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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Aug. 22


Action needed now to address climate

Every day, we have news stories about how critical the changing climate is to our future.
Firefighters are battling fires while losing their own homes, farms and ranches.
They say they’ve never seen fires like these — almost 3 million acres lost already this year just in the United States.
The fire season starts earlier and ends later.
People may again lose their homes to stronger hurricanes that come fast and furious in a season that begins earlier and ends later.
Farmers who grow our food face floods or drought, loss of pollinators and broken supply chains.
How can they grow our food if this continues to happen?
These are Americans, our neighbors, family and friends, who are letting us know that things are NOT OK, lives are changing, and we are forcing that change.
These disasters are costing lives and billions of dollars.
We can’t fool ourselves into thinking our own future won’t be affected in some way.
Other Americans already face personal crises they couldn’t imagine would happen to them.
I think we owe it to them to see what we can all do personally to create a better future. We are all in this together.
And on a nationwide scale we need to have our Congress support a major infrastructure and budget overhaul to address climate change.
It has been put off for too long and now we have to make it happen and hope it is not too late.
Florence Carnahan

Covid response not in keeping with Bible

I very much appreciated the Aug. 15 letter (“Puzzled by Christian stance on vaccines”) by Anita Paul in The Sunday Gazette.
As I am also a Bible-believing Christian, the no-vaccine no-mask portion of our community does indeed stray from the message of Jesus Christ.
We are to love each other as the greatest of all commandments.
Scripture to support the no-vaccine no-mask Christians would be enlightening at best.
Always hopeful that the Light will shine in the darkness.
Nancyjane Batten

Thanks to Biden for massive ineptitude

Thank you, President Biden, for all you have done for American tax-paying citizens.
A great example (for those children who no longer learn real history in school) on how not to withdraw from a war torn country.
For rising gas prices and oil dependency again, after all, paying $1.25 for gas was so boring.
For helping the spread of covid through the movement of thousands of undocumented immigrants to every state in the darkness of night.
For opening our borders to the cartel and drugs of all kinds. For the wonderful images of children being dumped over the fences and left to die.
For appointing such inept people in every key position in D.C.
For having a vice president who stands for nothing and showing us how you truly feel about women’s rights by leaving the Afghan women to fend for themselves.
But truly I do thank you for telling King Cuomo to resign after he sent over 15,000 seniors to their deaths, let the whole world know that because he is Italian, he can’t control himself around women and for keeping our taxes so high.
All these statements are verified and documented facts, not fabricated to push an agenda.
But I am sure any comment made about this will always include President Trump and Fox News because these facts can’t be disputed, the images have been seen by all everywhere. Is anyone out there brave enough to admit that the Biden administration is truly inept?
Denise Crisci



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William Aiken

Florence Carnahan. The majority of the fires ravaging the country are based in California. The failure of that state to adequately management forest growth is the reason why fires are burning out of control. Gov. Newsom rejected pleas to remove brush from the forest. This was suggested by the 45th President, so this solution was dismissed by partisan politics. It is beyond arrogant and quite foolish to believe that the climate can be altered or controlled with a trillion dollar infrastructure bill. This agenda is really about de-growing of the country’s economy and the dismantling of capitalism.


Along with rakes perhaps we should also buy lots of buckets to to collect hurricane rain and truck it back to the ocean. Isn’t that a great idea?

I invite all Americans to stand for a placid round of golf-claps for our Denise Crisci and William Aiken, for their epic presentation of half-baked cookies and cakes this fine Sunday. You’ve really surrounded the Libs today with your collage of what must be just about all rage points you’ve parroted the past couple years.

I surrender!

I give to your firehose of “facts” (each of which has been shown to be, if not an outright lie, a gross distortion for the purpose of drumming up anger, and donations).

But really, for every list of grievances you should present solutions, and yours must be implied, because you offer none here. So we can assume your solution is, yes, Donald J. Trump! He must be mentioned because the Republicans, one half of our two party system, has deemed him the leader, YOUR leader. And not just deemed him that, but literally added to their party platform his name:

WHEREAS, The RNC, had the Platform Committee been able to convene in 2020, would have undoubtedly unanimously agreed to reassert the Party’s strong support or President Donald Trump and his Administration;

WHEREAS, The RNC enthusiastically supports President Trump and continues to reject the policy positions of the Obama-Biden Administration, as well as those espoused by the Democratic National Committee today; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That the Republican Party has and will continue to enthusiastically support the President’s America-first agenda;

RESOLVED, That the 2020 Republican National Convention will adjourn without adopting a new platform until the 2024 Republican National Convention;

“All these statements are verified and documented facts, not fabricated to push an agenda.” That was nearly a coffee-spitting moment.

