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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Sep. 2


City BLM protesters should be ashamed

I really thought MAGA had used up the full quota of available stupid.
Turns out I was wrong.
There was plenty left for the local BLM protesters yelling, “I want you to get fired,” and referring to the police as “Schenectady scumbags” in the Aug. 27 Gazette article (“Protesters crash police community outreach”).
The officers (who were present for a neighborhood children’s meet and greet) had to “rebuked the protesters for using foul language in the presence of (the) children.”
Turns out there is plenty enough stupid around to make us all ashamed.
Dick Curtis

History will be the judge in Afghanistan

Everyone is watching Afghanistan to see what is going to be the outcome, what will be written about the conflict in the history books, what is going to be said about how the withdrawal from there was executed, if it was done in a strategic way or if it could have been planned better.
Right now everyone has the privilege to point the finger at the other guy. But sooner or later, the truth will appear. Then it will explain in detail if the withdrawal was handled properly for all involved. There will be many different opinions from all over the world, which will point out whether the United States did a good job of removing everyone from Afghanistan.
It will also show the world if the United States is going to still be looked up to as it was before.
Will the history books show praise, or will they state that there was room for improvement in the handling of the withdrawal?
Walter “Neal” Brazell

Hypocrisy is not confined to GOP

Kudos to Mr. John Figliozzi for noting in his Aug. 22 column (“Republicans not credible on Cuomo sex abuse”) hypocrisy is widespread in politics and especially for noticing both parties are guilty of it.
Where he gets lost is in suggesting that only Republicans are not credible because of their myriad sins as enumerated in Democratic talking points.
Yes, Trump has a disgraceful record toward women going back many years and Republicans mostly did not criticize him as strongly as perhaps they should.
But his behaviors go back many years, most of which occurred when Trump was a Democrat and a contributor to the Clintons, Schumer and others.
Would Mr. Figliozzi disqualify all Democrats from making public comments now when they didn’t criticize Trump then?
How about Democrats who didn’t criticize Bill Clinton (You, Senator Gilibrand) until the #metoo movement arose?
I have never voted for Trump, the Clintons or the Cuomos, and right now I am not enthralled with Stefanik.
But I think the issue of hypocrisy really is better understood in this context as something politicians do — practice politics.
David Ochse
Porter Corners


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Joseph Vendetti

We should all be truly embarrassed by the BLM antics that turned free bike helmets, backpacks, ice cream cones into a one sided vulgar attack on fire fighters, paramedics, police officers, school teachers and administrators.

All it did was teach the youngsters in attendance that if you can’t get your way, bully, scream, holler obscenities and not listen to the opposite view points.


Or, kill, attack our Capitol/police, hunt down Speaker Pelosi and yell “hang Mike Pence” like the insurrectionist trump traitors did on 1/6/21.

William Marincic

Come on Diane, really? You are defending those people, that in itself is racist. You equate these people doing this to the police and children, have you seen the video of what they were saying and doing, it’s on Facebook. You are equating that to a couple hundred idiots that broke into the capital to have a photo op, nobody was hunting down Pelosi to kill her, nobody, and the FBI already said this was not a planned attack it was random. It’s unbelievable what you liberals will say and do.


Bill – Around 600 of your fellow white nationalists have been charged and some convicted of your “photo op” on Jan. 6. Now I read today that they are gearing up for another invasion on Sept. 18. No mention that your leader Trump will be there; he’s in hot water with the extremist right-right wing of the GOP recommending the vaccine. Funny how you now trust the FBI when they were part of the deep state, according to you and others.

William Aiken

You fail to mention that the rioters were charged with glorified trespassing offenses, not any charge remotely close to insurrection. All this while many of them are being denied and held in solitary confinement.

After six months of antifa and BLM riots caused two billion dollars in property damages and dozens of deaths, the DOJ has shown no interest
holding anyone accountable for this wave of crime. We have a two tier system of justice. The DOJ is bringing the hammer down on Trump supporters while it treats antifa and BLM with kid gloves.

Joseph Vendetti


Sedition, Treason, and Hypocrisy are the words that come to mind when I think about the two posts about the Capitol Riots.

BLM caused death and destruction around the US, QANON caused death and destruction and tried to stop a certified election. Just because we (BLM, QANON, etc) don’t like something or someone it doesn’t give anyone the right to cause property damage, charge the Capitol, take over town hall, stop traffic on a freeway!!! We are supposed to be a civilized democracy that mediates, discusses, forges agreements not holds our breath, swears, attacks the opposition because of a difference.


