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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, Aug. 24


Anti-vaxx religious objections run deep

As a local pastor, I want to thank The Daily Gazette for publishing J.M. Opal’s column (“Reaching the vaccine-hesitant among the religious”) on Aug. 14.
Opal’s essay offered not only a historical explanation for both the rise of Christian conservatism and fundamentalism in this country, but also a reason for the proliferation of anti-scientific bias by the religious right.
We need to remember that when dealing with the vaccine hesitant in these communities we simply are not trying to convince an individual with reasoned arguments, but a person formed by over 300 years of cultural skepticism of all forms of academia.
The problem for fundamentalist is that their religious thinking is a house of cards.
f they admit being wrong about covid science, it threatens their whole theological construct.
Opal is correct when he suggests that our main course of action is to approach them with Jesus’ teaching that “loving your neighbor as yourself” is the basis for getting the vaccine.
By the way, implied in that teaching is the idea that you must love yourself. To my conservative Christian siblings, Jesus wants you to get vaccinated!
Timothy Coombs
The writer is co-pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church.

Cuomo owes victims, citizens an apology

I’m not a person who kicks a man when he is down, but in the current situation with Gov. Andrew Cuomo, I’m making an exception.
I am a 79-year-old proud Italian-American New Yorker (for most of my life).
Gov. Cuomo, with his excessive hubris and ambition, has brought shame to New Yorkers and Italian-Americans — through high-handed behavior, and failure to take responsibility for hundreds of nursing home covid deaths, and sexual harassment of women working in his administration.
His explanations, excuses and evasions lack credibility.
Gov. Cuomo: It’s time for you to “man up” and apologize to the women you’ve abused, to the citizens of New York state.
Arthur DiCerbo

Trump did right by the United States

I read the July 2 letter from Fred McGillicuddy (“Trump looked out for the ‘forgotten man’.”) I applauded his remarks. I agree with him, as millions feel the same way.
I will quote Thomas Jefferson, “If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed.”
A quote from George Washington, “Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light.”
I hope and pray that the people who think this country is going the right way should think long and hard at what is really happening to this country.
I pray this happens. God Bless President Trump. He did right for our country.
Nancy E. Faucher
Ballston Spa

State must shut down Norlite plant
The next few years are critical to the health and safety of Cohoes and Troy residents. The state government will likely decide whether to renew or deny permits for continued operations of the Norlite hazardous waste incinerator in Cohoes.
Norlite, owned by a Spanish company, is a notorious and arrogant polluter. Norlite air pollution is often visible, and neighbors say it makes them and their children ill. The state cited Norlite for six violations in February.
The issue is not how to make Norlite’s hazardous waste incineration less harmful to human health, thus facilitating long-term continued operations, but to finally acknowledge that this industrial operation is inappropriately sited, can never be made safe, and must be halted.
Now is the time for state legislators and the governor to act. We elect you to lead and protect public health and the environment, and not to allow corporations to poison us. Public health and children’s health should trump corporate profits.
Revoking Notlite’s permit to incinerate hazardous waste will not force Norlite to close its factory.
Tom Ellis

Biden spending plan worth the investment
Biden’s spending plan is a small price to pay for America’s future.
The Aug. 17 political cartoon on the Opinion page of The Gazette criticized Biden’s plan to spend $3.5 trillion for the next 10 years as excessive. It includes spending for badly needed infrastructure repairs and upgrades that had been neglected for years. Our international airports, train stations and trains are an embarrassment compared to those in Europe and Asia.
In addition, the $3.5 trillion will be aiding families with federal support of childcare and universal pre-K. These programs will aid more women to enter the paid workforce to reduce poverty.
Yes, $3.5 trillion is a lot of money.
But Paul Krugman, economics Nobel Prize winner and New York Times columnist, points out that America’s gross domestic product (G.D.P.) will be $300 trillion. Spending 1% of the GDP is a small price to pay for all the improvements that will benefit all the people. In contrast, Trump’s trillion-dollar tax cut benefited only the rich who least needed the money.
Mark Markovitz

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Nancy Faucher gives no examples of how 45 helped the “forgotten man.” She praises the most vile, vulgar, vicious, vindictive person who has an orbit of felons for friends, 12 so far…only pardoning those who bow down to him? Just who are these forgotten people?

William Marincic

Jclark124 Prison reform, tax cuts that helped 85% of Americans (look it up),America First policy, created the lowest unemployment in history for women and minorities, defeated ISIS, three Middle East peace deals, and on and on. TDS won’t change any of that.


Without changing anything for tax withholding status, I’ve ended up paying more almost $4K extra last two years. Still trying to figure out how these tax cuts helped me, and so many others I know (in the same middle-class bracket), who’ve ended up paying so much MORE income tax in last couple years under that jerk. Take your propaganda elsewhere.

William Marincic

Bill Wemple maybe you were paying too little before or maybe you have a bad accountant. Accountants get lazy, I changed mine after 25 years because I started paying more and more for the last 4 years, last year I paid less with my new one. You must be one of the 15% otherwise and finally you can’t argue with the rest of the statement unless you have TDS.

