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Letters to the Editor Monday, Aug. 23


Afghan debacle has a familiar look to it

Is it the desperate flight from Saigon 1975, or is it the hostage-taking in Tehran 1979?
It’s both. America has been humiliated by the scenes of escape from Afghanistan, just like Vietnam. And now we have what looks like a hostage situation.
Make no mistake, the Taliban are holding Americans hostage.
They decide who gets out of Kabul, and at what price? Biden now has to negotiate with the enemy, and because of the botched withdrawal, he’s playing a weak hand.
Our troops control the airport, but the Taliban control who is allowed to get there. They can spin this thing out. The Mullahs humiliated President Carter, keeping their American hostages for 444 days. The Taliban can do exactly the same thing in Kabul.
They know Biden is desperate to get out. They’ll put a price on that desperation. This is a mess of the president’s own making.
The intelligence agencies and the military advised him against a rapid withdrawal. They were overruled, and the Taliban are now the hostage-takers, and Joe Biden is the Jimmy Carter of the 2020s.
It is humiliating we now depend on them for the safety of our citizens and allies.
One last point: Some of you will remember the end of the Tehran hostage crisis Jan. 20, 1981. Just as Ronald Reagan took the oath of office, the hostages flew home.
The Mullahs had played with Carter, but they knew they couldn’t get away with it when “The Gipper” was the president.
Domenico Dicaprio

Many questions about Afghanistan

An Afghanistan investigation is needed. So many questions need to be answered by the frail, feeble and incompetent Biden.
What planning, if any, did his administration do before pulling out of Afghanistan?
Why was he on vacation at an empty table in Camp David? Couldn’t he do a press conference there? I guess he returned to the White House to make himself look good.
Why are the intelligence people telling the GOP senators, who want to help this administration, to fill out a form on their website?
Where are Kamala Harris and Jean Psaki? Why did we leave so quickly without retrieving our Black Hawk helicopters, ammunition etc.?
What agenda did he have when he was inaugurated besides unraveling our forever working President Trump’s accomplishments?
Biden no longer, if ever, deserves the honorable title of “president.”
Biden’s forty year political career has hit at an all-time low and has put many people in harm’s way once again.
Biden and his administration need to be thoroughly investigated and vetted. They are highly paid inept public employees that are clearly over their heads in the positions they hold.
Safety and respect needs to return back to the United States and to the American people. God Bless us All. Thank you for that, our Commander in Cheat.
Inga Solomos
Ballston Lake



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Guy Varoma

This newfound empathy that Trump Voters have found for immigrants and and people of color is touching ! Who knew that Trump losing an election would make them do a 180 and become Humanitarians 😂😂😂😂

Guy Varoma

Fred you mean empathy for White Americans…Most Trump voters have no empathy for anyone that doesn’t look like them ….The see Afghan Americans still as people invading our country

William Aiken

Guy you are parroting the lie that divided the country along racial lines, made Barack Obama a most divisive leader and helped get Donald Trump elected. The media never asked Obama to explain his hunch. So this lie went unchallenged and became his favorite talking point. How did you come to such a negative, stark conclusion of your fellow Americans? What is your hatred of Trump supporters based on?

William Marincic

Varoma There’s a difference between freeloaders rushing across our southern border and people that risked their lives and their families lives to help us in a foreign war for 20 years.

You may see a difference Bill, but the likes of Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham do not. And that’s all that matters, because they shape the opinion of the Trump Party.


Inga Solomos: Perhaps President Biden should have consulted with Ivanka trump, who had the official title of “First Daughter and Advisor to the President”, before making the decision to pull out of a 20 year totally botched impossible to win war. Yes, perhaps Biden’s people should have known better as to how best get out Afghanistan. Hindsight being 20/20, there was no way to determine the perfect approach. It least we’re finally out!

What happened to 45’s “Let’s get out of Afghanistan. Our troops are being killed by the afghans we train and we waste billions there. Nonsense!” ~ “We have wasted an enormous amount of blood and treasure in Afghanistan. The government has zero appreciation. Let’s get out!

“The Trump administration in February 2020 negotiated a withdrawl agreement with the Taliban that excluded the Afghan government, freed 5,000 imprisoned Taliban soldiers and set a date certain of May 1, 2021, for the final withdrawal.” Well folks, he left the mess on Biden’s shoulders.