William: It’s quite obvious that Ray and Joe, as am I, are opposed to any unruly/illegal behavior by any political party or organization from BLM to Proud Boys.

I have question for you William regarding the 1/6/21, YES, treasonous insurrection of the capital; Change the hats of the people that stormed the capital from MAGA to BLM, change the color of their skin from White to black, change the president from trump to Obama, change their cause from trying to overturn the election/reinstate trump, to fighting for justice and equality for Blacks, and If Obama did nothing to stop them and just watched this play out on TV for three hours, what would you be saying?

Would you consider their behavior to be “glorified trespassing offenses”

Because your opinion is so obviously biased in all your posts, you should understand the credibility of what you say is zero.

One thing I do agree with you on Is that we have a “ two tier system of justice”; Blacks and other minorities are not treated equal to Whites throughout the judicial system, and Trump should be in jail for his numerous crimes.

William forgot about those beating police officers to death, near death, leaving feces, breaking precious artifacts, calling out to kill Pelosi as her young, terrified interns hid for hours, had a noose ready for Pence…yet he refers to them as “glorified trespassers?!” They were spurred on by 45 to overtake our form of government, which blm never did. THAT’S an insurrection attempt, William. Now McCarthy and other GOP are threatening businesses and others that want information because they are complicit in this disgrace. Btw, over 10,000 blm protesters were arrested all over the country, most immediately…unlike that white kid Kyle that showed up shooting people and was treated with kid gloves.

Joseph Vendetti


You misjudge me completely assuming if I am anti BLM I must be pro capitol riot! Shocker I am against both as you should be. Allowing some bad behavior and calling out others is hypocrisy. Something so many of the letter writers and bloggers here are good at.

Me, I’ll tell it the way it is. BLM, Capitol rioters, female harassment by Republicans & Democrats, flip flopping on border issues and immigration, being against vaccines & masks. I’m a moderate and not fooled by or a zealot for any politician (Republican, Democrat, etc).

Mr. Vendetta, you get my vote! First thing I’ve read on here in months that speaks to the way my friends and I feel about what’s going on.

William Aiken, That simple goggle search once again shows you post before looking in reference to BLM arrests. Please note story is dated June 2020 so probably more were recorded after June as they continued to protest.

Joseph, I stated before you were middle of the road as I am likewise. Still agree with you competently. You don’t need degrees on end to have common sense on simple everyday things, (don’t ingest horse pills comes to mind). That BLM protest was wrong, A Doctor telling parents to lie to schools about vaccination status here as they return to school. Florida dermatologist urged parents to lie to schools. All Wrong, What’s wrong with people?


Florida I’ve got the answer in one word.

“Nincompoopery” is actually a word.
Copied and pasted from Merriam Webster:

“nincompoopery \ ˈnin- kəm- ˌpü- pə- rē
ˈniŋ- \ noun
Each day’s news seems to bring ever more horrific stories of greed, incompetence, arrogance, excess, deceit … and inconceivable nincompoopery …” Sound familiar?

William Aiken

Louis, 45 instructed the Jan 6th crowd to “make their voices heard peacefully and patriotically”. Not what you would call encouraging an insurrection. You know these are the words he spoke yet you still put forth this false narrative. Does the FBI report on Jan 6th riot mean anything to you?


William: You totally reinforce what I said above about your having zero credibility.

Only what you want to hear, only what you want to see, only the way you want it to be, nothing else matters. Nothing.

William Aiken

What I presented are known facts. You dodged the points In made because you have argument. The left can’t debate issues only mock those who disagree with them

These are “known facts”.
Trump quotes from his speech that morning:

“We will stop the steal”
“We will never give up. We will never concede. It doesn’t happen”
“If you don’t fight like hell you’re not going to have a country anymore”
“We are going to the Capitol”

He, as we know now, did not join his followers, but returned to his quarters to watch it on TV. How brave of him. Maybe, knowing full well there were many in the crowd ready and willing to violently enter the Capitol, he wanted to distance himself. Or maybe he’s just not that brave a leader he wants us to believe.
The FBI report you and Marincic keep clinging to; Have you read it? How about you, Marincic, have you read it?
I don’t think you have. You’re parroting your “influencers”. That all.
Way to show the “sheeple” how to “think for yourselves”.

