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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Sep. 8


Rotary will continue to offer aid to Haiti

Thank you for printing Fabiola Santiago’s piece (“We can’t keep treating Haiti’s traumas with Band-Aids,”) in the Aug. 19 Gazette.
As Ms. Santiago pointed out, “Haiti needs long term sustainable solutions to their economic and political predicament.” She points to the need for stakeholders to remain involved and committed after the effects of the earthquake have faded into memory, and to put systems in place for sturdy housing and clean water.
Schenectady Rotary has longstanding relationships with Rotary Clubs in Haiti through years of commitments to clean-water projects.
Our volunteers have traveled to Haiti to assess needs. Recently, we responded to the deadly earthquake almost immediately with “Band-Aid” (but crucially important) donations of money, raising $7,800 in one week.
Amplifying Ms. Fabiola’s point, we will not cease our involvement once “the dead are buried and the injured are healed.”
Schenectady Rotary will continue with a sustainable, infrastructure project currently in progress to bring potable water to an area without such an amenity. And, once that project is complete, we will apply what we learned to another area in what is currently deemed the most impoverished nation in our hemisphere.
Haitians need both the spontaneous acts of caring in a crisis and the sustainable actions toward infrastructure improvements.
Ellen McHale
The writer is president of the Schenectady Rotary Club.

Our leaders fail, and we all foot the bill

The United States government goes into wars with arrogance and ignorance and little or no plan. Think Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.
Why did our military not teach the Afghans self-sufficiency?
When the majority of our money and supplies disappeared, why did we not fix it or pull out?
Most of our money (billions) is undoubtedly in Swiss bank accounts. When we announced our plan to move out, apparently the Taliban made a plan. Apparently, we did not.
We cannot afford health insurance, mental health care, infrastructure, childcare, food stamps, good education, homeless housing, etc. but we found billions to dump down the Afghan toilet.
We have good people and prodigious resources. But we lose, again. Shame on our leaders, again. We pay the bill.
Let them know what you think.
Marilyn B. Guidarelli

Americans feeling impact of elections

“Elections have consequences.”
These are the words of a newly inaugurated president to a United States senator in January 2009.
Truer words have never been spoken.
In the past seven months, we have suffered the consequences. As a nation we are no longer energy efficient, our financial security is being abased, our southern border is in shambles and now we have lost all credibility with our allies.
On Jan. 20, our country expected leadership and we were fooled. C’mon man, RESIGN.
Bruce Reisner



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45 didn’t know if it was time lie, steal, cheat, berate, watch TV, appoint another incompetent criminal, applaud dictators, have a tantrum, support White supremest organizations, deny science, or play golf. Give us a break William!


Geoff Duncan, the Lt Gov of Georgia (R) wrote a book, the GOP 2.0. Very refreshing. Saying leadership matters and Trump lost the election because of flaws. He feels GOP should stop being angry and decisive and focus on policy. More and more GOP officials are starting to go in this direction. Hopefully it will eventually stop the corrupt trumpism movement and bring back the GOP of old.

William Aiken

In makes sense that you would want a return to the old GOP since they fear being chastised by a media, who hates them. It’s more important for the old guard of the GOP to be liked by the media than it is stand up for working class values. Trump saw these people were being ignored by the GOP and no one was voicing their concerns. So he step up to the plate and transformed the GOP from a party of global elitists to a party for the working class. The voters reflect this seachange in the 2016 and 2020 elections.

Uhm, “the voters” rejected tRump in 2016 and 2020. by tens of millions.

Seriously Aiken, what part of all the courts and all the certification bodies approving the results of the 2020 election do you have a problem with? Why is the word of the law and the courts not enough? This is the part of your cause no one seems to be able to understand.

If by seachange you mean losing the presidency and both houses of Congress in a matter of four years, then yes, you are correct William lmfao.

William Marincic

A bail fund once backed by Vice President Kamala Harris helped free an alleged domestic abuser who is now accused of murder.

Gavin Newsom will survive the Cali recall vote, likely by a landslide.

Every neo-Republican orifice will shriek, “Foul!”, and will then commence every tactic they’ve honed in an attempt to corrupt and game the results.

And when the results are analyzed, it will be found that a surprising number of Republican and independent voters saw the alternative and said, “No way”. Since this seems to be why Trump lost Arizona (for one), one would think the Republicans might want to put away the Trump playthings and move on to more popular candidates. But why do that when it’s more fun to just throw sand in people’s eyes?

William Aiken

I never said anything about the fraud in the 2020 election. My comment was about how Trump changed the make up of the GOP as a party. Why can”t you stick to the subject?


GOP, Grievances on Parade. Never win the presidency with that tactic. You and the other William are just lost sheep, likely sending your hard earned money to Trump for his legal defenses. We pity you guys.

William Aiken

No grievance here, Ray. The transformation of the GOP orchestrated by 45 with his MAGA governance is reason for celebration. And thankfully, there’s no going back to the McCain-Romney era of dignified losers.


He certainly did “change the make up of the GOP as a party.” He changed it from being run by conservatives who for the most part respected rule of law and democracy, to a majority of power hungry political hypocrites who put their reelection ambitions above all else. This is proven by the blind relentlessness of their never ending loyal support to their orange God regardless of any and all circumstances. Even his attempting to change our democracy into a fascist rule is overlooked by his loyal subjects, including some posting on this forum. – Just trying to stick to the subject William.

“Trump saw these people were being ignored by the GOP and no one was voicing their concerns. So he step up to the plate and transformed the GOP from a party of global elitists to a party for the working class. The voters reflect this seachange in the 2016 and 2020 elections.”

Is it a lie? Or delusion?
BTW, as I alluded to, Trump lost in AZ because ~50,000 Republican voters voted Republican, except Trump. But the Cyber Ninjas are on it!
You people act like complete idiots. We’re fortunate you’re taking yourselves out with your idiotic stance on the pandemic.


The problem being they’re also also taking many others of us “out” along with them. Beyond the pandemic, consider gun laws and climate change, not to mention the George Floyd’s of America.

William Aiken

If what you say is the true, then why did 45 increase his support among all minority groups in 2020 ? Can you explain how they voted for such a vile racist?

BTW the unemployment rate for blacks went up from 8.4% to 8.8%. The media doesn’t say a word about it since it reflects poorly on Biden’s economy. Trump promoted opportunity zones that fueled record low unemployment for minorities.

What the hell has Biden done to improve the day to day lives of African-Americans? Nothing!

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