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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, Aug. 17


Reduce shootings by enacting curfews

Replicating the theory that “Guns do not kill people, that people kill people,” why is the emphasis on getting guns off the street?
Granted, this is a laudable political goal, but is it realistic? Does it, in fact, change people’s behavior? Why not get people off the streets?
Is it not time to at least consider curfews for the tri-city areas? If it is true that people are killing people, let’s take people off the streets, especially in the middle of the night.
Pre-teens and teenagers do not need to be on the street at two in the morning.
Even some so-called adults have shown that they do not have the resolve to be up at that hour without shooting someone.
A graduating curfew, one that allows the city or community to slowly open up when crime rates show a decreased response, would be a logical outcome.
Otherwise, people on the street after a certain hour would need a valid and verifiable reason or risk ticketing or worse.
Using a commonsense analysis of the numbers would reflect a reduction in the “pool” of potential shooters.
This in turn would make policing and crime solutions more productive.
What better way to get the entire population (and businesses) involved than to encourage everyone to look in the mirror and truly start taking responsibility for their actions and attitudes, and in doing so, be part of the solution.
Earl Spencer

Rude fans should just stay home

I watched the baseball game last month between the Boston Red Sox and the Yankees.
I could not believe how ignorant, rude, and poor sportsmanship the Red Sox fans are, with their constant chanting “Yankees Suck.”
I was always taught “if you can’t say anything good, shut up and don’t say anything at all.”
If you want to chant and show your ignorance and poor sportsmanship, you should stay home and don’t broadcast how rude you are.
No one wants to hear you.
Helen Costanzo
Clifton Park

School supplies can be eco-friendly

August is back to school shopping time, which means you have a long list of essential supplies your child needs for the coming school year.
If you hit the big box stores with your list in hand, you might quickly become overwhelmed, especially if you are looking for supplies that will not do damage to the planet.
The good news, however, is that with a little internet searching you can find a fantastic selection of eco-friendly school essentials that are good for the environment and for your child.
Whether it is backpacks and binders, paper and pencils, or art supplies and cleaning supplies, environmentally conscious manufacturers can supply your children with many of the essentials they will need.
It’s a great teachable moment.
Caroline Brooks


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William Marincic

Senile Joe Biden went on camera yesterday and stated the buck stops with him, which is true even though he tried to blame President Trump for his screwing up of the Afghanistan situation. Since Joe Biden has been in office nothing that he has touched has been successful from the southern border to the keystone pipeline this guy is a walking disaster.


Who signed the weak deal with the Taliban in 2020? Who okayed releasing 5,000 Taliban from prison? Who set an unreasonably short exit date that was dumped on Biden? Who knew for at least the last two years that the Taliban was gaining strength throughout Afghanistan? Ans. Trump.

Much of the current blame goes to our military intelligence (now there is an oxymoron) that should have known that the Afghan government and troops would fold. The bottom line is that the U.S. doesn’t know how to win wars since WWII. We think we can just overpower another army without understanding the culture and people we think we’re saving. Three presidents, two republicans and one Democrat and a complicit Congress wasted $2.26 trillion dollars trying to make a feudal country a democracy. Our military needs to get smarter, not get bigger and waste taxpayer money.

The exit was based on conditions. They didn’t meet the criteria so Biden could have cancelled the agreement. Biden says the buck stops with him while blaming everyone else.

Funny. Everyone who wants to slam Biden for doing the right thing, can’t seem to answer to tRump turning all those thousands of terrorists loose. Surely, as the Master of the Deal there’s a good reason for it, no?
Maybe they’re now assisting the evacuations (watch for that to pop up on their morning talking points).

More likely they’re trying to kill the evacuees though.


Too bad you don’t realize that when it comes politically astuteness and moral integrity your buffoon number 45 equates to nothing more than a pimple on “senile”Joe Biden’s behind.

And you come off sounding like the guy who blames the mechanic because you constantly drive your car over the curbs.

“Sorry about the alignment job, but there was just too much damage”

“I’ll sue!”