If you’re willing to call these your case-making, mic-dropping, “judge, I rest mah case”, barrage of “facts”, it’s no wonder so many of you are filling up our hospitals and dropping like flies from this pandemic.


Florence Carnahan: Thank you for your letter addressing the devastating consequences resulting from man induced climate change.
The issue now at hand is convincing alt-right trump thumping morons to believe in science. trump has called climate change “mythical”, “nonexistent”, “an expensive hoax” and on 2018 climate change report he said, “I don’t believe it”. What I don’t believe is how anyone can say trump was a good present, let alone the best. Stupidity in it purist form. – No apologies because being nice, diplomatic or, more importantly, factual certainly doesn’t work.
Nancyjane Batten: Nice to see that a “Bible-believe Christian” agrees with getting vaccinated and mask wearing. That should be a no-brainer for everyone. This is a humanitarian, not religious, issue.
Denise Crisci: Your so far off base with your thinking that you’re not even in the ball park. If you look up the word “inept” in the dictionary, it says “see donald trump.” Change the channel.

William Aiken

Canada and states like Texas that take an aggressive approach to clearing brush from its forests. So they don’t have to deal with massive fires like the ones that keep occuring in California. This is a problem due to a lack of common sense on the part of Gov Newsom. He’s been forewarned about excessive brush in CA forests. Yet, he’s refused to act on it The cause of these fires isn’t climate change. If the source were climate change, the problem would be widespread in many states throughout the US.

Do you even know who PE&G are (without looking it up)?
Do you know why they’ve been ordered to put 10,000 miles of their infrastructure underground by the courts?
No, you don’t. Or you’re not honest enough to admit their role in starting over 20 of the worst forest fires in California’s history.
But of course, your grifter leader, tRump, says they need to rake the forests, so that’s what you go with.

Is this really the best you can do to be part of the debate?

William Aiken

The points you raise have nothing to do with the point made about the lack of clearing brush as causing the fires. Pay attention and stop changing the subject!


As a former PG&E transmission planner, I can talk authoritatively that the State of California and the environmental community are 100% to blame. They enacted very strict rules on what trees could be cleared. Industry norm is to clear any tree along a ROW that could fall into the ROW. California decided back in the 1980s, when I was siting lines, that you could only clear trees that were directly on the ROW. Also, they could not trim trees along the ROW that overhang the ROW without the property owner’s permission; an impossible task along hundreds of miles through woods. California is just off loading fire costs – which should come out of taxes – onto ratepayers; the result is the utility gets blamed rather than the state. Diane Barney

(The frequent reader of these comments will be forgiven for distrusting anything coming from the “FRED BARNEY” account. If this is Fred’s Mom, you need to take a look at what else he’s been up to here.)

(Also, apologies for my transposition of “E” and “G”. I’m not connected to them in any way)

Poor, poor PG&E! Those darn tree-huggers make them do the awfullest stuff! They even forced them to plead guilty to 84 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the Camp fire! And made them go into bankruptcy too! Darn Liberals!

Yeah, no, whoever you are. The environmental community is definitely not “100% to blame”. This isn’t the first time an entity has shown up on these Letters pages ostensibly presenting themselves as some kind of authority on a utility so they could try to demonize the “environmental community”, and promptly getting called out for it (two of them immediately after the Texas cold weather fiasco). It doesn’t help your PR to be such blatant liars.

William Marincic

Diane ignore the lefties, they know everything all you have to do is ask them or prove them wrong. Unfortunately the Daily Gazette opinion page has turned into a lefty sounding board.

Mark Mahoney

Oh nonsense, Bill. If you’re going to accuse us of something, at least get your facts straight. Just in the last three days: Saturday’s paper had a letter praising Stefanik and another trashing Democrats. One of Sunday’s three letters was one calling Biden incompetent. Both letters today were anti-Biden over Afghanistan. And tomorrow’s letters page has one letter praising Trump and another trashing Cuomo. Yeah, a real lefty sounding board.


Only what they want to hear, only what they want to see, only the way they want to be, nothing else matters, nothing.


Here’s some news from Newsweek on Trump’s Alabama rally last night. As usual, when it comes to the coronavirus that he helped perpetuate by his inaction last year, killing hundreds of thousands of citizens, he is too late to make a positive impact:

Former President Donald Trump was booed by his own supporters during a rally in Cullman, Alabama Saturday night after he encouraged the crowd to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

“I believe totally in your freedoms, I do, you gotta do what you gotta do, but I recommend take the vaccines. I did it. It’s good,” he said, drawing loud boos from the crowd of supporters.