Having lost 2,448 American service members, and countless others wounded, as well as more than $2 trillion blown, at least Biden was willing, unlike Bush, Obama, and Trump, to take on the chin and finally make the decision to get out.

The worst aspect being human casualties, so many dead, maimed and wounded. Lives and families destroyed, for what? Sadly this was all in vain for these patriotic service members. The reality is we should be grateful to Biden for finally getting us out of that hell hole.


Lou your man screwed up the withdrawal. Citizens, friends, equipped bases were left behind.

“The reality is we should be grateful to Biden for finally getting us out of that hell hole.” Actually gratitude should come from the Tailband and their friends for all the U.S. military equipment Biden bequeathed to them.

And the 5000 fellow terrorists released by Trump?
You all NEVER want to address that, do you? It’s been brought up a bunch of times here and elsewhere, but none of you Biden-bashers ever wants to touch it.
Why is that?

Thank you for your astute demonstration of what a real deflection looks like.


ChuckD do you contend that the withdrawal went as planned?

Still looking for some (hopefully lucid) brave soul to step up and defend tRump’s…ah…posturing for the Taliban at Doha.
He put America first, right? Showed great compassion for these prisoners and their leader, maybe?

William Aiken

One month after President Trump ordered the droning of Iranian Terrorist Qasem Soleimani, he got on the phone with the leaders of the Taliban. He assured them that if they harmed any US personnel in Afghanistan, they would suffer the same fate as the deceased Iranian General. The Result? The Taliban got the message. There was not a single US military fatality in Afghanistan after April 2020.

Trump knows how to use leverage, its his trademark, particularly with the world’s bad actors. His negotiating tactics helped forge a relationship with Kim in NK, thus avoiding a nuclear conflict. The contrast between President Trump’s leadership skill set and that of a bubbling, mumbling, stumbling Joe Biden is remarkable and lamentable.

The Dems sold Biden to us as a return of the adults being in charge. Unfortunately, these are the same adults who pulled out of Iraq, setting the stage for Al-Qaeda’s meteoric rise in power and membership. Withdrawing our military from Afghanistan BEFORE our citizens could be evacuated is a colossal mistake, worthy of a court marshall.

William Marincic

William Aiken you know when you post facts it makes the lefties angry, they will come on here and tell you that Trump did it or you heard it on Fox News. They can’t stand facts and reason. And you’re right we got sold a bill of goods with this clown and you know what’s the worst part of all of this is that President Trump told us what would happen and it all came to pass.

The comic book version of the trump administration is out?
I can find no record of a Rambo Trump calling a trembling Taliban and demanding anything.


Thanks Louis for additional examples, I assume you may have heard those comments locally? If not you have traveled around the country then, not just the south.

William Aiken as I said yesterday SIMPLE goggle search before you post please.
The incident you speak about above did have consequences for our troops, just your guy didn’t acknowledged it correctly, “only has a few headaches”. Maybe because he called the Taliban and it was the Iranians who fired the missiles.

Lastly to end of Afghanistan comments please tell me if you know of a war that ended well for winners or losers.
What war have we won or lost that was not chaotic at the end.? Japan maybe we didn’t invade, but burned down there cities then nuked them. If you look at both sides in a conflict I and haven’t run across to many happy endings win or lose for either side. Could we have done better sure, who wouldn’t want that? As Rumsfeld said as we went into Iraq” Stuff happens” as the country was ransacked after the fall of Baghdad and we protected the Oil assets.

William Aiken

The fact is there were no US military casualties in Afghanistan after March 2020. Fact check me on that claim. The account of Trump’s phone to the Taliban was recounted by Bill Cunningham, a national radio host. It’s a common tactic that Trump used in his negotiations as President. You’re going to have to twist yourself into a mental pretzel making a case that we’re better off with Biden in the Oval Office. Defending Biden’s blunders is only going to get harder as he ages and slips into further decline.

Trump has supporters who truly love him. Biden has no supporters. He has Trump haters.