It’s already been looked up here and proven you’re lying. Yet here you are again, trotting out your Trump-worshipping.
You are apparently oblivious to how traitorous you are in supporting what he stands for.
He lost, he was rejected, get over it and try to learn from it like a grown-up. Otherwise it’s you who has the “TDS”.

William, 83% went to the already wealthy, including 45 and his family! Unemployment dropped 5 points under Obama, then ONE more under 45 but HE gets credit for lowest? That was the trend. Not sure about other deals you’re talking about, but 45s family has deals with the Saudis and let them get away with the dismemberment of an American journalist. Whatever good you believe he did is overshadowed like a tidal wave considering he is still trying to take down our form of Gov’t.

William Marincic

Jclark124 show me that proof. I just proved you wrong above. Hey I’m still waiting for you to tell me how great of a job that Biden has done so far, I mean tge Afghanistan withdraw is going just smoothly right, as is the Southern border, inflation, gas and oil prices, and everything else that he has touched.

I want to take up some pixels and whitespace to acknowledge one comment in particular in the front page article on Ms. Hochul’s swearing in today.

“It’s about time!” said Assemblywoman Mary Beth Walsh, R-Ballston. “I think it’s great. Of course I wish she was in the other party, but it’s great.”

And I think it’s great, not in a gloating way at all, but in that a member of an otherwise intransigent, selfish political party can rise above their fixation and truly “reach across the aisle”.
Speaking as a long-time independent voter, Democrats have tried repeatedly over the past decade or so to make this gesture to Republicans, sometimes succeeding, but usually meeting a toddler-like resistance. It is refreshing, and gives hope that our republic can be saved. Not by Democrats, nor Republicans, but by adults.


Don’t forget Mr Marinic for all those accomplishments you mention, you forgot the one’s Ivanka and company accomplish with China.
Includes patent for coffins, think that was before FG did such a good job with virus which probably helped her business.
But, But Hunter

My son-in who earns in the mid 80’s got $6.00 extra every two weeks after tax cuts.
But his health insurance premiums went up $100.00 a month, Maybe that was before the bigger and better plan FG promised. Have’t checked lately probably free after that happened.

William Marincic

Florida, if your Health insurance went up you can blame Obama/ Biden for that one. That has nothing to do with President Trump he tried to get rid of Obamacare.


People are avoiding Biden’s foreign policy success

1> No crisis at the Southern border

2>All the military aid given to the Taliban by walking away from American military bases in Afghanistan.


Only what they want to hear, only what they want to see, only the way they want it to be, nothing else matters. Nothing.

William Marincic

Lou Restifo You keep repeating the Democrat mantra but you keep forgetting the part where we will tax and spend you and we will do everything we can to control every part of your life. Every Democrat leader in America.

William Marincic

In a Poll King poll 75% of Democrats say that we should have to give our vaccination status to whom ever asks, what happened to HIPAA?

William Marincic

ChuckD After a 20 minute search I could find nothing that says Poll King is not legitimate so show your unbiased proof or go away with your lies. You have yet to make a credible statement about anything you just attack and accuse, typical to say the least.


Hard not to respond to the Fred’s and Williams on here, and even with links to the truth they end up following YOUR advice. I commend you for that which they seem to follow to the letter every day, every post. Few others also do the same so don’t want to give Fred, William and Bill all the credit.

Only what they want to hear, only what they want to see, only the way they want it to be, nothing else matters. Nothing. Well done Louis.


Thanks Florida.

More often than not, at least for me, it’s seems easier to respond to their deaf ears and blind eyes with a the same boiler plate answer. It seems to cover 98 percent of what they post.

Common sense, Fact, logic, truth, and reason does not penetrate. Most assuredly racism, and their indifference to the plight of so many others plays a large part in their biased way of looking at the world. ~ How could anyone with a soul praise trump?

As if we needed any more evidence that tRump-humping Whites are what’s dragging this pandemic out.

NBC poll out today of a 1000 person sampling asking if they’re fully vaccinated:
Polling period: August 14-17, 2021
(Asterisks mine)

All adults: 69 percent
Men: 67 percent
Women: 71 percent
18-34: 63 percent
35-49: 58 percent
50-64: 71 percent
65+: 86 percent
* Whites: 66 percent
* Blacks: 76 percent
Latinos: 71 percent
Urban residents: 79 percent
Suburban residents: 67 percent
Rural residents: 52 percent
White evangelicals: 59 percent
Democrats: 88 percent
Independents: 60 percent
Republicans: 55 percent
* Republicans who support Trump more than party: 46 percent
Republicans who support party more than Trump: 62 percent
* Democratic Sanders-Warren voters: 88 percent
Democratic Biden voters: 87 percent
* Biden voters in 2020 general election: 91 percent
* Trump voters in 2020 general election: 50 percent
White non-college grads: 60 percent
White college grads: 80 percent

William Marincic

Every single government agency says that African-Americans are under 30% vaccinated so you’re going to go by your liberal NBC pole whatever happens to be, please please. According to you a poll is proof, like nobody ever lied in a poll

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