“The Afghan debacle lasted two decades. The media spent two hours deciding who to blame.” As did political leaders. – Humanity seems to be synonymous with insanity.


Fred, you could credit 45 with 30,000 + lies that conspiracy believing morons ate up like popcorn at a movie theater, the result of which has divided our nation to a point that has not been seen since the Civil War. He and the new Republican Party have eroded democracy, ignored science to the point perpetuating a deadly virus and the eventual demise of the planet as we have known it because of climate change. Wake up Fred, and stop promoting and backing deadly causes.

William Marincic

Annie is right, plus the intelligence agencies told Biden what would happen but Biden didn’t listen. I will say it again, Biden stopped everything he could stop that Trump did to the detriment of America, he could have stopped this as well. Trump had conditions and those conditions were not met once Biden was in office because they smelled weakness. All of you lefties with your TDS are mad that finally, a couple of reporters are holding Biden accountable. I’m almost certain that China is smiling and Taiwan is shaking in their boots.

Huh. Still no justification for the release of those thousands of terrorists, eh? The continued refusal to speak to it while throwing up all manner of smoke is the definition of “deflection”. “TDS” is what most people see in you supporters, friend. Donald Trump is the de facto leader of roughly one half of Congress, so expect there to be more attention on him. Lots.

Accusing others of what you yourself are guilty of is straight out of the playbook of some pretty despicable characters. Whether you know it or not (and clearly you don’t) you’re playing right into the template we’ve seen in the past leading up to autocrats taking power. It won’t work here, unless you cheat.

BTW, I’ve documented why you and Annie are wrong, and blowing smoke. See my full response in Comments of the 18th. As I said there, a fifth grader could have shown how wrong you are.

How do grown men and women justify so much lying? What in the world makes you think you can get away with it? What’s the point?


One thing that has been noticeable about the CNN coverage of the Afghanistan withdrawal is that they and some Democrats have not been afraid to criticize Biden unlike the republicans and Fox rarely criticizing Trump. I think CNN is going too far in their coverage, but at least it shows that they are not the liberal media unwilling to criticize Democrats.

The same goes for the NY Democrats and press not being afraid to come down hard on Cuomo. Again, liberal press and party? Too bad republicans don’t have the balls to speak truth to power.

It’s so-o-o easy to sit back and beat up Biden’s actions in Afghanistan. Of course, we’ve ended so many wars and evacuated so many populations that by now you’d think he’d have it down!

Our little alt-right friends will never go along with this because they can’t seem to put up a leader that all Americans can respect, but the main story here, that will be taught in History classes, will be the bravery it took to make the call in the first place to end this, knowing it was possibly (probably) going to be a minefield. That’s the call he made. The previous President made a “call” for it, but ensured that either when it came time to act, he could pass it off to another President, or weasel out of it like he’s done his entire life. Then he released 5000 violent terrorists ‘as a good-will gesture’.


It appears that some GOP leaders who follow their disgraced leader Trump are not keeping up. Here’s a report from Newsweek:

A number of former President Donald Trump’s properties are imposing COVID-19 mask mandates amid strong Republican opposition.

Trump hotels in Miami, Chicago and Hawaii have all issued mask mandates as the Delta variant continues to surge in the United States. Other Trump properties, including the Trump Golf Club in Florida and the Albemarle Estate at Trump Winery, have relaxed restrictions when it comes to masking mandates. Both establishments stated that “staff only have to wear a mask if unvaccinated” on their websites.

Trump was personally opposed to wearing face masks during his presidency.

“I just don’t want to be doing—somehow sitting in the Oval Office, behind that beautiful, Resolute Desk, the great Resolute Desk, I think wearing a face mask—as I greet presidents, prime ministers, dictators, kings, queens, I don’t know, it somehow, I don’t see it for myself,” Trump told ABC News in 2020.

A number of Republican leaders have also shown skepticism regarding the mask mandates and other safety protocols, especially in relation to schools buildings.

Republican Governors Ron DeSantis of Florida and Greg Abbott of Texas have moved to push executive orders prohibiting mask mandates in schools.

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