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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, Sep. 7


Prevent suffering by getting vaccine

My brother-in-law, Daniel VanDerWerken, died on Aug. 4 from covid complications.
He got the virus at the end of November (when the vaccine wasn’t available). He was admitted to the hospital on Dec. 7 and stayed for 2-1/2 weeks.
The doctors were surprised he survived, but the damage was already done. His heart and lungs were severely compromised and for seven months he was on oxygen and struggled to breathe.
Danny was in and out of the hospital six times when they finally sent him home to die with hospice. He was a big man, very strong and this virus took him down. It’s heartbreaking to watch a loved one fight for each breath.
The suffering is unimaginable unless you’ve seen it firsthand.
Please! If you haven’t gotten the vaccine, get it.
Lorraine VanDerWerken

Bradt rose to meet pandemic challenge

Bradt Primary School faculty and staff met the challenge of the COVID-19 virus in our school system and met the academic needs of our children in school and virtually.
I want to congratulate them on the great job they did for our students, and how amazing they were this year.
They are caring, kind, loving, nurturing, and loyal. Parents, how lucky you are to have them in your children’s lives.
We need to applaud them for a job well done. They are the heartbeat of our school system. They are the ones we can trust the lives of our children with.
Look how many hours our students spend in school each day. The best part this year was there were only 15 children in each class. We were a family, and all the students (even our struggling students) were motivated to learn. When you meet a faculty or staff member of Bradt, thank them.
Thank you Bradt for a job well done this year. You are the best.
Virginia DelGallo

Biden shows he will not keep his word

One thing I’ve learned in life is that people judge you more by your actions than by your words.
Nowhere, in my opinion, is this truer than in the realm of politics.
Good politicians are careful choosers of words because they know, I do believe, that the promises they make cannot always be kept.
Which brings me to our president, Joe Biden. Biden has been a politician forever, which could lead one to conclude that he keeps his promises and/or is a careful chooser of words.
When he ran for president last year, he promised to save the soul of our country. For most people who voted for Trump, I think that meant he would unite us all. A tall task, indeed.
Unfortunately, Biden’s actions spoke louder than his words.
Within days of taking office, to the delight of many who voted for him, Biden shredded many of the actions that Trump had taken, to the chagrin of many Trump voters. For example, he stopped the border wall and the stay-in-Mexico policy, which has led to a crisis of untold proportions.
Among other problems, thousands of immigrant children have now gone missing. Most recently, Biden promised to not leave Afghanistan until everyone who wanted to get out was able to get out. That clearly is not the case.
Hundreds, if not thousands, of Americans and American allies were left stranded and are now in hiding.
For many of us, President Joe Biden is a politician who doesn’t keep his word.
Art Pagano



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William Marincic

If anyone believes this dementia ridden fool Biden is running the country I’ve got some oceanfront property to sell you in Arizona. Biden on multiple occasions has said that he can’t answer questions because he was told not to, Biden has told you on multiple occasions that he would get in trouble if he answered questions, what president would get in trouble for answering questions, he’s the commander-in-chief of the free world he’s the boss and people are telling him that he can’t answer questions and you believe that this guy is running the country? The Democrat party is in trouble Biden’s poll ratings in just these few short months is underwater, everything he has touched has turned to crap, he’s got a vice president that’s got a poll rating of favorability less than Biden. She even lost her home state of California when she was running for president not to mention she dropped out with a 1% poll rating. The Democrat party wants to get rid of Joe Biden but they’re afraid that Kamala Harris is going to be even worse they don’t know what to do..You reap what you sow

Hopefully they come out with a vaccine to cure your Biden Derangement Syndrome Bill. Biden’s approval rating just hit a low of 46%, which is still higher than Trump’s at any point during his four-year presidency. You have a short memory my friend. Biden may not answer all the questions, but at least he’s not telling people to inject bleach smh.

William Aiken

A Gallop poll recently asked this question; If you voted for Biden, do you now regret it? An astounding 20% answered affirmatively. a feeble Biden evokes just as much sympathy for screw ups as he does scorn. The public feels sorry for someone whose either mentally lost control or has someone else pulling his strings. When one fifth of Biden voters lament their decision, BRS(Biden Regret Syndrome) is a thing.