Yeah, this guy’s got the inside line on tRump’s “diplomacy”.
A real class act, but clearly worthy of your respect:

In December 2003, Cunningham created a parody song mocking Nathaniel Jones, a man killed by Cincinnati police, with lyrics including: “The fat man ever after has a martyr’s place/ Let’s all ignore whatever drugs he had…His death was unrelated to his injuries but still we hear the people sing police brutality/ lies go on bro la la how the lies go on.”

Cunningham discussed the life of Obama’s father Barack Obama, Sr. and then remarked, “… his father was a typical black father who, right after the birth, left the baby. That’s what black fathers do. They simply leave.”

Another Cunningham statement that has been criticized was his claim on the January 4, 2009, WLW show that poor people “lack values, ethics and morals.” These statements, also including comparisons between Obama and Hitler and suggesting that Obama wanted to murder Jews the way Hitler did, led to Cunningham being named “one of the most prolific purveyors of hate speech” by a media watchdog group.
source: Wikipedia

So, basically, Aikin, you’re blowing more smoke. And again, sadly, bring nothing to the debate.

William Aiken

Unlike the left, conservatives and liberals value the truth. The lies about Russia Collusion were debunked. Yet Democrats and the media never paid a price for their lies. They just went on the next one. You bring up irrelevant events from Cunningham’s past that has nothing to do with the validity of Trump’s phone call to the Taliban. If Cunningham had lied about the phone call, he would have been exposed all over social media.

Look, Chuck, Biden sold the voters a bill of goods and you know it. His whole campaign was based on a divise lie(the Fine People’s Hoax). A complicit, corrupt media allowed Biden to paint the narrative that 45 is a racist, the theme of his entire campaign. You can snipe at Trump all you want. He’s not the one running the country into the ground. Biden is. The fact is Sleepy Joe’s erracid temperament, his inability to fire incompetent military leaders and his senility will continue to bring your party down. Thus setting up a 2022 GOP Congress and Senate. And paving the road for a Trump/Desantis ticket in 2024.

And how about those 5000 Taliban and their leader? Got an explanation? Great humanitarian? Or greatest President ever?

William Marincic

ChuckD I would ask you about the Taliban leader than Obama/Biden let free from Gitmo who is running the Taliban in Afghanistan today. 5000 fighters mean nothing they are nobodies, this guy is running the show. Obviously you neglect the obvious.

Fine. The release of the Taliban Five seemed to be a bad idea with good intentions. Of course, since you’re not just a dumb conduit of right-wing “journalism” but do your homework first, you know they were released in return for the release of one of ours, Bowe Bergdahl, a deserter. I wasn’t there, neither were you, and we don’t know all the machinations behind the scenes. They were foolishly trusted to remain in Qatar. Foolishly on the part of the Obama administration. So it seems.

On the other hand, Trump has been universally condemned for releasing 5,000 terrorists, ignoring the Afghan government, and enabling the Taliban regime. Sorry, but they are most definitely not “nobodies”. Each one a drugged up killing machine, willing and hoping to give their own lives in the process of taking as many other infidels as they can first. Didn’t we learn anything from the Japanese Kamikaze?

You and your Trump-like friends have absolutely no ground to stand on and criticize what Biden’s trying to do. Trump made this situation, this inevitable withdrawal, infinitely more difficult. And you all think this chaos is something to mock?
That’s undignified and disgusting.
But it just follows along all your other anti-American nonsense dragging this country down.


William, William and Fred, because you NEVER admit to being wrong, NEVER acknowledge a factually reputed opposing view as being correct, NEVER sway from alt-right thinking, regardless of it being opinion or misinformation, NEVER consider anything other than what’s imbedded in mind, your credibility in any political debate/argument on this forum is zip, zero, zilch, nada, nothing. – You may as well just say you believe trump to be a disciple of God, therefore he and we are always right, and end all further argument.


Since you have failed to point out flaws in my reasoning it is more than unreasonable for you to expect me to acknowledge your insight with respect to my errors.


Tell me one thing you previously said that trump did that was bad for America, then tell me one thing you previously said that Biden has done that was good for the nation. You can’t Fred, because you never have. You and your false idol, the orange God, are always right. Right Fred, right?

Only what you want to hear, only what you want to see, only the way you want it to be, nothing else matters, nothing.


This does not deal with your contention my reasoning as exhibited in the comment I chose to make is flawed.

