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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Aug. 18


Cuomo, Spitzer let arrogance sink them

If the perverted transgressions of Eliot Spitzer weren’t enough to besmirch the office of governor of New York for decades to come, along comes Andrew Cuomo to seal the deal.
Eliot was known for his abuse of power while in office. It was his way or the highway, and Andrew is known for his arrogance.
His Queens accent pegged him as not of this planet every time he opened his yap. Both are men of profound privilege, but both are dazzling dumbbells who self-immolated when they flew too close to the sun. Why?
Because wealth bestows privilege, power and the kind of hubris that lands rich frat kids in jail for drunk driving or sitting governors on the front page of the daily rag for grabbing the secretary’s breast or hiring a hooker.
But there’s more at work. Specifically, the crimes are relatively trivial in comparison to what these men stood to lose. So what led them to take such an outlandish risk?
Easy: they consider themselves above the law. And they didn’t think they would ever get caught, which puts them squarely in the camp of most mobsters.
Somehow, our society has managed to create monsters of the men we have chosen to lead our nation. It’s a shame because both Spitzer and Cuomo at times showed exceptional political talent, and, but for their colossal personality failures, could have matured into great American politicians.
But, like Icarus, it wasn’t to be.
And the solution is simple; elect women.
Lora Como
Ballston Lake

Things have gotten worse after election

On Jan. 1 the United States was energy independent, but sadly no longer. I note that this week the United States is pressuring OPEC to increase oil production.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, average gas price in the United States in Dec. 2020 was $2.242 and in July 2021 it was $3.326; an increase of 48%.
Border patrol apprehensions of undocumented immigrants on the southern border in Dec. 2020 were 74,000 and in July 2021, 210,000 — an increase of 184%.
I wonder what changed? Why, the administration changed, and control of the Senate changed, of course.
William F. Malec

Make the wise, safe choice on vaccines

Ninety-nine percent of people dying from Covid-19 are unvaccinated. It’s your choice to not get vaccinated. Duh.
Jeffrey Murtagh

Why not consider split school sessions

I grew up in central New Jersey, near Staten Island, in the 1950s and ‘60s.
At that time, there were large “migrations” from the urban cities to the nearby suburban towns.
Some schools were faced with significant overcapacity.
As a solution, some systems went with split sessions; half of the students in a morning session, with the other half in an afternoon session.
I also witnessed this in one of the Caribbean nations while on vacation.
Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have not seen, heard nor read that this option has been considered. Admittedly, I don’t have any children in K-12, only grandchildren.
It seems to be a viable alternative and I am surprised it, apparently, has not been implemented.
Al Pirigyi
Burnt Hills

Board should vote against battery plan

I urge the Duanesburg Town Board to vote against adding four 50-foot containers of lithium-ion Battery Energy Storage Systems to the solar arrays on the westernmost edge of our town.
The concerns of explosions, brush fires, toxic fumes harmful to residents, firefighters, wildlife and the environment are legitimate issues that have been brought to your attention and should be strongly considered in your vote on Thursday Aug. 19 at 7 p.m. at the Duanesburg Town Hall.
Leonard M. Van Buren


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Guy Varoma

When will people learn that gas prices were so low was because of the pandemic ..No one was traveling which caused a glut …Crude oil was trading for $0 dollars at one point …They couldn’t get rid of it. No President controls the cost of gas ! I suggest people who think a president does the cost of crude to unscrew your MAGA hats off your heads and take a economics class on supply and demand

Guy, yes…amazing how trumpers act like there is no pandemic and it has no effects. Gas prices, inflation, disruptions in supply chains, lack of workers are some examples of this temporary situation. Yet they ignore the fact that unemployment is down to prepandemic levels. GDP increased 6.5% in 2nd quarter, wages are going up (without Federal $15/hr minimum), stock market is maintaining (45 said would collapse immediately if Biden won), etc. We would do even better if more Americans got vaccinated! They are not only holding us back, but will send us back into our homes with shutdowns…then blame Biden.


Only what they want to hear, only what they want to see, only the way they want it to be, nothing else matters. Nothing.

The same people who think that “energy independent” means we don’t import energy from other countries (we imported about 8 million barrels of petroleum per day in 2020). They have simple minds and think we’re just pumping crude out of the gulf and shipping it right to your local gas station lol.


You have forgotten the effect of funding the government by printing press money on prices. You also have ignored the effect of environmental regulations that restrict the supply of fossil fuels on the price level.

Guy Varoma

Fred do you know anything about “summer blend” and the conversion that happens every year that drives up oil prices? And please tell me what regulation restricts the supply of fossil fuels? I never heard of that regulation. Fred also unscrew your MAGA hat before answering …..maybe it will give you moment of clarity

Joseph Vendetti

Mr. Murtagh:

Great letter.

True Selfless Americans from our greatest generation took Polio, measles, mumps, rubella vaccines to improve the United States. Today around 50% of those eligible got the covid 19 vaccine. Because of that 99% of all new cases are a result of a more contagious delta variant. This variant has the ability to infect 5 ppl from one infected person where the original covid 19 was infecting 2 ppl from every one infected person.

My family and I did the selfless american thing – we wore our masks, we vaccinated when it was our turn, yet on Saturday my wife and I developed symptoms and on Sunday tested positive for Covid 19.

We are now isolated & praying that our symptoms stay minor.

If people can’t do the right thing for the good of all of us, their own children and relatives who can’t at this time will surely suffer.

Get vaccinated!!!


Joseph – hope you and your wife have only mild cases. But I’m curious as to how you think you caught it. Were you with unvaccinated or unmasked people over the past week or so? Were there unvaccinated children involved? If you prefer not to make this too personal, I understand. Get well.

Joseph Vendetti


Thanks for your thoughts!

