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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Aug. 29


Libs, Gazette afraid to admit their bias

It’s so much fun watching the liberal media (like our very own Gazette) hide the stumbling, bumbling failures of Joe Biden.
The Aug. 23 Opinion page is a great example. We know there’s an ongoing disaster at the Mexican border in which Biden undid the effective Trump policies.
There’s an ongoing total, deadly failure to properly plan and execute the evacuation of Afghanistan. Joe is in hiding, and Kamala is in Guam?
Today’s two major Opinion articles are something about the potential mortgage ‘crisis’ (“Act now to stop next mortgage meltdown”) and the daily Trump bashing rerun (“Debunking Trump’s ‘Big Lie’ with scholars and stats”) about the last election.
It is illustrative that the liberals can’t find anything to say about their own feeble, failing efforts to run our country so they continue, month after month, to find fault with the most successful president we’ve had in a very long time (Trump, in case you forgot).
I think The Gazette needs to be reminded that pure liberal bias is transparent, irritating and a disservice to the public.
Try running accurate (aka factual) articles from all sides please.
I know it’s hard for a Democrat to be factual, because it hurts to be so wrong. But hopefully the truth will set us free in 2024.
Bill Denison
Burnt Hills

Vile Trump the worst president in history

I was saddened, and offended, to read Nancy Faucher’s Aug. 24 letter (“Trump did right by the United States.”) Of course, she provided absolutely no facts to support this delusional claim.
Donald Trump is by far the most corrupt, most vile, most incompetent president in our history. He lied to Americans 30,000 plus times; his lies and selfishness significantly contributed to the deaths of 600,000 Americans from the coronavirus; he surrounded himself with criminally indicted, corrupt lackeys to do his selfish bidding; and he desperately tried to destroy our democracy after losing the election.
In her book, “Too much and Never Enough” Mary Trump, a Ph.D. clinical psychologist, described her uncle as the most dangerous man in America.
The most eloquent summation of Donald Trump is from U.S. Navy Admiral, former SEAL, William McRaven.
He said, “Through your actions, you have embarrassed us in the eyes of our children, humiliated us on the world stage, and worst of all, divided us as a nation.”
Is that Nancy Faucher, what you see as “right for the United States?”
Vince Dacquisto

Olympic moments worth another look

The Tokyo Olympics produced many memorable moments.
However, for me, the three most impressive performances were those of Allyson Felix, Karsten Warholm and Gable Steveson.
Felix, an American, won a bronze in the women’s 400-meter dash and a gold in the women’s 4×400-meter relay. The bronze was her 10th Olympic medal, and the gold was her 11th. She thus became the most decorated track and field Olympian in U.S. history, eclipsing Carl Lewis. Felix is 35 years old. The other three members of the relay team were more than a decade younger than Felix.
Warholm, of Norway, won the gold medal in the 400-meter hurdles, breaking his own world record by a large margin. The silver medal was won by American Raj Benjamin, whose time was the second-fastest ever run. The race has been described by many observers as one of the greatest in Olympic history due to the records set and the amazing level of competition.
Steveson is an American freestyle wrestler in the heavyweight division. In the finals, he faced reigning world champion Geno Petriashvili from Georgia. In the second period, Steveson was up 5-2, but the Georgian rallied to go ahead 8-5 with 90 seconds left. With 10 seconds left, Steveson scored two points to make it 8-7. Then, with half a second left, Steveson scored two more points to go ahead 9-8, thus winning gold in thrilling fashion.
All three performances are worthy of a second viewing.
Don Steiner


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William Marincic

Bill Denison And to top it off there are many conservative voices in the comments section that are moderated which means the editor has to read them sometime during the day before he will allow them to be posted. These people are moderated because they dared to have an opinion that went against what the editor thought it should be. So it’s even worse than you think. This is a comment section so as long as the comment doesn’t attack or threaten someone it should be posted. We are adults we can figure out what we want to believe. You said it best with the big lie about trumps collusion with the Russians, the editor continues to allow the liberals in the comment section to continue to push that false narrative knowing that it’s untrue and proven by a more than two-year investigation but that doesn’t get the Democrats moderated only conservatives.

Mark Mahoney

Once again, Bill, you have a tenuous relationship with the truth. In fact, very few readers, maybe three or four, must have their comments moderated by us. It’s not even close to “many.” And the reason they have to be moderated isn’t because of their political views. There are plenty of pro-Trump, conservative views posted on this website. The reason is because they consistently put forth information that was proven to be false. They then failed to correct it or withdraw it, despite being shown the proof and despite being given several warnings. You are among the very few who did that consistently, and it’s why you are among the very few who must have their comments approved in advance. And in truth, most of your comments that adhere to our rules are eventually approved, so you’re not being censored, nor are the others. Just stop perpetuating false information, about this newspaper or anyone else, and you won’t have a problem. Mark Mahoney, Editorial Page Editor.


