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Letters to the Editor Monday, Sep. 6


Remember workers who give it their all

On Labor Day we reflect on where we stand as members of the American labor force.
Work during a pandemic has brought the issue of workplace safety to the forefront.
Essential, front-line and public facing workers risked the most and died in greatest numbers while the uber-rich watched their portfolios expand from the comfort of their country homes.
Public services continued at great personal risk to those workers whose job it is to maintain those services.
They did this because they are responsible for the care of their community and others; sanitation, safe drinking water, infrastructure maintenance, caring for those in group homes with developmental disabilities, the elderly in a nursing home or those with mental health struggles.
“Unions brought you the weekend,” is an oft-repeated phrase, but truthfully we’ve brought a whole lot more.
We pushed for safety legislation and life-saving policies so every worker could safely do their job and return home to their family.
Labor unions continue the fight and we’re nowhere near done fighting. Families aren’t done fighting. Pandemic or no pandemic, we face numerous challenges as we strive for equity for all workers.
As a society, we must learn to value the person stocking the shelves more than CEO’s stocking their wallet. So please enjoy your Labor Day. Give a thought to those we have lost.
Give thanks for those still here and commit to the fight for better conditions for all workers.
Ron Briggs
The writer is CSEA Capital Region president.

Protect others; Get the covid vaccine

I write in response to Rev. Nikolas Kaiser’s letter (“Unvaccinated not to blame for new cases”) in the Aug. 27 Gazette.
Do vaccinated people get covid infections? Yes. But they account for a small fraction of new cases, the vast majority of which still occur amongst the unvaccinated.
Indeed, the Centers for Disease Control ( states that a vaccinated person is 29 times less likely to become infected than an unvaccinated one.
The CDC director, Rachelle Walensky, further states that “virtually all” people who now die from covid are unvaccinated.
If similar studies showed that not using seat belts (or baby car seats) accounted for the majority of all automobile deaths, would you still believe that you do not need to wear a seat belt (or use a baby car seat)?
Therefore, if the rise in hospitalizations and deaths are rising because people are not getting vaccinated, should you continue to not get vaccinated?”
If you are not vaccinated, please, please do it now. Protect yourself and those around you.
Wayne Roberge


Taliban would be no problem for Patton

God asked Gen. George Patton how long it would take him to defeat the Taliban.
Patton thought for a moment then replied, “Five hours and 29 minutes.”
God asked what the 29 minutes were. Patton replied, “To defeat the Taliban.”
God then asked what the five hours were for.
Patton said, “That’s how long I will be laughing.”
Ed Carmody
Saratoga Springs



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Michael Eisenberg

BS. From Alexander the Great to Genghis Khan, various Persian Empires, the Sikh Empire, the British Empire, the Soviet Union, and US – nobody conquers Afghanistan.

Make that: the British Empire x3.
1839–42, 1878–80, and 1919

It’s exactly the hubris of “Taliban would be no problem for Patton” that caused all those powers to retreat with their tails between their legs.
There will always be terrible societies in this world, and there are scant few success stories of “nation building”. In my mind, our focus should be on building a strong country, and partnering with other strong countries to form an alliance attractive to lesser developed ones.
No more of this forcing our politics on others. Make them want it.
And vote in politicians not beholden to the military-industrial complex.

ChuckD, of all the posts that you’ve ever written this is the first one I can agree with. I would only add that we need to continue having a strong military.

Mr Briggs,
Timely letter We overlook many workers who really are essential and don’t realize what it would be like without them.
There are no words to describe what every level of stress and sacrifice our health care workers have had to endure for us. Custodial, maintenance, nurses, doctors nursing homes, urgent care clinics, your GP doctors and staff on and on. For our part we keep testing them again and again.

(Having trouble posting this reply, sorry for any dupes)
FL, my post below was in no way related to yours. Just to be clear.
You are absolutely correct, as is Mr. Briggs.
The Amsterdam rally only brings shame to healthcare workers everywhere.

No connection to any Letters today, just a reminder from the Amsterdam anti-vaxxer rally reported on elsewhere in todays paper.
“Game over”, indeed. There ought to be disciplinary action taken against any health employee who participated.

Christopher Kinowski, of Perth, said he believes the vaccines are “poison” and they don’t provide 100 percent protection against breakthrough infections. He said he believes people who claim that “COVID-19 and other viruses to come are a master plan from the deep state.” Kinowski made it clear the rally was political in nature.

“I believe that we have very exciting news to celebrate today, first that Andrew Cuomo the genocidal maniac is no longer governor,” he said, receiving cheers from nearly the entire rally.

“We got worse now, she’s a female, she’ll do more harm!” shouted one woman in the crowd.

“Yep,” Kinowski said. “The second most exciting news of the day is: Vaccines don’t work. Game over!”

Kinowski said his wife works as an administrator at a hospital, but he wouldn’t say where. He said she will refuse to take a vaccine and quit rather than being forced to do so. He said many healthcare workers will refuse the mandate, creating skilled healthcare labor shortages.

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