Adding “astounding” to 20% does not help your case.
His favorability remains well above the best tRump got, who you’re obviously comparing Biden to, who is the leader the Republicans have chosen.

Was it pity when it became clear tRump was a stooge for Vladimir Putin?

William Marincic

Wrong as usual, Trumps highest rating was 49% the highest poll which ranges from 46% all the way down to Rasmussen 42%

William Aiken

Yes, The Mueller report proves you point on Russian Collusion, NOT! You can’t defend Biden’s growing list of disasters as he’s trending downward. You just can’t let go of Trump. Another Gallop polls revealed if 45 ran today against Biden, he would win.

You’re not going to hide behind your “No Russian Collusion” myth forever. You know as well as anyone who’s paid attention (and I’m assuming you have been paying attention) why Mueller didn’t hand up charges or indictments, and what he actually said about “Russian collusion”. Not to mention the indictments establishing it.
Gosh, another wasted, transparently dishonest comment by by a neo-Republican. What a surprise.

And, most people can see right through your clumsy hypocrisy.
Maybe there’s a third-world country somewhere that would welcome your authoritarian dreams. In fact, there may be an opening in Afghanistan where you can live out your culture war.
Just not here. We function as a democracy.


Hey William, Just keep watching fox propaganda, that like you twists thing to aline with alt-right Biden stomping BS. You take things completely out of context. When one searches the Internet with your ridiculous quote “ Biden can’t answer questions because he was told not to”, what comes up is Fox propaganda videos implying the crap you just posted.

In one video the exact quote from Biden was; “You guys are bad. I’m not supposed to be answering all these questions. I’m supposed to leave but I can’t resist.” Then he proceeded to expand on the question.

“Biden has told you on multiple occasions that he would get in trouble if he answered questions.” – The “multiple occasions” are Fox constantly repeating, like a broken record, and grossly misconstruing what he said in an attempt to undermine the fact that he is an intelligent competent leader.

Fact of what he said: “I’m going to get in trouble with my staff. Yeah, go ahead. But pretend that I didn’t answer you,” Biden said, chuckling.

ALL presidents have had advisers regarding the best approach in discussing delicate situations. Biden is not an exception.

Too bad you’re boy 45 didn’t take more advice from advisers as opposed to blurting out ridiculous comments. How’s the bleach therapy working out William”

Only what you want to hear, only what you want to see, only the way you want it to be, nothing else matters. Nothing.

Former President Trump inks agreement with Taliban in Doha, ignoring the recognized Afghan government from the negotiations, and releases 5000 Taliban soldiers and the future Taliban leader to re-establish a fighting force. Allegedly “conditions” were established and to no one’s surprise the Taliban quickly discarded them.

And no Republican has come forth to address this tragic decision, nor have any Republican sycophants except to whine about the terrible job Trump’s successor has done cleaning it up.

Simply pointing out the gaps, in your criticism. I don’t know all that happened in this case you bring up, and neither do you. Just what we read.

But we do know that what happened during the Trump’s handling was beyond atrocious, and put any hope of diplomatic resolution out of the question, as well as placing Afghans’ and NATO forces lives in dire jeopardy. Simply put: Trump restored the Taliban’s military capability. And we also know that neither you, nor ANY Republican has come to Trump’s defense for that.

So maybe you could use some fresh air outside your bubble to get a better picture of reality.

William Marincic

Bencic, you might want to catch up on the news, it seems like you and Rachel Maddow have that same problem, pushing fake news. The FBI said there was no planned insurgency and exonerated Trump. You enjoy that large cup of TDS.

And I posted Chris Wray’s official statement on the matter here last week which very clearly did not absolve anyone from what happened on January 6th, as much as you’d like to turn it into. You can find it on the FBI website, if the truth is of any interest to you.

Elections have consequences Art. Sorry Joe Biden doesn’t want to unite with anti-democratic insurrectionists who still refuse to accept the results of the last election. Were you as critical of the former president’s broken promises? Pretty sure he said he wouldn’t have time to play golf. Or that COVID would magically disappear. Or that he would replace the ACA with something beautiful. Or that the economy would grow by 4%. Or that he would eliminate the federal deficit. Or that he would bring down the price of prescription drugs. Or that he would release his tax returns. And on and on. Clearly he was not a “careful chooser of words.”