“That’s okay, that’s alright,” Trump continued, brushing off the disapproval. “But I happen to take the vaccine. If it doesn’t work, you’ll be the first to know. But it is working. You do have your freedoms, you have to maintain that.”

A growing number of Republican leaders have urged voters to get the coronavirus vaccine as the highly contagious Delta variant sweeps through most parts of the U.S., driving up cases, deaths and hospitalizations in a new phase of the pandemic.

“These shots need to get in everybody’s arm as rapidly as possible, or we’re going to be back in a situation in the fall that we don’t yearn for, that we went through last year,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said late July. “Ignore all of these other voices that are giving demonstrably bad advice.”

The new messaging marks a notable shift from the anti-COVID-19 lockdowns, masks and vaccine sentiment that has gripped much of the Republican Party since the start of the pandemic.

Before the proliferation of the Delta variant—which now accounts for about 95 percent of the nation’s cases—Republican skepticism of COVID-19 vaccines and the Biden administration’s rollout grew so loud that some polls found almost 50 percent of GOP voters were unlikely to get vaccinated.

But even as top Republicans joined the Biden administration in pushing the vaccine, other members of the GOP have continued to ignore or spread misinformation about its safety and efficacy.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia was suspended from Twitter again earlier this month for spreading misinformation about the vaccine. Rep. Barry Moore of Alabama falsely claimed the vaccine was “untested” Saturday, after testing positive for COVID-19 a day earlier.

Conservative personalities, including Fox News hosts, have widened the Red/Blue divide in vaccination rates by extending a platform to vaccine skeptics and criticizing vaccination mandates ordered by businesses as an infringement on individual freedoms.

Most COVID-19 deaths in the country are now among unvaccinated people. So far, 170,406,785 Americans—or 51.3 percent of the total population—have received both doses of the vaccine and 200,947,556 have received at least one dose, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

(In Alabama and most southern red states, you can’t fix stupid.)

William Aiken

Ray, First, calling an entire state stupid might score points with your fellow leftists. But it’s not persuasive in changing hearts and minds. What do you say to African-Americans who represent the largest group as a percentage, who don’t want to take the vaccine? What would you say to their being denied basic services as a result of Mayor Deblasio’s heavy-handed, vaccine mandates banning them from gyms, restaurants and theatres?


The numbers in the red states speak for themselves. Apparently you have missed previous postings explaining why Blacks and Brown people have a reluctance to take the vaccine. For example, African-Americans are less likely to want to take the COVID-19 vaccine because of a deep-rooted distrust of national institutions and memories of former public health scandals such as the Tuskegee experiment, Black health leaders have said. The White run health care system has always treated minorities poorly (all part of the White privilege in this country). Also, there are millions more Whites than Blacks not taking the vaccine. Whites are making political/stupid decisions not to get it.

I’m looking forward to a nationwide mandate for the vaccine and wearing a mask until we beat the pandemic that Trump let flourish. In fact, along with the mandates should be a deadline to comply or face a fine (for those making more than $40K). Also, insurance companies should be able to charge unvaccinated patients for part of their hospital care if they get the virus. Watch compliance soar.

William Aiken

Also, there are millions more Whites than Blacks not taking the vaccine. Whites are making political/stupid decisions not to get it.

Percentage wise as a group, Blacks represent the largest amount of the unvaccinated. It’s a significant number. According to the NY Times, Only 28 percent of Black New Yorkers ages 18 to 44 are fully vaccinated. Now you dodge my question of the NYC vaccine mandate and its racist implications for blacks. The reason why someone doesn’t get vaccinated is irrelevant to those enforcing the mandate. It applies to everyone regardless of their reason for choosing not to get it. So you favor giving vaccine exemptions based on race?

Who effin’ cares about your “percentage wise” crock?

It’s not people of color we see and hear every day shrieking about their belligerent, self-righteous “freedumb of choice”.
It’s not Black leaders we see imposing their belligerent, self-righteous feelings on public schools.
It’s not people of color swarming Boards of Education to disrupt and threaten members for doing what our medical experts recommend.
It’s not people of color accosting others in stores and public places for trying to follow our medical experts’ opinion on preventative actions we SHOULD be taking.
Is it? No, it’s not.

