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Letters to the Editor Friday, Aug. 20


Voice opposition to gas burner proposal

This summer, the United States is experiencing unprecedented heat waves, wildfires and floods due to human-caused climate change.
These climate related events will continue to become more catastrophic if we do not take action and curb greenhouse gas emissions immediately.
Co-incidentally the IPPC has just come out with “Code Red Report for Humanity,” indicating that we can only slow climate change if we make drastic changes immediately.
One of the best strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to halt new fossil fuel infrastructure.
In spite of the recently enacted Climate Leadership and Community Protective Act and a state ban on fracking, two power plants: the Danskammer Power Plant in Newburgh and the Astoria NRG Power Plant in Astoria have applied for air permits from the DEC.
These plants want to construct new gas burners capable of using fracked gas.
The state Department of Environmental Conservation has opened a 60-day public comment period which began on July 1 and goes to Aug. 29.
Here is your chance to be heard.
Let them know what you think about this illegal proposal by sending comments to:
[email protected] or through website.
Joanna Lasher



Really enjoy photos from Saratoga track

My husband, Jerry, and I are simply amazed at the wonderful photos seen in the At The Track section of The Daily Gazette.
The expressions of the horses’ faces that Gazette photographer Erica Miller captures are just priceless, and we look forward to and treasure each and every one of them.
Just wanted to let you know how much Erica is appreciated — and to thank her so much for brightening our days, especially during track season.
Sally Cote



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I want to reiterate my response to Joe from yesterday:

By no means am I saying 89 or 98 percent of any race is getting vaccinated. What I am saying is that according to the charts on the attached link, after some math, you will determine eligible Whites are getting vaccinated at a percentage rate that appears to be approximately 10% greater than eligible Blacks. (Not a huge difference) Additionally you will see that Blacks are now closing that gap.

I have been trying to find a simple statistic that shows the percentage of eligible Whites in the U.S. getting vaccinated compared to the eligible blacks and the U.S. getting vaccinated. Good luck with that one.


Hey Genius, not “9% of Blacks” it’s was 9% of the total vaccines that were given at the time were received by blacks. Considering Blacks are 13.4 % of the total U.S. population their numbers were in the 60 % area for eligible Blacks getting vaccinated. Their numbers keep climbing. Blacks now account for more than 10% of TOTAL vaccines given.

According to Embassy documents Joe Biden knew in June that the Taliban would over run the country and the government would fail. It’s being reported that the Taliban is going house to house and murdering and torturing anyone that worked with Americans. Joe Biden and his failure in Afghanistan has left tens of thousands of Americans and support personnel in Afghanistan to fend for themselves. This failure by Joe Biden will leave a stain on America for decades to come. Joe Biden should step down as well as Kamala Harris who was also part of this disgusting debacle.

I just know thousands and thousands of Taliban terrorists, and i bet even their leaders, say an Allahu Akbar every day for Donald Trump, who just last year gave them the freedom from a prison to enjoy their reign of terror!

And the Republicans, and their own terrorists (that is what’s they are) are blessed that the Biden administration has made a mess of this so hopefully we’ll be distracted from their ultimate responsibility.

It’s a great time to be either a terrorist, or a right wing talking head!

You know what’s actually an embarrassment? All of the Trump supporters coming out saying he would have handled it differently, or feigning concern about American citizens still in the country. There is a LOT of blame to go around for the 20-year debacle that has been this war, this isn’t all on the feet of Joe Biden. And yes I voted for Joe Biden, but I (and many other Democrats) can still criticize some of the decisions he made on this withdrawal, because we are free thinking individuals with opinions. Which is more than can be said for the vast majority of Trump supporters who defend his every word and action, yet have the audacity to now criticize Biden for continuing the withdrawal that was set in motion by Donald Trump. In case you didn’t actually read the article it says:

“That has left British officials embarrassed and embittered at President Biden. Some say he behaved more like his predecessor, Donald J. Trump, than an ally who promised a new era of American partnership.”

So which is it? Do you support America going it alone without our allies, like Donald Trump did, or do you now believe the US should be more aligned with our international partners?

Matt isn’t it rich that you want to blame Trump for this, Trump’s plan was to leave a residual force in Afghanistan while we got our civilians and Afghani partners out, you can verify that BTW. Biden tried to take credit for everything having to do with covid until he screwed that up as well now like everything, it’s Trump’s fault, sorry but when people like Meghan McCain say she made a mistake with Biden you know there is a problem, maybe you should read what she said, I posted it above.

