigon 1975 was bad this is Saigon and steroids.


I guess you believe he would be right if he got in bed with Putin and praised Kim jong-in. Only what you want to see. Only what you want to hear.

William Marincic

ChuckD what does one have to do with the other. Trust me, the Taliban would not be controlling the country if Trump were there, they know Biden is a weak ineffective leader.


While your statement is actually correct, Chuck, that does not disprove that Biden is one of the stupidest, most brain dead sleazebag losers to ever exist in the history of humanity, and he is destroying the country even faster that Obama and Trump combined.

What the Biden administration is dealing with now was set into motion by Trump with the “deal” he brokered with the Taliban last year. I’m sure you know that.
Whether he’s dealing with it in the right way is still playing out and not looking good. But my comment is timely since this is a mess Biden inherited.
Got it? This mess was not Biden’s invention.

William Aiken

The deal Trump made with the Taliban was condition based. In May, the Taliban violated the terms of the deal. Biden should have immediately nixed the deal, yet he didn’t. For it would have ruined his photo op of leaving Afghanistan on the 20th anniversary of 9/11. Now the rest of the country will have to live with the consequences with Biden’s epic blunder.

“Biden should have…”
Cool, now you’re a diplomatic and military expert!
Now how about those 5000 Taliban fighters Trump released? Some kind of 5 dimensional chess only he understands?
There’s lot’s of fault-finding to go around, except for why we’re there in the first place, one administration gets credit for that.

In each of my replies I left open the possibility of criticism of the Biden plan and that it wasn’t over yet. That’s how we do it, thoughtfully.
Stop begging here for attention, and bring something thoughtful of your own.


Chuck are you claiming that planned and executed a thoughtful military retreat? That is to say are you claiming that all military supplies and those who helped us have been or will be effectively evacuated?

William Marincic

Tell me Chuck when was the last time in American died in Afghanistan? There were a total of 59 in all of Trumps time and zero since Narch of 2020

William Marincic

ChuckD, stop, even Chuck Todd, CNN, and MSNBC have put this on Biden. Joe Biden cancelled every single agreement that Trump had from the Keystone XL to the stay in Mexico policy so stop with “he inherited it”, he fumbled it like he has on every single thing he has touched. Own it because it’s his and no one else. To blame it on Trump is laughable.

Oh dear, you scrambled your puzzle pieces again!
“cancelled every single agreement”, except apparently the one with the Taliban and Afghanistan. Now how about addressing the matter of releasing all those Taliban terrorists? You won’t, will you?

This makes sense to me:
Biden said he could not risk more American lives fighting a civil war in Afghanistan if the Afghan troops trained by the United States through the last two decades would not fight for themselves. The president spoke at the White House in his first public remarks since the Taliban’s lightning offensive captured virtually all of Afghanistan, including its capital of Kabul on Sunday.

“Here’s what I believe to my core: It is wrong to order American troops to step up when Afghanistan’s own armed forces would not,” Biden said during the speech

“I’m left to ask again of those who argue that we should stay, ‘How many more generations of Americans daughters and sons, would you have me send to fight Afghanistan’s civil war, when Afghan troops will not? How many more lives, American lives, is it worth?” he asked.

An evening question, or challenge, for any of the Rights who read these comments, participants or not: Who among you is convicted enough to your cause to voice support for these words, and who is brave enough to denounce them?

“I think Islam is poisonous,” said a Proud Boys affiliated account on the encrypted messaging site Telegram. “BUT, these farmers and minimally trained men fought to take their nation back from [world governments]. They took back their national religion as law, and executed dissenters. Hard not to respect that.” Another user wrote, “If white men in the West had the same courage as the Taliban, we would not be ruled by Jews currently,” and yet another simply said, “To be honest, the Taliban is epic.”

Do you actually believe that Proud Boys represent Republicans? In that sense, you must believe Antifa represents Democratic voters.

Great example of inventing your own scary monsters where none are.
Never said anything like that.

But while many, many Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, Social Justice activists, Leadership in communities of People of Color have all condemned the antifa movement and their activities, there’s been very little from the Republicans and their supporters condemning the insurrection or any other White Supremacist activities.

How about you? Care to voice your support or condemnation of them? I bet you can’t.

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