As for one good thing the Biden has done: His botched with drawal from Afghanistan has proven that his Republican critics were correct respect to Biden not being presidential material.

With respect to Trump Monday mourning quarter backing is always correct but never relevant! (I do not believe that we will get a chance to repeat yesterday.)


Well Fred you’re considering repeating yesterday with your broken record redundant comments.

Joseph Vendetti

Sadly this situation should have been handled differently because the last thing we ever want is our own weaponry and technology being used against us. So I would think you plan on destroying it now that you know the friendly Afghanys can’t hold on to it. The Brits, Germans, and UN forces seem a bit burnt – so that will need to be restored.

Going back to Ronald Reagan – that part of the world between the Soviets, and then all the different groups has been a thorn in the US’s side. Again, every administration (Republicans & Democrats) have erred in that part of the world. We have created millions of enemies and that isn’t going to change.


Admittedly Joe, Biden obviously didn’t take the best approach regarding getting out of Afghanistan, but as I said earlier hindsight is 2020. He didn’t start this war but he finally ended it, and I personally am ok with his decision to withdraw all troops. Why continue to spend good money after bad and risk the lives of service men and women? As Florida earlier stated “tell me if you know of a war that ended well for winners or losers.”
Bottom line, hopefully it’s finally over.


From yesterday, worth re-posting today:

William Marincic
August 23rd, 2021
Diane ignore the lefties, they know everything all you have to do is ask them or prove them wrong. Unfortunately the Daily Gazette opinion page has turned into a lefty sounding board.

Mark Mahoney
August 23rd, 2021
Oh nonsense, Bill. If you’re going to accuse us of something, at least get your facts straight. Just in the last three days: Saturday’s paper had a letter praising Stefanik and another trashing Democrats. One of Sunday’s three letters was one calling Biden incompetent. Both letters today were anti-Biden over Afghanistan. And tomorrow’s letters page has one letter praising Trump and another trashing Cuomo. Yeah, a real lefty sounding board.

August 23rd, 2021
Only what they want to hear, only what they want to see, only the way they want to be, nothing else matters, nothing.

William Marincic

So the DG allows a conservative opinion in once in a while, big deal there are a couple conservative posters on here and a bunch of brain dead lefties. Woo ha!!!!!!!

“Conservative”, eh?
That’s looking more and more like a bit of a stretch. Maybe that’s why your numbers are shrinking?


The sign “You break it, you fix (pay for ) it” was Afghanistan. We did both and didn’t work. Time to leave.
Although the “agreement” from FG with Taliban was you win I lose, one of his henchmen (not him I’m sure) realized it would be good re-election strategy to get out. Biden knew it was a loser, and decided to continue anyway, what he knew was the right thing and not for political reasons. Finally.
Like some parts of his sacred wall that are falling down this was doomed from the start.

>>>>>>>>>>BREAKING NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Dateline: Maricopa 8/23/2021

As reported by CNN's Kyung Lah, Arizona Senate President Karen Fann sent out a memo on Monday informing colleagues that the full audit report would not be available because "Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan and two other members of the five-person audit team have tested positive for COVID-19 and are quite sick."

Fann also said that the "Senate legal team will meet Wednesday to start reviewing the draft report, and when the remainder of the draft is submitted, the Senate team will hold another meeting to continue checking for proof, accuracy, and proof of documentation of findings."

Later, when Ms. Fann was approached for further comment, as she appeared to be trying to enter a small car filled with what appeared to be circus clowns, she only screamed, "YOU'LL SEE! YOU'LL SEE!"


Elsewhere, trusted Trump advisor, Mike Lindell said that a federal court would issue a "nationwide injunction" to prevent Dominion Voting Systems from modifying electronic voting machines.

"You guys, this is the smoking gun of all time," the pillow executive claimed. "Dominion is caught red-handed."
"One of the first things we're going to be doing is we're putting an injunction against Dominion," he added. "It's a nationwide injunction prohibiting Dominion from making any modifications to their voting systems that would destroy prior election data. That's what they're doing right now. They're going across the great country and deleting stuff."

Asked about what happened at his Cyber Cymposium last week when the promised "proof" could not be verified, he could only scream, "FAKE NEWS! FAKE NEWS!".

(most of this reporting is true. I leave it to the reader to figure what's what)

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