Doug Hampton

Right on Matt! Why is FOX and the right wing spending all their time pointing fingers at Biden? Why isn’t the emphasis on getting our people out? There is plenty of time for blame. I am not afraid to say that there have been some mistakes and miscalculations. We have till the 31st evidently ,let’s focus on what really matters
now. Democrats have no problem admitting when they are wrong….Can Republicans say that??? Not in my experience anyway. Now is simply not the time for blame….there will be plenty of time later and then we can sort things out. The implementation has had problems no doubt but we have been there for 20 years. Bush and Obama for 8 each,Trump for 4 and Biden for 6 months. We are going to put this all on Biden! Get real folks!


You have such an open mind Zachary: “Everything was better under Trump!!!” Everything except humanity, and our planet. – Fox is not news by any stretch of the imagination. It is a propagandized, White supremacist, racist promoting blob of human excrement of biased misinformation. Don’t waste your time posting links from right-wing-nut sources.

Joseph Vendetti

Black Americans (about 25% rate) White Americans 42% rate – which is understandable based on history and experimentation.

The fact is we will never get to herd Immunity even if all the Black Americans got vaccinated because we are overwhelmingly White in this country. At the current #’s of population and to reach 70-80% (herd immunity) we would need 188,000,000 just white americans to be vaccinated – roughly another 73,000,000 that have already done so before we get another mutation.

Between Africa and India there are 2.6 Billion people that want vaccines – any vaccines (mumps, rubella, polio, etc) and they stand for hours, days & weeks to take them. Yet in America the greatest country on the globe we will turn our noses up to vaccines, deny our fellow citizens, elderly & weak immunity protection because of this spoiled sense of ??? I don’t even know what to call it.


I read in the Gazette today that some NYC restaurant owners are objecting to the vaccine requirement for indoor eating. They feel they will lose business because of this upcoming requirement. This reminds when smoking was outlawed in NYC bars, bar owners objected for the same reason. But what happened was nonsmokers like myself started going to the bars that were filled with people since they no longer had to breathe the foul air. Smokers didn’t go away either, they just went outside to smoke in between drinking. Thus, businesses thrived even better than before. Since there are more vaccinated people like myself than the non-vaccinated, why should I potentially expose myself to others who are much more likely to be carrying the delta virus? I won’t go into a restaurant down there before the vaccination requirement. Get vaccinated and enjoy a nice meal if you go to the City. We should have the same requirement throughout the state and country. Then the restaurants will thrive again.

Doug Hampton

Spot on Raymond…..Great example with the cigarette smokers. It’s amazing how many times the right says certain things will happen and they just don’t happen like they say. Well done!

Hi, table for two, please.
Sure. Do you and your guest have your vaccination cards?
Of course I do, but before I show you, I need to know who my server and bus person for refills will be please.
Um, looks like Brad will be your server and there are a few refill specialists tonight.
Great. Can you show me your and their vaccination cards?
And also, can you provide me with proof that none of you are a carrier of HIV, Hepatitis A or B, or any other communicable diseases?
Also, we would prefer not to be served by someone who is on or uses recreational drugs such cocaine, meth, fentanyl, etc, so if you could provide us with the most recent tox screens of everybody around me, that would be great. And while you’re at it, could you please make sure that any over perfumed/cologned folks wash; I have an allergy to that french hoe aroma.
Um… Let me get the manager for you.
That would be great, thanks. Oh, and please make sure they bring their vaccine card also.

Copied and pasted

Mr. Vendetti, what next, a cashless system where the government even taxes the kid mowing your lawn? How about a chip or you can’t buy food. That is your utopia…..


Your inconvenience Trumps the fears of others. Thanks for the fine example of how self centered some of us have become.

Joseph Vendetti


I’m not and never have been in inconvenienced by masks or restrictions. I have also vaccinated and still ended up with COVID because people can’t vaccinate out of fear? We have been getting vaccines (Hep B) before you leave the hospital, at your 1 month checkup another flurry and before age 5 – mump, rubella, polio, etc – that keeps our nation from being a 3rd world pig sty. Because without vaccines you can’t have a reliable economy, without a reliable economy you can’t have reliable currency – you get my point Fred. The self centered comes from people that aren’t team players.

Mr. Vendetti according to the CDC even the vaccinated can get the covid delta variant and pass it on so why are you blaming the unvaccinated, that’s like blaming your neighbor with a chain-link fence because you have mosquitos.

Please. Don’t quote the CDC. You just embarrass yourself.
The unvaccinated can get the virus much easier then the vaccinated. But often, and sadly, they die before doing too much collateral damage.
But thanks again for your help!