I have flown to our job site in NV – wore a mask the entire time on plane, airports, shuttle bus, and hotel lobby. Around our crew inside and clients wore a mask – everyone is vaccinated. I & my family have never stopped wearing a mask even at Price Chopper, Stewarts, etc since 2/20.

My wife and daughter are both RNs and have worked the covid floors at albany med & st petes but are very strict on mask wearing, hand washing and social distancing. When they get back home they strip down in the garage and put scrubs and clothing in basket and bring to laundry. Then they shower.

The only person in our entire circle that is unvaccinated is our 5 yr old grandson & we don’t make him wear a mask in the house since we are all vaccinated.

I wish I knew we have tried to back track – my wife’s symptoms started first so I have to assume she got it first and infected me – but we will never know.

Symptoms at this point are pretty benign – nose that won’t stop running, throat tickle or drip, headache, I had/have a low grade fever on and off. Our 02 saturation has been strong, and dr says lungs are clear. Just want it to stay that way.

My wife got her 1st shot in Jan and 2nd in early Feb – so she is due for a booster as is my daughter. Got my pfizer in early Feb so my booster will be in late sept early Oct.

Be Safe my friend!

Lora Como–the arrogance of men…this has been the status quo, but we are living in a time when white privileged man’s time is up. The rich will always get preferential treatment, but society is changing. I believe this imbalance of energy is tipping, and I agree putting women in more positions of power will help balance that out.


I wonder what white privilege had to do with our sloppy exit from Afghanistan? Perhaps I err. It was done in the way it was planned!


The sooner we mandate the vaccine to take a flight, enter a store to shop, eat in a restaurant, etc. the better. No more safe passage for the unvaccinated who are keeping the pandemic going and inconveniencing us vaccinated, patriotic citizens. Some businesses are coming around to this requirement, but until the government mandates it, the problems will persist, including potentially additional variants more powerful than the delta virus. As Guy said above, unscrew your MAGA hats and do the right thing, get vaccinated or stay home until the pandemic is over. You are using up hospital beds that we may need for a different medical emergency.


Agree with Laura Coma about more women being elected. Unfortunately that is not always true around the county as we have seen in some cases, particularly Republican’s unfortunately. They are almost always on the same page as male Republican governors in order to keep the base.
Reading headlines in Gazette today am I to believe your soon to be x governor let’s the local school districts and superintendents set mask policy? Good grief why would they know what’s best for each district? Ask Ron he will show you how to do it the hunger games way. Only five or six hundred cases in school here between positive and quarantine cases since 8/08. Libraries closed county wide on and on. New county supervisor is epidemiologist so he is struggling with this walking a fine political line.


The public polices that a candidate stands for should effect a voter’s decision not whether or not a candidate stands up or sits down when urinating. But then I am not a Democrat.

Joseph Vendetti

I don’t understand how we can mandate masks but not vaccines? In NY you need certain vaccines to attend schools (elementary, HS & College) to avoid epidemics. There is no more religious exemptions for this sort of thing.

William Marincic

You can’t mandate masks. It needs to be legislated. Cuomo had emergency powers granted by the legislature before, they are now gone.

Kathy Hochul is saying otherwise, that it comes from the Department of Health and she approves.
Why don’t you call her and let her know she’s mistaken?

ChuckD she is wrong and she knows it but she will break the law just like democrats do but she will be sued and her excuse will be that it was for the better good.

Joseph Vendetti

I also feel that the 15 min rapid tests should be mandatory tests should be mandatory at all large gatherings (sporting events, flights, hotel check in, etc) even for vaccinated people to prevent any asymptotic individuals from causing an outbreak. Especially since they are letting individuals take their masks down on a plane to eat & drink.

Several times over the past couple days we’ve heard our alt-right contingent yammer on about the Taliban “violating conditions” of Trump’s Great Pact, the Doha Agreement, or, “The Agreement for Bringing Peace to Afghanistan”. Their mindless parroting goes along the lines of:
“The exit was based on conditions. They didn’t meet the criteria so Biden could have cancelled the agreement”
and “Trump had conditions and those conditions were not met once Biden was in office because they smelled weakness”.

Of course we need to suspect anything these people think they can get away with saying in public. I would put the skill level of disproving this at about a fifth-grader’s.

-The Doha Agreement was signed on February 29, 2020
state DOT gov/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Agreement-For-Bringing-Peace-to-Afghanistan-02.29.20.pdf

-Clear violations of the Agreement were cited in the “Lead Inspector General for Operation Freedom’s Sentinel I Quarterly Report to the United States Congress I January 1, 2020 – March 31, 2020” published on May 15, 2020.
dodig DOT mil/reports.html/Article/2191020/lead-inspector-general-for-operation-freedoms-sentinel-i-quarterly-report-to-th/

-Former, and twice impeached, President Donald J. Trump was then in office and would be for another 8 months when his term ended after the American people rejected his nonsense.

The agreement was a sham. The existing Afghan government was not a part of the negotiations. The Taliban’s attacks surged after the signing:

“The Taliban have mounted more than 4,500 attacks in Afghanistan, marking a sharp escalation in violence, in the 45 days since signing a deal with the United States that paves the way for a U.S. troop drawdown, according to data seen by Reuters.”

“Two sets of data, one from a Western military source and one from an independent body, both show attacks by the hardline Islamist group up by more than 70 percent between March 1 and April 15 compared with the same period a year ago.”

Why didn’t the Master of the Deal step in? He had 8 months to decide, and apparently did nothing.
And you alt-righties wonder why you’re mocked?

ChuckD it doesn’t matter what proof we give you just like I did on mask mandate. You believe what you want and call names. The world is accusing Biden, not Trump so regardless of how strong your TDS is you can’t change the facts.

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