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Letters to the Editor Friday, Sep. 3


Medicine, politics are a deadly mix

As the United States enters another fall with alarming covid infection rates, it’s time to state the obvious. Medicine and politics should not be intertwined.
The politicization of vaccination is literally killing Americans.
There is a strong correlation between a state’s 2020 vote margin and its vaccination rates, with more-Republican leaning states seeing lower rates of vaccination than Democratic leaning states. This is tragic! What we now have is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.
While COVID-19 can spread even among vaccinated people, it is less likely to infect them and less likely to lead to the need for hospitalization. The vast majority of people who are now suffering from COVID-19 are unvaccinated. They are straining medical resources and needlessly endangering those who cannot be vaccinated at this time.
Let’s be very clear about vaccinations. Vaccinations save lives. Vaccinations have eliminated polio and smallpox as threats in our society. It makes good sense to follow sound medical advice.
Unless we reach herd immunity, we will not return to normal lives.
Eleanor Aronstein

Biden demonstrates he’s a major failure

Biden has been a failure in every way. On Day One he cancels the XL pipeline, for environmental reasons, yet he signs off on Russia’s Nordstream 2 pipeline. Canceling the XL pipeline had nothing to do with the environment. It had everything to do with the environmentalists. They’re big Democrat donors.
Now he’s begging OPEC to pump more oil. Trump left us energy independent.
The economy is rebounding fine. We don’t need the stimulus Biden keeps approving. He’s driving inflation to levels not seen in years. There are still 8 million Americans out of work, and he’s opened the southern border and 250,000 undocumented immigrants are being encountered at the border every month; nearly 20% are covid positive. He won’t tell the governors or mayors of the states he’s dumping them. He’s made a mess of the southern border.
Afghanistan is a perfect example of Biden’s horrendous record on foreign policy. Former Secretary of Defense Gates has said Biden has been wrong on every foreign policy issue in the last 50 years. He’s right!
Boy, I miss President Trump.
Dave Edwards


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According to Reuters, Biden knew that Afghanistan was in trouble and actually had a phone call with President Ghani where he told the president to lie about how bad things were in Afghanistan. Had Biden told the truth, almost all, if not all of our Americans and allies in Afghanistan would have left by now because of the urgency. Biden has the deaths of these people on his hands. Didn’t president Trump get impeached because he asked the president of Ukraine to investigate the Bidens? ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN have not spent even one second telling the truth about this phone call, even though Jen Psaki covered it in a news briefing. That tells you all you need to know about the political wing of the MSM.

Eleanor Aronstein–agreed. Unfortunately we got off on the wrong foot with 45 knowing how deadly this was, but gambled with American lives choosing politics; his reelection and making it divisive. Imagine if he embraced Fauci and other experts how much better off we’d be. Fauci dedicated his life to this and was never used politically with 5 other administrations.

William, once again you ignore the truth I stated. 45 is recorded so you can hear it yourself. 45 gets credit for cutting bureaucracy and getting it out faster (it didn’t start at zero, was in the works for a decade). But he bungled the message and had no plan for distribution. Because of him, we are so divided with another overthrow attempt coming Sept 16th.

William, most of the wall was rebuilt, so he accomplished only about 15 miles. Most Americans did not want his monument built at the border…already being washed away!

“President Trump inveighing in a statement Monday that “ALL EQUIPMENT should be demanded to be immediately returned to the United States,” along with “every penny” of its cost.”

Would love to hear how the great negotiator Donald Trump would have made this happen, he couldn’t even build a wall and get Mexico to pay for it.

He could have tried to build it when he had control of Congress, after all, it WAS his top campaign promise. But he decided to wait until after the Dems took control of the House to make an issue of it because smarter people than him knew that even Republicans weren’t going to vote for it. So instead he tried to steal money from the military to build it. Also, it wasn’t just the liberals that tried to stop him, it was reasonable Republicans like John McCain.

Joseph Vendetti


Yes – but bungled from the start. Schoharie was hell bent in prosecuting this locally, could have been a federal or state prosecutor with more experience.

Screwed up royally by failing to turn over discovery evidence and was playing catch-up all along. Guy had a great defense attorney group.

So much reasonable doubt – Mavis doing work, driver with marijuana in system, driver taking wrong route to Cooperstown, so there was reasonable doubt that it was brakes or maintenance.

But this guy and his family are scum.

Joe is spot on to mention the Schoharie DA, Susan Mallery. Obviously it’s ultimately up to the judge, but she has acted in a stunningly unprofessional manner from the outset.
She did not serve the people well, and has much to answer for.

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