Joseph Vendetti


Reasons to get vaccinated-

1.) Vaccinated aren’t going to use up and waste valuable bed space and over burden the healthcare workers. Less then .05 % of vaccinated need hospital stays.

2.) The virus will keep mutating and creating a more dominant strain until we reach herd immunity

3.) Your fellow man (woman). Someone that maybe immune compromised or just old/fat and hypertensive like me.

4.) Getting out of masks & the pandemic – rely on herd immunity, as we have seen it wasn’t good enough to get the vaccines in 100,000,000 arms, because we took off our masks and so did ppl not vaccinated and now look at the numbers rising! This variant is hitting kids much harder, kids are being hospitalized in LA, TN, GA, TX, FL, MS, AL, NV & AZ

5.) because it works!!


In police news comes this current event:

“More than a dozen officers with the Torrance Police Department in California have been relieved of their duties because of an ongoing investigation into messages that Torrance Police Chief Jeremiah Hart characterized as “racism and hatred.” In addition, two other officers from the department have been charged with vandalism for allegedly spray-painting an impounded vehicle with a swastika in 2020. (They were both terminated two months after the incident.) Now, the local district attorney’s office is reviewing hundreds of cases in which the officers were involved to make sure no other misconduct occurred.”

Not surprising to me. Both the police and military need to weed out these Trump-like racists. State and Federal audits and investigation should occur regularly, not just when stuff like this is exposed.


What about weeding out those that support Biden racism that goes by mandating diversity? Or do you wish to claim there is o good and racism?


As of 8/20/2021, 584 have been charged with their participation in the January 6 violent insurrection on the Capitol.

283 have been indicted
37 have been convicted
6 have been sentenced

62 have been identified as current or past members of the military.
– 1 is Active Duty
– 1 was with Army Special Forces (Green Beret)
– 4 are current or part-time in the Army Reserve or National Guard
– 57 previously served in the military

>15 were either former or currently active law enforcement.

The FBI has implored the public’s help in identifying more than 300 others.

OMG seven police officers in California have been charged but not proven guilty of racism. Let’s fire the 700,000 police officers in America and take their pensions and while we are at it let’s hold every democrat liable financially for those who have been robbed, killed, and victims of crime because of the defund the police movement and the Antifa riots. After all, you democrats are complicit.

James Prendergast

Let’s not forget Biden’s biggest critics on the Afghan issue are Marjorie Greene, Lauren Boebart, and Paul Gosar who voted against giving visa’s to the Afghans who supported us through those 20 years.

All the pundits on FOX are shedding crocodile tears for the women of Afghanistan who will now be oppressed under Taliban rule, yet not one of them is in favor of actually providing them a US visa to help them. They also take their performative pro-military stance but won’t consider SIV’s to those that assisted our troops in the war effort and that military personnel are actively lobbying to help them seek refuge in the US. All performance no substance from the insurrectionists, hide your surprise.

This is the reality we face. In spite of the best of our science telling us we need to suppress the spread of this virus though the air, in large part by wearing a mask, here are elected officials actively preventing and threatening those who follow that advice. This is a modern-day “Custer’s Last Stand”. (Anyone here a “Little Big Man” fan?)
Broward County and Alachua County school board members who voted to impose a mask mandate could start losing their monthly pay as soon as next week unless they reverse their policy.

Florida Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran on Friday issued the warning, saying he would begin withholding an amount equal to their salaries each month until they comply with the state’s parental rights law and school mask order.

“It is important to remember that this issue is about ensuring local school board members, elected politicians, follow the law,” Corcoran said. “These public officials have sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Florida. We cannot have government officials pick and choose what laws they want to follow.”

Corcoran said the penalties would be the “initial consequences” for their actions. The State Board of Education on Tuesday directed Corcoran to investigate the conduct of the districts’ school officials and floated the possibility of removing school officials from office or having their pay withheld as a consequence.

The law is the law and it works both ways, many teachers have resigned or been fired because they don’t agree with the mask mandate I’m vaccinated but my children will not be and we as parents will decide what’s best for our kids because I don’t have a co-parenting agreement with the government.

But what happens when science shows you don’t know what’s best for your children, and that it jeopardizes other children and those around them?

Have you considered home schooling?


Can’t imagine what would happen to a young mind being taught by such a close minded individual. His children are the ones most in need of a true education in a N.Y. integrated public school, preparing them for the real world and ALL the people in it.