One of the rare times we hear the phrase, “and on and on”…and it really does go “on and on”.
This twice-impeached, adulterous (who knows how many times?), one-term, scandle-ridden, soon-to-be Indicted, twice loser of the popular vote, soon-to-be celebrity boxing announcer, ex-President is the grift that keeps on grifting and the eternal fountain of lies and distortions. And has fans are loving it!

One of FG’s top ten. Mexico will pay for it. Instead he robbed money for base and housing improvements for the troops Republican’s love.

FG is former guy. Have to use that on Next Door here as his supporters are so sensitive if your mention him buy name they accuse you of Trump something or other syndrome. Never mind they can call Biden all there favorite names. Bunch of ? take your pick.

The function of the Supreme Court is to decide questions of constitutionality. This until the Democrats have become unhappy with the Court’s decision by asking if an existing law comports with the original intentions of the writers’ of the constitution.

The Democrats are unhappy with this approach

Please explain how the recent Court non-decision on the Texas law that empowers private citizens to take the law onto themselves against others exercising their Constitutionally granted rights, show that the Supreme Court is determining constitutionality.

William Marincic

ChuckD that is simple, you might want to read the 14th Amendment which grants all people the right to life, that includes those not yet born. Roe V Wade was a terrible decision not based on the 14th Amendment.

Your point has nothing to do with mine! If you want to buy my insight on a matter of concern to you offer cash and I will give your offer the consideration it merits

Yet another wasted opportunity to offer something of substance. You were offered the chance to explain how SCOTUS established (or didn’t) constitutionality in the possibly one of the most profound Constitutional cases they’ve confronted (or not), and you deflected to some sort of absurdity.
Well played.

Ms. DelGallo’s letter praising the Bradt Primary School’s staff should be what we all feel and say about all school teachers and staff. There are certain teachers in my past who achieved near-deity status in my mind for how they affected my life. I think nearly everyone has similar. Our teachers are called on to play a huge role in the young lives we entrust to them, many times filling a parental type role where none exist, or where a faulty one exists. And they are called on to perform that role many times over, year after year. Teachers are not drawn to the profession for the money, or the social status. They are drawn by a deep love for teaching.

So it comes as a real gut-check to witness the obscene attacks on schools, in particular over COVID precautions. These misguided, angry “adults” have no idea how vile and deeply disgusting their actions appear. It seems they’re so fixated on their cause that it doesn’t matter how they appear, nor the flawed role-models they are forming in children’s minds. They are not heroes, or rogues. At best they’re rebels without a clue, and most kids can probably see that.

ANTHONY GALEA, I could have sworn you were describing FG before he became former. The currant mob not in charge also known as Republicans dodge, deflect, lie and still continue to bow down in awe to there guy who managed to loose the Congress and Presidency. Don’t know about you but I like winners better than losers. Strange world we live in. Go figure.


It’s obvious that the Rightwing Fox watching people posting on this forum are hardcore in their political beliefs. Nothing anyone has said sways their views. Facts don’t matter, and are ignored. My suggestion is they talk to people of knowledge with education that they trust. Ask what their take is on guns, climate change, vaccines, immigration etc. They should ask their doctors and the educators teaching their children, especially so in higher education such accredited universities. Talk to scientists that know the world is not flat. Please get their opinions.

Instead they align with neanderthals that adorn themselves with animal horns covered in warpaint while breaking into the Capital in an attempt to undermine democracy.

Perhaps they get their Rightwing talking information from the intellectual geniuses that attended trump University. trump settled three lawsuits in November 2016 (while in the office of POTUS) for a total of $25 million for that ridiculous scam. Just keep believing in a pathetic, lying criminal.

Only what they want to hear, only what they want to see, only the way they want it to be, nothing else matters. Nothing. They are Fox robots.

William Marincic

My doctor is against masks. His office is mask free. He also has a concealed carry and carries his 45 wherever he goes. Now what.

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