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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Sep. 5


Practical solutions require less craziness

I have had enough with grievances.
Examples: On one side Donald J. Trump lost the election, period.
His achievements; tax cut for the wealthiest 1% and legitimizing hateful ideas and behavior.
He ain’t coming back till at least 2024. Sorry. Get over it.
Regarding Afghanistan, 20 years and billions of dollars is enough.
The mission was accomplished when the 9/11 nut job was executed.
Bringing democracy to Afghanistan is like teaching a pig to fly.
The Afghan army put up less resistance than a field hockey team. Goodbye, Kabul.
To the anti-science crowd, the Earth is round, and you need to mask your kids or keep them home. You are not a victim; you are misguided by opportunistic snake oil peddlers.
Last, the Schenectady police do a community outreach and get grief for their efforts.
While there is room for improvement in policing in the Electric City, the next time you have a crisis, who are you going to call — the police or the people that were shooting video of themselves deriding the police chief?
We know the answer to that question.
I have a great idea; let’s all start living in the real world with practical solutions to tough issues and stop listening to ideologues who are in the business of unrealistic craziness.
Thomas Benson

We don’t owe Afghan people anything more

We owe Afghans nothing. Joe Biden suggests we must harbor Afghan refugees because they helped us. I believe he has it just backwards; we helped them at great cost.
Since the late 19th century, Americans have gone overseas to fight many times, too many times.
We have sacrificed to oppose aggressions, remove despots and free oppressed people.
We have claimed no territory or treasure, but have spent trillions and lost thousands of our very best citizens.
After less than one year in Afghanistan, the Taliban and Al Qaeda were suppressed; our objective had been achieved.
We then attempted to create a democratic nation where no nation existed.
We became involved in a civil war where none of the combatants, or the people, share our values.
If the Afghans “working” with us were not fighting for their country, they were not patriots, but mercenaries.
In late 1776 when the American Revolution appeared to be lost, patriots like George Washington, Joseph Plumb Martin and James Monroe chose to stay and fight.
These Afghan refugees have turned their backs on the principles for which these patriots risked all.
Art Henningson


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Biden is a genius for gifting the Taliban 43,000 pickup trucks, 22,000 Humvees, 900 mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicles, 600,000 guns, and more than 200 aircraft paid for by U.S. taxpayers. I wonder what other innovations that we can look forward to. Lou thanks for giving me a chance to giving your man the credit he has rightly earned

Just a “me too” to Mr. Benson, with a caveat:
The once Grand Old Party, now the neo-Republicans, have codified the Trump name into their campaign platform. He is their guiding light, so he’s not going away. The next time you hear (or are accused of) TDS, Trump Derangment Syndrome, know that they are the one’s actually acting out on it.


Gotta love this one:

“In 2017, 26 people were shot and killed by a gunman at a church in Sutherland Springs, Tex. In 2019, 23 people were shot and killed in El Paso by a gunman who said he was deliberately targeting Mexicans; less than a month later, eight more people were killed in a shooting in Midland and Odessa in West Texas. A recent investigation by KTRK-TV in Houston found a 65 percent increase in mass shootings in the state this year.

On Wednesday, a new law took effect in Texas that allows any gun owner to carry a handgun in public without a permit or training. Advocates call it the “constitutional carry” law. “Texas will always be the leader in defending the Second Amendment, which is why we built a barrier around gun rights this session,” Gov. Greg Abbott (R) said when he signed the bill in June. It was one of seven gun measures he signed that day. In this case, Texas was joining many other states that have similar laws.”

The mission was accomplished when the 9/11 nut job was executed.

Dissmissing those you disagree with as nut jobs is not an effective wy to understand the world, and thus effectively navigate its complexities.

The Republicans of today have become “The Know Nothing Party” of the 1800s From xenophobia to conspiracy theories, the Know Nothing party launched a nativist movement whose effects are still felt today. I suggest some of you people read up on it and the potential the Trump Republican party can do to this nation …Unscrew your MAGA hats from your heads and let some intelligence in.

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