“The Florida Constitution requires that state entities and public officials, who are charged with overseeing the funding and operations of public education, ensure that Florida’s schools operate safely,” the lawsuit said. “Defendants cannot legally deny students, public school staff, their family members and the public with whom they come in contact within the public school system their basic human needs for health and safety.” Why should this stop a Trumpster like DeathSantis.? This from a party that preaches smaller less intrusive goverment.

Coming soon to NY ?

William Marincic

I can’t forget how Ray Harris and Lou Restifo attacked Amy Coney Barret and accused her of being a Trump shill that would destroy the Constitution, end abortion and completely eradicate democrats and the American way. As usual, you are all wrong again, she has voted with the liberals on many issues but I don’t hear any apology about being wrong, not that I ever expected that kind of class from you all.


Wrong for what? trump thought she was a 99.99% mindless robotic alt-right thinking conservative. He was only about 75 percent correct. I still believe she shouldn’t be a United States Supreme Court judge, as shouldn’t Neil Gorsuch. – Is there any point in rehashing the Republican hypocrisy regarding holding off the appointment of one judge and cramming through the appointment of the other? Give me a break William Marincic. Change the channel!

William Marincic

Checkmate. By the way MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, New York Times, Washington post, they are all attacking your president for being incompetent. Like most of you lefties you didn’t vote for Joe Biden you voted against Donald Trump and if you did for vote for Joe Biden what does that say about you?

Masks save lives, including children’s and those that support them.

“It’s absolutely horrible to be alone,” and “You have no idea how much I miss this,” posted with a photograph of the setting sun.

These are the last two Facebook posts from an Aroostook County woman before she passed away from COVID-19 last week. They haunt me…I can’t stop thinking about them.
Cindy Johansen, former chair of the Aroostook County Republicans, co-founder of the Maine Grassroots Republican Caucus, and wife of state Rep. Chris Johansen (R-Monticello), succumbed on August 10 to a disease that she claimed not to fear. And while a swarm of online commenters have trolled her husband’s Facebook page with snide remarks and laughing emojis, I find nothing funny about this situation. I feel genuine sympathy for Mrs. Johansen’s family, because grief is grief, no matter the circumstances of a loved one’s death.

It’s tough to see this situation as anything other than a Greek tragedy, in which disaster befalls the protagonist through hubris. Stubbornly maintaining a defiant attitude toward counsel provided by the Delphic Oracle cost many Greek heroes dearly, and in this case, defiance of science and the recommendations of medical experts cost Mrs. Johansen dearly.

Mrs. Johansen was espousing views gleaned from right-wing media outlets and dubious online information sources without understanding that they were not only wrong, but that they were using her and others like her. She was a true believer, filled with an obvious sense of righteousness, and ready to do battle against the slightest perceived infringement on her sovereignty. Folks like Mrs. Johansen amplify the misinformation created by these bad actors, who sow doubt like a no-till seeder in the springtime.

Joseph Vendetti


Assuming your kids are schooled in NY they already by age 5 will have received 9 vaccines before school starts.

The clinical trials of Pfizer & Moderna vaccinated close to 6 million children around the globe between 6 months & 12 years old.

MRNA & viral vectors (delivery mechanisms) have been around for decades. The science behind the attachment to these mechanisms dates back as far as 2011 when Oxford started and almost completed a vaccine for a different version of SARs.

So answer this – if you or a loved one gets covid, has to be hospitalized and intubated will you or your wife turn down the experimental drugs – Chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine? Remdesivir? Favipiravir? Interferons? Lopinavir/ritonavir? Tocilizumab and other interleukin inhibitors? Or convalescent plasma?

If you would take an “experimental” drug to save your life on deaths door why wouldn’t you take an “experimental” vaccine to keep you & your children out of harms way?

Human Psychology tells us the vast majority of us don’t ever think “tragedy” will ever impact us. Thats why we are so ill prepared when it happens.

Mr. Vendetti why hasn’t the FDA approved these drugs? There’s way too much information that’s not being released about these drugs, I personally know a person that was injured from the vaccine. I am vaccinated with Moderna but like I say my children will not be.

Biden said today that there’s a deal with the Taliban and Americans are flowing easily through their checkpoints. Less than one hour later Bidens secretary of defense said that Americans are being beaten in the streets by the Taliban. Biden said there is no Al-Qaeda any longer in Afghanistan, again one hour later his secretary of defense says that there is Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. The knives are out for Biden, I’ve never ever seen senior cabinet officials completely contradict the president ever let alone within one hour. Bye-bye Biden, 1% Kamala will be the next president sooner than you think.

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