Bill Denison:

“the most successful president we’ve had in a very long time (Trump, in case you forgot).” – That’s so far removed from reality it would make a great title for an episode Rod Serling’s “The Twilight Zone.” – I envision the plot to be; every time trump lies or belittles someone by name calling them while in office he becomes a day younger. The last scene of the episode is baby trump in a diaper sitting on top of the Resolute desk crying while Rudy Giuliani and Mitch McConnell are fighting over who will change his soiled diaper.


Louis, that reminds me of when I was in NYC on Jan.20, 2017 at a major protest of Trump’s inauguration. A guy was naked except for a large diaper and blond wig looking like Trump. It was hilarious.


Lou why not extol the merits of your man Joe. For example you might give him credit for avoiding taxation transpierce by funding the government by printing money. You might give him credit for neatly rapping a black racial preference policy under the rubric of promoting diversity.


If we replaced corporate taxation with income taxation we would achieve two desirable social goals. The voter would have a clear idea of the cost of Federal programs and thus be able to cast an informed vote with respect to Federal politicians. With the end of corporate taxation the resources formally put to use collecting and avoiding the tax could be put to socially productive uses.

William Aiken

Fred, kudos for perspicacious analysis. Money is mobile. It goes where it is treated best. Biden’s return to the Obama era of job killing regulations are going suppress any economic growth.

William, job killing? The economy grew under Obama and is growing now, both brought unemployment down significantly, so where are you getting this? Biden wants to put millions to work upgrading our decaying country. The only ones threatening job growth are the ones who refuse to get vaccinated. We’re backsliding because of them!


Jclark: It’s almost refreshing to hear them squawk about something other than the border, the pull out of Afghanistan, and “government mandated programs over, over, over, and over again. Perhaps they’re tired of logical comon sense factual responses to those issues.

And more than 400,000 dead Americans as he held superspreader events to exalt himself. Meanwhile Biden was working “in his basement” coming up with actual plans for vaccine distribution, infrastructure, with a focus on Build Back Better for a fairer, more inclusive society.


Your definition of factual response leaves something to be desired. For example government race programs are considered by you to be nonracist.

William Aiken

You blame by Trump for Covid deaths, yet without his operation warp speed there would be no vaccine.
Trump policies of cutting taxes and regulations led the US to the best economy eve r with wages growing faster for the working class than upper mgt salaries.

It’s a no-braindead cutting regulations and taxes grows the economy faster. Trump just had the gumption to get it done since he owned no favors to the lobbyists and DC establishment that profited for a corrupt swampy system.

William Aiken

A key point on Covid, which has been forgotten with the nation’s short attention span is that in the early stages of Covid, Adam Schiff distracted the entire country with his bogus impeachment of 45.

Shiff lied about seeing evidence with own eyes. Thanks to a corrupt media, he was never held accountable for those lies. It’s all forgotten now but history won’t be kind to shifty shiff.


William, are you serious, or are you attempting to be discovered as a contributor to the writing of a comedy sketch for Saturday Night Live?

William Aiken

Sources? Did you forget the country was enthralled in impeachment at the same time when Covid was first spreading around the world? Your question exemplifies the nation’s short attention span problem I referenced.

Guy Varoma

William Aiken …The Boo-Hoo defense is funny….Boo-Hoo Trump couldn’t run the Country and make right decisions because he was getting impeached ….You’re a funny guy that was hilarious


The following two posts will upset the Biden critics and I’m sure make NO difference in what the say about? You guessed it the border and gas prices.

From the CATO Institute
Title 42 Caused a Spike in Mexican Illegal Immigration
By Alex Nowrasteh
In April 2020, the Trump administration ordered immigration enforcement agencies to expel those apprehended along the border under 42 U.S.C. § 265 to combat the pandemic. That statute allows the government, in whole or in part, to close the border to prevent the spread of communicable disease, with some theoretical legal ambiguity. Illegal immigrants apprehended under Title 42 are quickly expelled by Border Patrol, which is a big change from earlier policies to mostly punish unlawful border crossers with detention and criminal charges under immigration law, which is Title 8 of the U.S. Code.

The Biden administration has kept Title 42 in place and, relatedly, is struggling mightily with large numbers of border apprehensions of illegal immigrants. Many conservatives are blaming the Biden administration for border policies that have boosted the flow of illegal immigrants and many liberals, fearful of an escalation in border chaos, are supporting harsh enforcement measures like Title 42. The problem is that Title 42 can explain a large part of the surge of illegal immigrant apprehensions. If the Biden administration wanted to reduce the flow across the border, it would end or reduce the scope of Title 42.