It’s the poor, beleaguered white people you’re protecting. For what? What’s your real point Aiken? You might as well come right out with it since you and your little feathered friends wear it on your sleeves anyway. This is White Supremacy, American-style. It’s never the white people’s fault, it’s the people of color causing all the mayhem.
Good luck with that.
And God bless ya for your intellectual simplicity.

William Aiken

Chuck your virtue signaling and mind reading are tiresome.

I’m a white man of 60+ years. I speak your language and I don’t have to read your minds.
It’s loud and clear.

William Marincic

Ray I will bet you $500 per dollar that if we went around Schenectady and asked 100 black people what’s the Tuskeegee experiment that you wouldn’t find 10 people that know what that is. And anyone that says this is Trumps fault is brain dead.


In a video posted to Twitter, a rallygoer waiting in line to see Donald Trump in Callmun Alabama last night, said she was looking forward to him declare to the world that he is still president.

Asked by a reporter for Right Side Broadcasting what she was hoping to hear from the former president who lost to now-President Joe Biden, the unidentified woman immediately blurted, “He’s already here. He never left. He’s the 19th president of the Republic,”

“I want him to address when he’s gonna come forth and say: ‘I am,’ so that everybody will wake up and we can get this country back. The constitutional republic of 1776,” she continued. “And it will happen soon because God is in this and God wins,”

William Aiken

You broad brushed an entire state(s) claiming it to be stupid. Now you use Chuck;s example of a single interview to justify your ignorance. Your contempt for Trump supporters aligns with the left’s trademark of judging individuals as a group.

William Aiken

Wake up Lou! After four years of President Trump being smeared every day by the media as a racist, playing the race card has lost its magic. Time to find a new gimmick.


No magic, no gimmicks, just fact. Listen to the racist overtones from extreme conservatives on this forum. Fred thinks equality for Blacks is White racism. I didn’t see too many Blacks wearing MAGA hats. Racism is alive as ever, trump praising White supremacy groups resurrected the Jim Crow era. You wake up Bill!


MR Aiken, For your information if you read the statics and believe percentages I believe it showes the feds own more forest land in California, so as FG suggested raking it, he should have followed up on it.
There are 33 million acres of forest(ed) lands in California.
Federal ownership is 19 million acres = 57%
State and local agencies (including land trusts) own 3%
Privately owned forest lands are 13.3 million acres = 40%
Industrial private owners are 4.7 million acres = 14%
Non-industrial privately owned forest lands are 9 million acres = 26%
Non-corporate private forest lands are 7.9 million acres
REITs and other investment devices are 344,000 acres
90+% of the non-corporate private ownerships are 500 acres or less


Raymond, Louis ChuckD, Joseph and others who refute these falsehoods and RW misinformation everyday my condolences.
To quote ChuckD, Good grief. For you that post such statements as I just refuted above with SIMPLE google searches, please try harder to find the facts before you post, this is not rocket science.


Not to disparage some of our fellow countrymen but read Raymond’s statement about Alabama then defend this what happened even coming from Dear Leader.
Tump booed after telling supporters to get Covid vaccine
Former president held rally in Cullman, Alabama, a city struggling to cope with cases and hospitalizations
Bet it’s last time he will do that, and turns out he really does know his base. You know the I love uneducated or something similar he said.


Can’t help myself, this is fascinating. Thought living in Florida we had all the good lines from residents.
An attendee at the Alabama Trump rally said she wanted Trump to reveal that he was still president, echoing the conspiracy theory that grips the Republican Party.
Please Republicans your reaction and comments.

Florida,you hate Florida so much then move, one less lefty will make the state that much better. All of you northern liberals in New York and California move to nice conservative states and then try to turn them into the crap hole that you left.


You want comments I got [email protected]#$*%. Duh, you just ain’t rite Florida, I seen some reel smart guy on Fox say trump is president so a bawt a couple a his pillows ta help him out. We got to save the good old US of A an keep all them germ carrien rapin criminals out. White power is rite power. Let’s keep Merica strong like me an Zebbie boy here. Jesus nose ima right, so shut the f up and leave this great country iffen ya ain’t smart enuff to see the real deal.

In actually that’s not far from what we’re dealing with. The country isn’t hopeless, they are. The sickest part of it all is the evil politicians that prime the well of stupidity in these morons.

Wow Mr. Harris have you seen the bumbling idiot in the White House that you voted for. We don’t have a single NATO partner that trusts us we are the laughingstock of the world and all of our enemies are rejoicing, aren’t you happy that you voted for that complete senile idiot?

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