Here’s the report so we can all read it. I’m providing one excerpt to show Wray and the FBI DO NOT absolve all those out for a “photo op” (please, you should know by now we’re not idiots here, or your little Parler group, or whatever sleazy corner of the net you’re getting this ).

“The violence and destruction of property at the U.S. Capitol building on January 6 showed a blatant and appalling disregard for our institutions of government and the orderly administration of the democratic process. The FBI does not tolerate violent extremists who use the guise of First Amendment-protected activity to engage in violent criminal activity. The destruction of property, violent assaults on law enforcement officers, and imminent physical threats to elected officials betray the values of our democracy. ”

And by the way, it’s the FBI that are arresting people, and don’t rest your faux-patriotic feelings on the minimal charges. As Marci Wheeler would say, “these should be seen as extended FBI interviews”. There will be more enhanced indictments and plea deals and convictions and sentences, many more. Count on it.


Thanks Chuck, I’m getting tired of continually refuting their repetitive, plain and simple bull S*#! with facts. It only falls on close minded individuals with deaf ears. Like talking to, as I said before, a Chatty Cathy doll, with pre-programmed pull string answers.

Aiken must have found Fred’s drinking water fountain, embossed in golden orange letters saying “Trump’s Fountain of not Truth, Drink Up”

Lou how are your responses any different? Far left always, on everything. You are chief offender on ‘closed minded’ individuals. Again, the pot calling the kettle black.

I don’t have any hope our rebuttals to their claims of “fact” will affect them. They behave like drug addicts with one singular focus: support their savior tRump, and if(when) he fails, they’ll look to the next outspoken racist.
My hope is by providing what most people on Earth would agree is fact and proof, readers on the fence might see the glaring delusional thinking coming from the neo-Republican Party. And maybe consider the better-grounded Democratic Party as a saner alternative.

William Aiken

The resources the DOJ devoted to going after and my ruining the lives of the people arrested on Jan. 6th has been ridiculous overkill. You lefties may applaud the DOJ denying bailing on misdemeanor charges and putting the Jan 6th rioters in solitary confinement. It just shows the contempt you have for people who supported 45. And you have no problem with a two tier justice system as long as your political rivals are the ones whose ox is being gored.

William Aiken, Did I miss your answer to my link about how many had been arrested
after BLM protests last year? Go back and click on it.
Are you dodging the facts presented, which is what you accused Louis of doing in your reply about Trump’s speech on 1/6, which was posted by ChuckD as exact quotes?

William Aiken

For six months our cities burned while Dem Mayors and Governors told law enforcement to stand down. District Attorneys who had their elections funded by George Soros, have refuse to prosecute these rioters. You can’t compare the arrest numbers with a riot that lasted a couple of hours to riots that went on and on for months. The Jan. 6th rioters have been denied bail, locked up for months on misdemeanors while being held in solitary confinement. They’ve been treated like political prisoners, which seems to be fine by you.


Eight minutes and forty six seconds.

How many rapes, how many lynchings, how many years of slavery?

No you most certainly can’t compare the two.
The only people that committed treasonous acts, we’re your “patriotic” heroes and their orange idol.

William Marincic

Bill you can show these lefties videos of a Democrat like Biden telling you something and then show a video of the act actually happening and these lefties will deny that it’s true, all they will do is make fun of you and mock you and tell you that you don’t know what you’re talking about. These liberals don’t have any truth behind them all they have is deflection, how can they have truth behind them when everything they stand for and all of their elected officials are liars and crooks.

I remember long before Jan 6th when various white militia members stormed the Michigan state house in protest against all the pandemic restrictions. Most were armed with assault weapons and some plotted to kidnap and kill the governor. I thought to myself and spoke to many others who agreed that if they were black, that protest would’ve been a blood bath.

Bill, agree that blacks would never have gotten away with that. Also, 45 spurred them on, calling her “that woman” and “liberate Michigan!” Simply because she spoke out against 45.

I remember long before Jan 6th when various white militia members stormed the Michigan state house in protest against all the pandemic restrictions. Most were armed with assault weapons and some plotted to kidnap and kill the governor. I thought to myself and spoke to many others who agreed that if they were armed black people, that protest would’ve been a blood bath.

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