There have been several surges of apprehensions along the border in recent years, but they have mostly been of immigrants from countries other than Mexico (OTM), mostly from the Northern Triangle countries of Central America (Figure 1). For instance, the big surge in 2019 was comprised of Central Americans while the number of Mexicans coming remained constant. That’s because Central Americans and Mexican face different incentives. In 2019, Mexicans faced so‐​called enforcement with consequences that punished them for crossing the border illegally. The U.S. government held them in detention for long periods of time, charged them with crimes, and eventually removed many of them into the interior of Mexico. Those policies increase the cost of immigrating illegally, especially the opportunity cost.

Title 42 reduced the opportunity cost for Mexicans to come illegally. Instead of being detained for long periods of time, deported deep into Mexico, or facing other consequences, Title 42 allowed Border Patrol agents to essentially push them back over the border into Mexico – sometimes within hours. Title 42 sounds tough, like Judge Dredd style street justice that immediately enforces the law, but it actually lowers the cost of breaking immigration law for the unlawful immigrants. That, in turn, incentivized a huge surge in illegal immigration from Mexico.

The increase in Mexican illegal immigration after the implementation of Title 42 was tremendous in historical perspective. Mexican went from 62 percent of all apprehensions in March 2020 to 82 percent in May 2020, the first full month of Title 42. The numbers of Mexicans apprehended climbed from 21,313 in February 2020 to a high of 70,845 in May 2021. The percentage of Mexicans declined over time as the number of Central American eventually climbed more quickly, but there was a large increase in Mexican apprehensions (Figure 1). One cannot look at Figure 1 and simply dismiss the plausible theory that it caused the recent surge in Mexican illegal border crossers.

If the pre‐​Title 42 trend of Mexican apprehensions (October 2017‐​February 2020) had continued in April 2020 then there would have been about 400,000 fewer apprehensions through the end of July 2021 – all Mexicans. In other words, keeping Title 42 off the books for Mexicans (at least) would have likely reduced the total number of border apprehensions by about 25 percent through the end of July 2021 and the number of Mexican apprehensions by 45 percent. Other factors control the number of Central Americans who are apprehended.

It’s important for the Biden administration to get control of the border. Reducing the number of Mexican apprehensions is the easiest way to reduce the border chaos. Here are a few small actions the Biden administration could take to increase border control:

Ending Title 42, at least for Mexicans, in the short run.
Increasing the number of H-2A and H-2B guest worker visas by as much as possible by reducing the cost and regulatory requirements. This will increase the number of Mexicans who will work in the program in the longer run, further reducing pressure on the border. This will eventually make harsh enforcement unnecessary.
Reforming the guest worker visa system so that many more can be issued to Central Americans without reducing the number available for Mexicans. This will reduce the flow of Central Americans in the long run.


The average gross EXPORTS so far during the Biden administration are higher than the average during the Trump administration, Samantha Gross, director of the Energy Security and Climate Initiative at the Brookings Institution and the director of the Department of Energy’s Office of International Climate and Clean Energy under Obama, told us in an email.

“But the real issue here is way beyond anything either administration did – it’s about global oil prices,” Gross said. “Presidents can’t do much to control those, they are set in the global marketplace, although politicians suffer when gasoline prices rise. As the swing producers, OPEC decisions make a difference here and that’s why presidents often jawbone OPEC to produce more to bring oil prices down. It’s not because we are any more dependent on the Middle East than we were last year.”

“OPEC has been reluctant to increase production too much as the global economy is recovering from Covid,” Gross added in her email. “They were hurt when prices took a nosedive when the pandemic started and don’t want to get ahead of the market. US producers pulled back too and are now ramping up production again.NONE OF THIS HAS ANYTHING TO DO with Trump or Biden policies – IT”S ALL ABOUT MARKETS and prices.”

We should note that back in 2019, Trump, too, was criticizing OPEC for artificially restraining production to drive up global gas prices.

“OPEC, please relax and take it easy. World cannot take a price hike — fragile!” the then-president tweeted in February 2019.

But in 2020, as the pandemic hit, Trump was lobbying OPEC in the other direction, urging OPEC members to cut production because the lower global prices were hurting American producers.

In both cases, Trump and Biden acknowledged the power of OPEC to influence the global petroleum market, even though it supplies relatively little oil to the U.S.

Hey everybody!
I’m down in NYC right now with a couple million of my closest Liberal friends and we’re planning how to take over the rest of the world’s media and universities and professional class and public schools so we can get everyone to hate tRump.
Don’t tell the Righties though (except Fred, no one believes him anyway).
I’ll keep you posted through our secret encrypted telepathic channel.


So Chuck, tell us how much your paying to stay at the trump International Hell Hole, oops, I meant Hotel. Freudian slip.

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